Best Children’s Pillows For Kids and Toddlers – UK 2022

One of the biggest transitions for your toddler is moving from the cot to their bed. Choosing the right pillow is important as good neck and shoulder support is required for your child’s safety and comfort. There are several more factors to consider like the level of firmness or softness, size, and the pillow cover and fill material. 

Quality sleep is especially important for children as they need ample rest while their bodies are growing. Picking the right pillow is also necessary for good sleep hygiene. When it comes to toddlers, sleeping safely is another crucial factor here. 

In the next section, we will go through an in-depth guideline on choosing the best pillow for children and toddlers.

The Best Childrens Pillows

Best Overall – Keababies My Little Dreamy Pillow

Best For Safety Silentnight Safe Nights Cot Bed Pillow

Best Budget – Ikea – Children’s pillow “LEN”

Best Foam – ClevaMama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow

Best Luxury – Panda Kids Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

At what age can a child start using a pillow?

First things first, when should your child have their pillow? Well, you don’t need to hurry in making this transition. Usually, the right time is when your child outgrows their cot and is getting their bed. This would be around 2-3 years of age. 

Mostly, a pillow is unnecessary before 15 months of age. By 24 months, children begin to develop sleeping habits and at this point, most children start side sleeping. In this sleeping position, proper neck support is crucial for preventing spinal injuries. 

Have you noticed your child placing their arm beneath their head while sleeping? Are they frequently sleeping with their head placed on a stuffed animal or rolled blanket? Are they complaining about pains or aches, or having trouble sleeping comfortably? If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to get them a pillow.  

What to look for in a good children’s pillow

A good children’s pillow should have the right filling material and quantity to make sleeping a pleasant experience. The amount of filling will determine the fit of the pillow. You must make sure that your child’s head and neck are supported at the correct angle.

There are several filling options to choose from. Some have more common fillings such as microfibre (polyester). Feathered pillows are another option but they are considered dangerous for young children. With the heavy softness of these pillows, there is a possible risk of suffocation 

Also if the fillings start to come out then the filling materials can pose a choking hazard for toddlers. The safest options for children are memory foam or synthetic fibre filling.

You also need to check how firm or how soft the pillow is. The right balance is key, as the pillow will fail to provide real support if it’s too fluffy or too firm. How can you check the pillow for the right amount of softness? Simply press your fingers into the pillow and see if it springs back into its original shape within a few seconds. If it takes more than ten seconds or doesn’t regain its shape, it means it’s too soft and won’t be adequate for your child’s support muscles. Remember, comfort and support both need to be given equal importance, so take your time in finding the perfect pillow. 

Our Best Selections

We have selected a few different options for children’s pillows, they are both suitable and reasonably priced. Each one is also extremely well received by other reviewers. They are not numbered in rank order.

Best Overall – Keababies My Little Dreamy Pillow

Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase - My Little Dreamy Pillow - Organic Cotton Toddler Pillows for...
  • 33cm x 46cm Ergonomically Designed Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase -...
  • Durable & Washable - Our Toddler Pillows with Pillowcase are machine...
  • Safe and Natural – We used OEKO-TEX 100 Standard Certified Cotton,...


  • Machine washable
  • Ideal height for toddlers
  • Small enough to be used for travelling


  • Not big enough to be able to wedge it in a cot to keep it in place

The My Little Dreamy Pillow by Keababies is a toddler pillow with a pillowcase that is made from soft organic cotton, machine washable, and ergonomically designed for the child’s spinal development and physical growth. Measuring 13×18 inches it is a perfect pillow for at home or on the go. The Keababies pillows are highly rated and reviewed as “very comfortable, soft and good quality” and “soft but safe. Just the right width for a travel cot.”

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 20,000 ratings

Highlights: Ergonomically designed, 100% Organic Cotton pillowcase, Soft and plushy ball fibre filling, OEKO-TEX 100 Standards Certified, Chiropractor consulted to be ergonomic for toddler spinal health

Best For Safety – Silentnight Safe Nights Cot Bed Pillow

Silentnight Safe Nights Cot Bed Pillow - Anti Allergy Nursery Pillow For Sleeping Children Kids...
  • CERTIFIED SAFETY: Produced in Oeko-Tex certified factories, this...
  • AWARD WINNING: Part of Silentnight’s award-winning Safe Night’s...
  • BACTERIA BLOCKER: Filled with soft anti-bacterial anti-allergy fibre...


  • Produced in Oeko-Tex certified factories
  • Machine washable 
  • Good value


  • Fill material does not keep its shape for a long time

The Silentnight Safe Nights Cot Bed Pillow is designed for children 12+ months, is anti-allergy, and has the ultimate seal of approval from the Oeko-Tex certified safety standards. This award-winning collection is breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and machine washable. Reviews say that the pillow is the “perfect size for a toddler’s bed” and that it is a “decent pillow for the price”. Although, some suggest that the pillow can get lumpy after a machine wash if not put in on a delicate cycle or isn’t hand washed.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 9,000 ratings.

Highlights: Oeko-Tex Certified, Multiple award-winning, Bacteria Blocker, Machine Washable, 60×40 cm, Soft antibacterial poly-cotton fill material

Best Budget – Ikea – Children’s pillow “LEN”

LEN Ikea Children pillow for Bed - 35x55cm - Washable, 800.285.09
  • IKEA LEN Cot Pillow, White
  • Length: 35 cm Width: 55 cm Filling weight: 100 g Total weight: 152 g
  • Fabric: 65% polyester, 35% cotton Filling: Polyester fibre balls


  • Good depth for children
  • Good value
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Quite small

The Ikea Children’s pillow made by LEN is a pillow suitable for toddlers 12 months and over. It is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which gives it hypoallergenic properties. It is super soft, comfortable, and the perfect height for a young child’s neck. A pillowcase can be purchased with the pillow. The highly-rated reviews include “Definitely worth it” and “Best pillow after lots of research and purchases”, along with “good value for the money.”

