Eve Memory Foam Pillow Review UK – 2022

Eve Memory Foam Pillow








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • The pillow is built to suit all sleeping positions
  • Comes with a 14-day money-back trial period and 3-year guarantee
  • Guarantee, trial period and delivery
  • The pillow cover is machine washable


  • There is a chemical off-gassing smell from the memory foam when first opened

Eve Sleep is well established within the UK and probably best known as being one of the first bed in a box companies. They began with just one model of mattress and an aim to provide good quality products that improve sleep at an affordable price. They have developed a great reputation for offering good products alongside generous trial periods and an easy to contact the customer support team. 

Following on from the success of their Original mattress, Eve sleep has launched a wide range of different sleep products. These include pillows, mattress toppers and bedding. 

As it is their foam products that have given them the most success we thought it is only right to take a look at their memory foam pillow. At first glance, it seems to have some great innovative features. These include holes in the memory foam core to help reduce the chance of overheating and a 100% polyester cover.

We thought it was best to take a deeper look into the pillow range from Eve Sleep, in particular the memory foam pillow. As a result, we have broken down the Eve Memory foam mattress to see if it lives up to the Eve Sleep name.

Eve Memory Foam Pillow
Credit: Eve Sleep

Eve Memory Foam Pillow Product information






Memory Foam


42 x 66cm






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Construction and Materials

The Eve Memory Foam pillow is very easily identified. It has the recognisable yellow trim around the edge which matches the Eve mattresses. It is also taller and thicker than the average pillow, measuring in at 42x66cm. It will still fit in a normal-sized pillowcase which measures at 50x70cm. With a 100% polyester cover, it has a soft feel which is very comforting. 

Credit: Eve Sleep

Inside the pillow is the foam core. Eve Sleep uses a viscoelastic memory foam which has the OEKO-TEX approval. This is an independent testing programme that certifies that the foam used is free from harmful chemicals. This is pleasing to see and is expected from a company that specialises in foam products. 


1. Luxury Polyester Cover Layer

The cover of the Eve Memory Foam pillow is slightly different as it is made from 100% polyester. This makes it very breathable and durable. This makes it last longer and also easy to keep clean. There is a zip along the width of the pillow which allows the cover to be removed. Once removed, the cover is machine washable. Ideal for keeping it fresh and clean. The cover is hypoallergenic which is excellent news for allergy sufferers. Also, every pillow is treated with an antimicrobial shield which will keep it hygienic for longer.

2. Inner Memory Foam Core Layer

The inner memory foam core of this pillow is made from two foams of different densities. The outside foam is a high-density foam which gives a firmer feeling. This provides a great level of support and pressure relief to the neck and upper back. Inside this is a lower density foam. This provides a softer feel and more of a sink. The use of the two foams allows the benefits of the viscoelastic memory foam to shine without being too firm or having an uncomfortable sinking feeling. 

Memory foam of this type has had problems with overheating in the past. To combat this Eve Sleep has added holes across the core of this pillow. This massively increases the airflow of the pillow and reduces the amount of heat retained in the pillow. It also allows excess moisture to escape the pillow, preventing sweating and overheating. When your head is on the pillow the cores are much smaller. The effect is still noticeable, however.

Eve Memory Foam Pillow
Credit: Eve Sleep

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

If you are new to memory foam pillows, there are four key noticeable benefits to be gained with one. These are:

Sleeping Position: Memory foam pillows mould well to the shape of the head and suit most sleeping positions. Back and side sleepers will see the biggest benefits from this.

Good Posture: Memory foam gives an excellent amount of support when used as a pillow. This allows the good natural spacing between the neck and shoulder. This allows the spine to rest in a healthy neutral position. Leading to better quality sleep and preventing aches and pains from developing. Especially useful if you have a history of neck or back pain.

Motion Transfer: While more noticeable in memory foam mattresses, it is still relevant in pillows. Memory foam minimises the amount of motion transferred across the pillow. This is especially useful if you move a lot in the night. If you share your bed with a partner then they are less likely to be disturbed.

Eve Memory Foam Pillow
Credit: Eve Sleep

Pressure Relief: Memory foam is heat activated and moulds around your head depending on your weight. This means that an ideal amount of pressure relief is received while remaining comfortable.

