Product Research And Testing Process

It can be difficult to differentiate between products when shopping for mattresses, bedroom furniture and accessories. Our main goal at BedSelection is to make that process much easier and help you find the products that are a good fit for you. To do this we aim to simplify the process and make purchasing easier. In spending a significant amount of time researching online sources and industry experience, we believe that we can provide a simplified summary of products we feel are potentially useful to consumers. In doing this, our goal is to help save consumers precious time finding a good fit for them.

Through our research process, we analyse a wide range of sources, these include the following: Forums, Independent review platforms (such as, Q&A sites, blogs, social media pages, suppliers websites, manufacturers websites and brand websites. Where relevant we also research topics from peer-reviewed articles, including those from medical journals. From this, we can select all the information that is likely to be the most useful to potential buyers.

We often score a product at the end of our reviews. This is based on online judgement using a mixture of industry experience and comparisons to similar products that are available. All of the products we choose to include on this website are products we feel offer value to consumers and we do not aim to mislead or misinform viewers of the site at any point.

We do however acknowledge that during the research process we may find ourselves subjected to fake or manipulated reviews or certain marketing techniques. During the research and writing process, we aim to provide a balanced viewpoint that represents the overall consumer opinion of the products. Through this, we also acknowledge that the information available to us online may not paint a full picture of the average consumer’s opinion.

Please also note that in our best selection articles, the numbering system is not a ranking system and does not necessarily list the best products at the top of the list. Please do your research and come to your conclusions about the product that will best suit you.

At the end of the day, we still believe that your own judgement will ultimately be the best way to decide if a product will be a good fit for you. This is due to the information you have available regarding your unique situation and the information online may not paint the full picture of the product. Please make use of the information on our website as a starting point and not a definitive guide. We would still urge you to use other sources to research the subject matter fully.

We are extremely careful to examine any medical-related issues that may be mentioned during our research process. As we are not medical professionals, while we do our best to provide correct and informative information, we cannot guarantee that any of the information is complete, correct or fully accurate. Please always consult with a medical professional or doctor for anything medical related, especially medication.