Overall Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 200 ratings.

Highlights: 35×55 cm, Machine Washable, Hypoallergenic fill material, Well regarded, Designed specifically for toddlers, Amazon’s Choice for Thin Pillow.

Best Foam – ClevaMama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow

ClevaMama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow, Breathable and Anti-Allergy - White, Size - 50x30 cm (1-3...
  • Luxurious Toddler Pillow - Perfect for toddlers 1- 2- 3 years old,...
  • Made using ClevaFoam - Our scientifically proven foam prevents flat...
  • Restful Night's Sleep - Perfect in size and ergonomic design, this is...


  • Added ventilation holes to increase breathability
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Keeps its shape well over time


  • It may be difficult to find the correct size pillowcase to fit this pillow
  • Some reviewers have received the pillow with inadequate packaging

ClevaMama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow is made of breathable and anti-allergy 100% cotton material. It is made with an open-cell structure pH balanced foam that is suitable for babies who suffer from asthma and allergies. It is specially designed for toddlers between 1 and 3 years old, keeping their head and spine aligned while providing superior comfort to the neck and body. Customer reviews include “perfect first pillow for a toddler”, Great supportive pillow”, “surprisingly comfy”, and “perfect for keeping little ones in place when sleeping!”

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 3,500 ratings

Highlights: 50×30 cm, 100% Cotton, Machine washable cover, Breathable and Hypoallergenic, Reversed zipper to protect your child.

Best Luxury – Panda Kids Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Panda Kids Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow
  • The Original Panda Kids Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow, features our high...
  • Temperature regulating technology will keep the pillow cool in the...
  • 10 years manufacturer guaranty and 100% money back guaranty or a free...


  • Breathable bamboo infused cover
  • Keeps its shape well
  • 10-year manufacturers guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee 


  • Higher than the average price
  • For children 4 years+ not younger

The Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow from Panda Kids is a highly rated memory foam pillow with a silky-smooth bamboo cover, which is hypoallergenic, dust mite free, and naturally antibacterial. It is designed for children aged 4 and up. The very breathable material regulates temperature very well, keeping your child cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The highly-rated reviews include “Best purchase for my 4-year-old”, “Lovely pillow”, and “Great little kids pillow! It supports my sons head and neck so much better than conventional pillows.”

Overall Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 200 ratings.

Highlights: Cover made from soft sustainable Bamboo, Memory Foam, Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, Moisture-wicking and odour-resistant, 10 Year Manufacturer guarantee and 100% money back or replacement if not 100% satisfied.

How do I choose the right pillow for my children?

Remember, you can’t expect a young child to be comfortable using an adult pillow. So, look for pillows specifically designed for children. Before you go shopping, it would be helpful to know what to look for before purchasing a pillow for your toddler. You can choose the right one for your children by carefully considering these factors:


A standard or queen-sized pillow is usually too big for younger children. Most toddler pillows have an average measurement of 13 by 18 inches as it fits their smaller heads. Plus, this size is more appropriate for small sleeping spaces. `


The material of the pillow is also important. A hypoallergenic one is a good choice as it prevents and even reduces the number of bacteria that can grow on the pillow. This is recommended for children who are sensitive to environmental allergens. For a chemical-free option, you can consider getting a 100% organic cotton pillow. 

Care requirements

You have to remember that at this age, spills, leaks, and accidents are natural and will happen. Choosing a pillow that is easy to maintain would be a sensible option. You can look for entirely machine-washable pillows or ones where only the cover can be washed. 


The prices of toddler pillows can greatly vary, depending on the materials used and the pillow composition. You can find pillows starting from £8 to as much as £150. Ultimately, you will reach your own decision based on budget and what is most suitable for your child.

Is it unsafe for younger children to use a pillow?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), parents should not introduce or use a pillow for a child before 18 months of age. 

A safety risk can come from overcrowding the child’s sleep environment with soft surfaces or other objects. Keep your baby’s cot as bare as possible and always lie them down on a flat and firm mattress or surface. Fluffy blankets, soft toys, or pillows should not be around your baby while they’re asleep. Even after your child has crossed the 18th-month mark, you don’t have to get them a pillow. As long as your child is sleeping comfortably, there is no need for one.  

What is the safest pillow material for toddlers?

Most pillows you’ll find in the market are made from cotton. An even better and more hygienic option is pillows made out of organic cotton. These don’t have any harmful toxins or chemicals in them. Organic pillows are the best bet, but they do come with a higher price tag. However, they are definitely worth the price for the cleanliness and safety they offer. If you can’t buy an organic pillow, that’s fine. Just make sure to wash the pillow a few times and thoroughly clean it and get rid of any possible chemical residues.

What safety certifications should I look for?

If you don’t want to take any risks before making your pillow purchase, you can look for specific safety certifications on the product. A textile safety certification can guarantee that no toxic or harmful chemicals were used in the manufacturing process.

An OEKO-TEX certificate will confirm the human-ecological safety of the pillow. This is one of the world’s most known certifications as it tests the presence of 100 harmful substances and ensures proper product safety.

Conclusion: Children and Toddlers Pillows

We know that moving your toddler to their bed and setting it up is a huge milestone in their life, and yours. Getting them the perfect pillow is just the first step in this stage of growing up.

Remember to take good care of the pillows and pillowcases by getting them cleaned regularly and checking them from time to time. We hope these tips will help you in finding your perfect fit and give your child a safe, secure, and comfy sleep in their new bed.

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