With most Eve Sleep products they aim to find a medium firmness. This is a middle point between comfort and pressure relief/support. It also suits the widest range of people. With that in mind, we would say it is closer to a firm rather than soft. If you are used to a softer pillow with fillings like hollowfibre then it may take some getting used too. The firmness shines when providing support though. If you suffer from back or neck pain then a firmer pillow/mattress is always recommended. If that is the case then this pillow is likely to be an excellent match. The ideal firmness is always a difficult one as much of it comes down to personal preference.

The level of firmness found with the Eve Memory Foam pillow is likely to suit back and side sleepers the best. It allows them to get in an optimal, well-supported sleeping position. Stomach sleepers may struggle as they usually need a softer pillow to keep the neck and back in good spinal alignment. 

Memory foam products are well known for their problems retaining heat and breathability issues. The addition of the polyester cover and air cores in the pillow greatly increase the breathability of the pillow. This helps improve airflow within the mattress and increase breathability. This eliminates most issues that may be faced with overheating.

Eve Memory Foam Pillow
Credit: Eve Sleep

Eve Sleep has taken significant steps to reduce the heat retained in this pillow. If you have had trouble in the past with overheating or significant sweating as you sleep then it may be best to look at an alternative pillow, possibly with different fillings.

Trial and Guarantee

As with all Eve Sleep products, the Eve Memory Foam pillow comes with a trial period. This pillow comes with one lasting 14-days. This gives you plenty of time to test it in your home environment. If you decide that it is not for you after this then you can get a full refund.

Alongside the free trial comes a 3-year guarantee, this allows you to get the pillow replaced if it fails during this time due to manufacturing error. Both the trial and guarantee are a great show of product confidence and give extra cover knowing that you can get your money back if anything goes wrong with the product. 

Looking at customer feedback, the customer service team that works for Eve Sleep are well regarded and relatively easy to deal with. If you have any questions or need to process a return during the trial period then they can be quickly contacted and your problem dealt with. 

Credit: Eve Sleep


The Eve Memory Foam pillow comes with free delivery from both Amazon and directly through Eve Sleep. This pillow is also available through several different major retailers and delivery terms may be different through them. 

When first received it is in a carry box. When removed it may have a gassy smell. This is from the foam and is completely normal. Leave the pillow to air when possible and the smell will dissipate gradually. After leaving to air for a few times the smell should be completely gone.

Our Verdict

The Eve Sleep Memory Foam pillow has very interesting features and is not just your average, cheap memory foam pillow. It offers an excellent medium-firm feel and a balance of comfort and support, this is sure to suit a wide range of people. The construction features such as the airflow cores inside the memory foam are a welcome addition and help combat problems faced with traditional memory foam.

The materials used within the mattress are of very high quality and the cover especially has a very soft, luxury feel. The different feel of memory foam pillows compared to other fillings may put some people off but it is worth giving it a good chance.

Credit: Eve Sleep

In terms of service, this pillow comes with a 3-year guarantee, trial period and free delivery and free returns. This is excellent and there are very few other pillows that come with all of this. It shows Eve Sleeps confidence in their products’ quality. It makes the price point a lot more attractive.

There is very little wrong with this pillow but a few things are worth mentioning. If you are a stomach sleeper that is used to a softer pillow than you may have trouble getting used to this pillow. It may be too firm to give enough sink for your neck to be placed comfortably. Also, the price may not suit all budgets. We believe that Eve Sleep is offering more than enough to justify this.

It can be tricky to choose the right pillow as much of it comes down to personal preference. If you are still in doubt then the trial period is an excellent opportunity to try this pillow out. It gives you a chance to test the pillow in your normal sleep environment. If during this you decide it is not for you, the helpful Eve Sleep support team will organise a collection and your refund.

To conclude this review, the Eve Memory Foam Pillow brings a lot of interesting things to the table. If you are looking for the following then it could be an excellent fit for you:

  • A pillow with a luxury, high-quality cover.
  • A pillow that comes with a trial and guarantee.
  • A firmer than average pillow that gives great support.
  • An innovative pillow that solves a few issues with its design.