Sweetnight Luxury Pillow Review UK – 2022

Sweetnight Pillow








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • The filling can be added or removed until it suits you perfectly.
  • Features a super soft cotton cover.
  • Can be fully machine washed.


  • Hollowfibre filling may not last as long as other fillings.

Sweetnight is a soft furnishings company that claims to design for the modern family. Their dedicated research team continually develops and improves new and existing products to help provide the best quality sleep possible. Through this, they have developed a good reputation and some very popular products.

Sweetnight focus on quite a specific line of products, these include a travel and memory foam pillow alongside three types of mattress protectors. Each is quite well received but the hollowfibre pillow is the most popular. For that reason, we have decided to focus on it. 

The Sweetnight Luxury bed pillows come as a pack of two and have a stand out feature of being able to adjust the amount of filling inside the pillow. Allowing you to find the loft and firmness that lets you get the best sleep possible. Coming as a pack of two they are good value.

Sweetnight Luxury Bed pillows are extremely popular on Amazon UK, ranking inside the top 10 out of all pillows. We have taken a closer look to see if they are as good as they seem.

Sweetnight Bed Pillow Product information

Sweetnight Bed Pillows 2 Pack- Neck Pillow For Sleeping,Hotel Quality Pillows For Side Stomach And...
  • ADJUSTABLE NECK PILLOWS: Plump hollowfibre filling and hidden zipper...
  • BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE: Filled with 1200g hollow fiber results in a...
  • AESYCARE: These washable pillows are fade resistant and stain...














Available next day through Amazon.

Sweetnight Luxury bed pillow
Credit: Sweetnight

Construction and Materials

The design of the Sweetnight Luxury bed pillows is very traditional. They have a grey trim but maintain a look usually found in hotels. When first received they are plump and well filled, this can be altered if you prefer them slightly different, however.

The pillows are hypoallergenic so can be a great choice for those sensitive to allergens. These Luxury bed pillows are also easily kept clean. They are fully machine washable and stain-resistant, greatly increasing their durability. If you are machine washing them, they should be washed on cold and can be tumble dried on low heat. Once they are completely dry they recover their shape well and are easy to plump.


1. Cotton Cover Layer

The cover is made from 100% cotton, it gives the cover a soft, comfortable feel. An advantage of using cotton for the cover is that it is very breathable. This greatly increases the airflow in and out of the mattress, preventing overheating as you sleep. The cover also has a zip where the filling can be removed or added. The cover itself does not need to be removed with the whole pillow being machine washable.

Sweetnight Luxury bed pillow
Credit: Sweetnight

2. Hollowfibre Fill Layer 

The hollowfibre fill is extremely common in pillows. The polyester fill is hypoallergenic and gives a soft, comfortable sinking feeling. This pillow has the bonus of being able to remove or add the filling. Allowing you to adjust it to your ideal loft and firmness. One drawback of using this fill material is that it does not last as long as other common materials such as memory foam. Replacing the hollowfibre now and then will keep the pillow plump and fresh. 

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

Sweetnight’s Luxury Bed pillows are a medium feel as standard. This would put them between a 5-6 on a 1-10 scale of 1 being softest and 10 firmest. This firmness range will usually suit the widest range of people and so is very common. If you prefer a higher or lower pillow then this pillow is very good. There is a hidden zipper that allows you to add or remove filling. This makes it suitable for all sleeping positions. 

Already knowing which sleeping position you most commonly sleep in can help you get this pillow to suit you quicker. If you commonly sleep on your side then you usually need a higher lofted pillow which is firmer. For the Sweetnight Luxury pillows then you want the pillows nice and plump to support the gap between your shoulder and neck and keep the spine in good alignment. For front sleepers, you need the opposite and a softer pillow will usually suit you much better. Using just one of the pillows or taking some of the fill out will get the level of support you need. Back sleepers are usually somewhere in the middle of the other two. A medium loft and firmness can suit them well but these types of sleeper can be suited by a wide range of pillows. As a result, they may be suited to one or two pillows at varying fill levels.

Credit: Sweetnight

This is only a rough guide and you may find that you prefer a different configuration than recommended but it is a good place to start.

Pillows overheating can leave you sleeping poorly and preventing good quality sleep. Down and synthetic materials are usually the best at keeping you cool during the night. The hollowfibre fill material in the Sweetnight Luxury Bed pillows is not known for sleeping warm and so should keep cool as you sleep. 

The plump and full fill of this pillow can help keep the neck and back in proper alignment. Sweetnight claims that this can help neck pain sufferers. Alongside this, they claim the pillows can help with the following: migraines, snoring, insomnia and preventing excessive tossing and turning.

Trial and Guarantee

The Sweetnight Luxury Bed pillows do not come with a trial period and so standard returns policy will apply. If you do need to return the product or there are any issues you experience then Sweetnight have an easy contact form on their website where these can be asked or begin the returns process. A bonus of these pillows is that they come with a three-year warranty. Sweetnight also encourages you to contact them if you are not 100% satisfied with the pillows.

Sweetnight Luxury bed pillow
Credit: Sweetnight


This set of pillows is produced and delivered from the UK. The main way to order this pillow is through Amazon. If ordered through here then it is available on Amazon Prime for free next day delivery. When received they come rolled and compressed in a small box. Once removed from this they will quickly regain their full size and should be ready to use pretty much straight away.

Our Verdict

This pillow on the whole is a very solid hollowfibre pillow. It has a good build quality which results in the pillow being plump and well filled. They probably won’t last as long as some other materials like memory foam or down come with the option of replacing the filling which can make it feel like new. Using synthetic fillings also means they are hypoallergenic so can be a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Credit: Sweetnight

Being able to adjust this pillow to your needs is one of the factors that make it stand out from cheaper hollowfibre pillows. It enables you to find a fill level that provides you with an excellent balance of support and comfort, allowing you to sleep comfortably. 

It is a great bonus that these pillows come with a 3-year warranty, it is very uncommon with a pair of pillows at this price and comes across as a show of product confidence from Sweetnight.

If you decide that you want to replace the filling material then fresh filling can also be bought from Amazon for a reasonable price. A good hollowfibre option for this can be found here.

This pillow has a lot of upsides and will be a great fit for a lot of people. Sweetnights Luxury pillows will be an even better fit if you are looking for the following:

  • A pillow that is great for allergy sufferers.
  • A pair of pillows with that hotel-quality look and feel.
  • A set of very plump pillows.
  • A pair of pillows that do not need to be aired or have any smell out of the box.

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