Donnerberg Neck And Shoulder Massager Review – UK 2022

Donnerberg Neck And Shoulder Massager






Value For Money







  • Great motor power
  • Quality engineering with a seven-year warranty
  • Versatile with two massage types
  • Includes spare covers
  • Natural way to soothe and alleviate muscles


  • It may be too intense for some people
  • Size is not for everyone
  • The device may be too heavy for some people

Donnerberg is a family-owned business based in Munich, Germany. Its mission is to offer the highest quality products that are not only effective but also innovative. Their massagers are award-winning and have global acclaim. We were contacted by Donnerberg to try out their massager a few months ago and have thoroughly tested it since receiving it. 

The Donnerberg massager is the next best thing to having a personal masseuse. It can provide a full-body deep tissue massage or vibration that targets all the important areas like the back, neck and shoulders. What’s great is that It comes with heat to loosen muscles deep down to the bone.

This review guide will take you through every aspect of such a quality massager. This includes the details and features along with the pros and cons. While there are several excellent aspects to this massager, there are some flaws as well.

Credit: Donnerberg

Is the Donnerberg Massager for You?

The Donnerberg Massager is for any adult experiencing pain, soreness and stiffness in their muscles. While it does tend to be a bit pricey, the long-term warranty and high-quality design are worth spending a little extra. If you can’t get to a masseuse because of your busy lifestyle, then this device is for you.

This is especially true if you have a physically demanding job that’s labour intensive, then this will be just the thing. Likewise, if you experience an accident or stand on your feet for more than eight hours a day, this is the perfect device to use at the end of the day.

Pregnant women and children under 12 years old should refrain from using this, however. Also, older folks and those with medical conditions may find the massager too heavy.

What’s Included?

The following points are what encompasses the Donnerberg Massager:

  • Three-speed intensity levels to massage hard-to-reach areas, particularly in the neck, back and shoulders
  • Advanced smart infrared heat technology incorporating shiatsu-style massaging and/or vibration
  • An electrical powered curved device that comprises faux leather in black or beige
  • A super-powerful motor backed by an all-encompassing seven-year warranty
  • Two mesh covers provide hygienic elements and comfort
  • The massager comes with a car plug and a standard UK plug. Making it ideal for a massage on the go.
Credit: Donnerberg

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)

40.5 x 25.5 x 16.3 centimetres


1.85 kilogrammes


Faux Leather; Mesh

Origin Country


European Certification

TUV: Z2 17 07 91698005


The Donnerberg massager boasts many great features, the device comprises faux leather and mesh coverings. Other features that are rather impressive include:

  • Bi-directional and flexible massage heads provide the closest thing to a massage by a professional.
  • Two different types of massage: Shiatsu or vibration featured in a lightweight and compact design.
  • Smart heat technology inherent in the massager’s construction provides two levels of infrared heat. This not only warms the muscles but it rids them of knots and pain. This, in turn, provides greater flexibility and the capacity to stretch out the muscles.
  • Covered in a soft, premium breathable fabric, making it incredibly comfortable to use and easy to clean with wet wipes.

What We Like about the Donnerberg Massager

The Donnerberg massager has many great things about it. There are two massage settings: shiatsu and vibration. You can use the shiatsu for deep tissue massage, and accessing trigger points and knots. Then set the device to vibrate for calming spasms, alleviating stress and improve range of motion.

There’s a timer too, which means you can control the length of the massage. What’s more, there’s optional infrared heat, so you can target tight, stiff and inflexible muscles. All this makes the massager by Donnerberg very versatile.

Convenient; Versatile

You can use it anywhere such as in the car, office, gym or the comfort of your home. Not only is it ideal for the neck, back and shoulders but you can also use it on your legs, arms and feet.

The fact that this is an award-winning device means you can trust the product. It comes highly recommended by the German Olympic Association as well as world-renowned physical therapists.

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What We Don’t Like about the Donnerberg Massager

One of the biggest problems with using the Donnerberg massager is the motor is quite powerful and gives a strong massage as a result but it’s loud and can be quite awkward. It doesn’t necessarily bring on a sense of peace when you turn it on and it can be louder in the counterclockwise direction than the clockwise. The only other thing is the controls, if you have your arms in the massager then it can be slightly fiddly to change the settings on the massager. None of these things would be enough to put me off this product though.

Delivery and Packaging

Delivered by Amazon Prime the massager arrived extremely quickly and easily. The package is well sealed and well packaged. It is ready to use straight away and comes with a range of different covers and plugs to suit all occasions. 

Credit: Donnerberg

Our final thoughts

For the most part, the Donnerberg massager is great for getting into tight, sore areas all around the body. It’s compact and portable so you can use it anywhere such as the office, home, car, gym or anywhere it’s convenient. But, it isn’t for everyone and there are some pitfalls to using it.

Regardless, It has solid German-quality engineering with a powerful motor backed by a seven-year warranty. It can help develop a greater range of motion and provides pain relief through two types of massage. The shiatsu functions great for deep tissue work and the vibration setting is excellent for increasing blood flow. 

Having tested it on a range of different people, we have found that the preferred settings on the device can vary wildly. When first using the device it seemed to be that a few people could only tolerate the lowest setting on the massager, especially those with existing aches and pains. Despite this, all viewed it extremely positively and compared it to getting a massage. The device made it much easier and cheaper in the long run. 

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