Dreamzie Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – UK 2022

Dreamzie Memory Foam Mattress Topper








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Soft-touch bamboo cover
  • Adds new lease of life to your mattress
  • High-quality materials


  • Has a chemical memory foam smell when first received

Dreamzie is an Amazon bedding company that provides a range of products including memory foam pillows, bedsheets and protectors. 

Their mattress protector is incredibly popular with over 27,000 mainly positive reviews and is one of the most popular mattress protectors on Amazon. Dreamzie’s other products are also very well regarded and rank among the top of their categories on Amazon UK.

The Dreamzie mattress topper ranks within Amazon’s bestseller list for mattress toppers. It has over 2000 positive reviews with reviewers praising the comfort and reasonable price of the topper. 

The topper features a bamboo cover which gives it a chemical-free soft touch and a 5cm memory foam inner. This gives a great balance of comfort and support and can give a new lease of life to your existing mattress.

As the Dreamzie Memory Foam mattress topper has proved to be extremely popular, we have taken a closer look to see what makes it a hit with customers.

Dreamzie Memory Foam Mattress Topper Product information


Free with Amazon Prime


Memory foam layer with a bamboo cover


5cm (2inches)


30-day money-back trial period

Credit: Dreamzie

Construction and Materials

The design of the Dreamzie mattress topper means it should fit all mattresses well. Featuring a non-slip layer and elastic corner straps mean it will fit a mattress with a thickness of up to 28cm. Giving a new lease of life to any old mattress. The materials used within the Dreamzie mattress topper are excellent. Dreamzie has all of its products certified to Oeko-Tex standard 100. This is an independent testing body that ensures that all of the materials used are free from toxic and potentially irritating materials and is completely safe to use. Memory foam has traditionally had problems with overheating. To counter this issue, Dreamzie has added a fabric mesh along the sides of this topper which greatly increases breathability and helps excess heat escape the topper with ease. 


1. Soft Touch Bamboo Cover Layer

The cover of the Dreamzie mattress topper is naturally hypoallergenic and includes bamboo fibres. This is a breathable material that is great for allergy sufferers and gives the topper a soft touch. The cover has to mesh sides to increase breathability. Certified by both Oeko-Tex and Certipur, it is free from potentially hazardous materials and is safe to use. A zip runs along the side of the cover, allowing you to easily remove the cover. Once removed it can be machine washed at 40°C to keep it fresh and hygienic.

Credit: Dreamzie

2. 5cm Memory Foam Core Layer

The memory foam core in this topper is 5cm thick. It will give a great balance of comfort and support that memory foam is known for and give an extra boost to your existing mattress. The foam used in this topper is CertiPUR certified. CertiPUR is a voluntary testing and certification programme which tests for chemicals that would be hazardous to health and makes sure that the foam is completely safe to use.

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

The 5cm of memory foam adds a decent amount of firmness and support to any mattress. It can also help increase the amount of pressure support you receive. Helping ease any potential joint pain you may have. Being quite firm but only 5cm thick allows it to provide relief but still suit all types of sleeping positions well. The memory foam will contour and adapt to the body, giving you good spinal alignment and a comfortable night’s sleep. 

You should not have issues with heat retention with this mattress topper. The memory foam is relatively thin and the mesh sides allow extra airflow, preventing you from overheating as you sleep.

Credit: Dreamzie

Considering the price, this topper is an excellent alternative to buying a new mattress and could extend the longevity of your existing mattress by a significant amount of time.

Trial and Guarantee

The Dreamzie Memory Foam mattress topper comes with an excellent 30 day ‘100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee which gives a great opportunity to test out the mattress topper. Alongside this, the topper comes with a 10-year warranty. 


The topper is available primarily through Amazon and so it is delivered through them. It is available on Amazon Prime for free next day delivery. When first received, the topper is in a small vacuum packed box. Once taken out of the box it will rapidly expand and should be left for 24 hours to reach its full size. You may notice a chemical smell when first opening the pillow and this is expected and from the memory foam. This smell should completely dissipate within a few days when left to air. 

Credit: Dreamzie

Available sizes

The Dreamzie Mattress Topper is available in most standard mattress sizes and so you should be able to find the right size topper to fit your mattress perfectly. Make sure to check whether your mattress is a UK standard size or EU as they are slightly slower 

Our Verdict

The Dreamzie memory foam mattress is not particularly innovative but it is very effective. The bamboo layer adds a great soft touch and adds breathability to the topper. The 5cm of memory foam is just enough to make a difference while not being too much. As a result, it is a great addition to a tired mattress and will help you sleep better. It is very good value for money, especially when considering the bonus of it being chemical-free and the materials being well tested.

Having a 10-year warranty and a 30-day comfort trial is the icing on the cake and overall it is an excellent product.

Credit: Dreamzie

When ordering, bear in mind that this model sleeps a little warm as compared to other mattress toppers on this list. Also, keep in mind that it will need a few days to air so the chemical memory foam smell can dissipate fully. Sleeping with a new mattress topper can take some getting used to. Dreamzie recommends that you try your mattress topper for 10 days before deciding on it. You can also make full use of the 30-day trial if needed.

This memory foam mattress topper is a great option if your mattress needs an extra boost of comfort. It will suit people who are looking for the following:

  • A reasonably priced mattress topper
  • A well built supportive mattress topper
  • A tried and tested product that has proven its value
  • A chemical-free mattress topper

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