UMI By Amazon Goose Feather Pillow Review UK – 2022

UMI By Amazon Goose Feather Pillow








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Safe and sustainable products are used throughout this pillow
  • Three chamber construction increases the breathability of the pillow.
  • The 300 thread count cover is extremely soft.


  • Needs to be fluffed and massaged to maintain its shape and structure.

UMI is a brand from Amazon. All of the products are made for Amazon by third-party manufacturers that have been pre-approved. The exact manufacturer’s information can be found on the product packaging for the individual product.

The UMI range is a wide range of lifestyle products that are designed to be affordable but effective and innovative. Before being added to the range. Each product is put through a series of tests that include quality control and detrimental material detection. Due to the high-quality sourcing of items in this range, they are well received and include products such as office desks and chairs right through to dumbbells. This pillow in particular ranks very well among all pillows on Amazon UK. 

The UMI goose feather pillow features a cotton cover and white goose feather fill. Giving it an ultrasoft finish and comfortable feel. Amazon claims that it gives the neck more support than the other pillows, allowing you to get better quality sleep and prevent waking up lethargic. When ordering the pillows come as a pack of two so prove to be of great value. 

Due to the immense popularity of the UMI by Amazon Goose Feather pillow, we have taken a closer look to see what makes this product popular and if it lives up to expectations.

UMI By Amazon Goose Feather Product information

Pack of Two White Goose Feather Pillows with 100% Cotton Fabric - 48 x 74cm, Medium Firm
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Includes pack of two 48 x 74cm pillows filled with...
  • FABRIC: 100% cotton with brushed finish. Soft, down-proof and...
  • THREE-CHAMBER CONSTRUCTION: The three-chamber design features a...






Goose Feathers








Available next day through Amazon.

Construction and Materials

For a Goose feather pillow, the UMI by Amazon Goose Feather pillow is relatively complex. The three-chambered design adds great benefits to the pillow but more will be said about this in layers below. The pillow is from an Amazon licensed brand and has lots of certifications to go with it. The certifications include IDFL, DOWNPASS and OEKO-TEX.DOWNPASS. This certifies that the pillow is made using leading standards relating to animal welfare and assures that there is no live-plucking of the feathers used in the pillow. Also, the UMI brand is Responsible down standard certified so this also confirms that it features no live-plucked feathers.

Credit: UMI


1. Cotton Cover Layer

The cover of this pillow is made from 100% cotton that has a 300-thread count. It has a brushed finish and is extremely soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. This is great news for allergy sufferers. It also features a barrier weave to ensure that no feathers will be sticking out of the pillow or be able to irritate the sleeper while it is being used. Unfortunately, the pillowcase cannot be removed but the entire pillow is machine washable so removing the cover layer is not necessary. Once washed make sure to fluff the pillow thoroughly to help it regain its shape. 

2. Three-Chamber Goose Feather Filling Layer

Just outside the three chambers of the pillow is a microfibre cover. This is designed to prevent feathers from poking out of the mattress and causing potential irritation as you sleep. 

The three-chamber design helps ensure that the feathers are evenly distributed across the pillow. This gives an even sleeping surface that is both comfortable and supportive. The different chambers also increase the airflow in and out of the pillow. Helping keep you at a comfortable sleeping temperature through the night. Using goose feathers also makes the pillow naturally insulating and cooling, great properties in a pillow.

UMI By Amazon Goose Feather Pillow
Credit: UMI

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

If you are new to feather or down pillow then there a few key benefits that help them stand out in comparison to other types, these include:

Soft yet supportive: Goose feathers offer a sinking, cradling feeling while being relatively firm. Offering a nice middle-ground for a pillow. 

Longer Lasting: Feather pillows usually last around 20% longer, on average, than standard polyester pillows.

Adaptable: Feather pillows can be moulded into your preferred shape very easy so can be quickly adjusted until it is just right for you.

As for the UMI by Amazon Goose Feather, it is rated as a medium-firm, on a 1-10 scale it lands between a 6-7. This is a good spot for suiting most sleeping positions and strikes a good balance between supportive and comfortable. 

What we require for a pillow often comes down to several factors. One major one is sleeping, what sleeping position you mainly sleep in. Because of this, we have broken down the three main ones.

Credit: UMI

Back Sleepers are likely to be suited best with this pillow as it has a good level of support and loft while maintaining a soft, comfortable feel. 

Side sleepers often need the firmest and highest lofted pillows out of all of the sleeping positions. Some side sleepers may find the support slightly lacking in this pillow but others will find using both together will be more than enough.  

Front sleepers should be well suited to this pillow as although they require the lowest loft. The feathers sink and cradling effect should make sleeping this way very comfortable.

The three-chambered design makes sure that this pillow is extremely breathable. Airflow is constant in and out of the pillow which will help keep your temperature regulated and prevent overheating. This keeps the pillow cool and the feather fill material does not have problems with overheating in comparison to fill materials such as memory foam.

The three-chambered design also helps keep the fillings plump and evenly distributed for longer. Helping the pillow keep its shape for longer, so you don’t have to plump the pillow back up as often.

Credit: UMI

Trial and Guarantee

This pillow does not come with a trial period and the standard Amazon returns policy applies. No trial can normally be expected with a pillow and these are usually found mainly with mattresses. The standard warranty also applies as no guarantee comes with this pillow. 


As this product is exclusive to Amazon, they handle the delivery process. Free next-day delivery is available through Amazon Prime. When first received the pillow is vacuum-sealed into a smaller package for delivery. They need to be fluffed up and then left to expand back to their full size. After 24 hours they should be at their full size. This can be done quicker if you fluff up the pillow for a longer period.

UMI By Amazon Goose Feather Pillow
Credit: UMI

Our Verdict

Using high-quality white goose feathers provide an excellent balance of comfort and support for a pillow of this type. If you are looking for something softer than memory foam but more durable and longer-lasting than hollowfibre then this could be a fantastic choice. Those who prefer a firmer pillow may be suited to using both but it still may not be enough for you and you might be better off with a different type of pillow.

Knowing that the pillows are responsible down standard certified is great and helps with ethical concerns of using a feather or down pillow.

Using Amazon’s delivery service ensures good quality service and fast, prompt delivery so this is a big plus for this pillow.

A downside of using feather pillows is that they have to be frequently plumped to keep their shape. This only takes a few minutes though so is not a huge problem.

The UMI By Amazon Goose Feather is an impressive pair of pillows for the price with few downsides. At first glance, the pillows can seem very pricy but feather pillows can often run up over £100 so a pair for this price is excellent. We believe it will make a great choice if you are looking for the following:

  • A pillow with a soft feel cotton cover.
  • A pillow filled with premium white goose feathers. 
  • A supportive yet comfortable pillow.
  • A pillow that is fully machine washable.

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