Top Tips To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Keeping your mattress in top condition can help you sleep great and make your mattress last longer. We have compiled some top tips for taking care of your entire bed, not just your mattress.

Getting the mattress

When you first receive your mattress it may not feel the same as it did inside the shop because of the amount of use the show models tend to get with lots of customers trying them out, the fillings will take time to settle in yours. If the mattress you have bought has come in a box then be careful not to use any sharp objects when removing the packaging from the mattress. When unrolled you should leave your mattress in a warm room, uncovered to air out for around 24 hours before using it. It may only take an hour but it is best to be sure and leave the mattress for longer. Some new mattresses will have a strong chemical smell as you take them out of the packaging, this smell will disperse over around a week with regular airing. You may take some time to get used to your new mattress as well due to it often being very different at first. Over time you will adjust to the new mattress’s support and comfort.

Casper mattres with box

Do not worry if the mattress settles down as you start to use it. The settling will not change any of the support it provides to you. If certain areas are settling more than others then this may be due to the zoned support within the mattress. This response to areas where your body weight is focused and so is also nothing to worry about and is as designed.

To reduce the amount your mattress settles there are a few small things you can do. One of these is to make sure you unwrap the mattress as soon as you get it and make sure to keep the mattress flat at all times. This is so the fillings stay as they were supposed to be when made in the factory and leaving it wrapped for too long can cause the mattress to begin to grow mould. Make sure to air the mattress daily when you get up. To do this simply leave the covers off for a little while (around 20 minutes). 

Top mattress maintenance tips

Avoid Sitting on the Edge

Sitting on the mattress can put excess compression on the mattress and cause it to lose shape in the areas that are being sat on. This will cause the mattress to lose its shape much quicker than normal and it will not provide you with the support and pressure relief that you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Rotate your mattress

If you sleep in the same position every night then your mattress will tend to settle more in the areas of your greatest concentration of body mass. This is no cause for concern if it is minimal as it is a sign the mattress is shaping to your body and doing its job providing support and comfort.

Turning your mattress regularly will reduce the amount of settlement in specific spots of your mattress and help the mattress wear more evenly and is highly recommended. Make sure to rotate your mattress 180 degrees every week for the first month of owning your new mattress. After that make sure to rotate it every month to ensure the materials within your mattress settle evenly. If your mattress is double-sided (this can usually be found on the label of the mattress) and can be flipped over to the other side then it is recommended to flip it over every 2-3 week when you first receive the mattress, after the first 3 months then you can begin to flip it every month to make sure the mattress is settling evenly and you get the most out of your mattress.

woman on leesa mattress

Invest in a mattress protector

A mattress protector is essential in protecting your mattress from any spillages or sweat that may go onto/into your mattress. It will help keep your mattress in good condition for longer. Your guarantee is usually voided if there are any stains on the mattress that causes excess sagging or damage to the mattress that stops it from providing the level of comfort or support you require. Most mattress protectors can be picked up from around £15 are easily machine washed. The mattress protector will often pay for itself many times over if it stops a spill from staining the mattress and causing damage to the inner structure of the mattress.

If you suffer from allergies then hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant mattress protectors can also be found.

Do Not Fold

If there is a time when you need to move your mattress, make sure not to fold it as it can damage the interior construction, springs and will reduce the quality of the comfort and support of your mattress. Once opened, never try to bend or roll the mattress as this comprises the structure of the mattress and can damage the mattress. The mattress is designed to be kept flat at all times and you should try your best to keep it this way.

Don’t Walk or Jump On It

Jumping, stepping or walking on the mattress can all damage the inside of the mattress, particularly the springs. Even children who are much lighter than the average person will still cause damage to the mattress.

Taking top-quality care of your mattress will make sure it gives you many nights of high-quality sleep that you deserve.

Considered a mattress topper?

If you have had your mattress for a while and it is not quite giving you the support or level of comfort that you need then a new mattress would be an obvious first choice. If you are not ready to get rid of the old mattress though then a mattress topper may be a great fit for you. They are an extra layer that goes on top of your mattress, below your sheets and provides an extra layer of support. They can be picked up from around £10 ranging up to over £50. They are made from a wide range of materials from memory foam to feathers so fitting one to suit you can be relatively easy.

Know when your mattress is faulty

If you believe your mattress has lost its shape very quickly or there is an obvious flaw with it such as being able to feel the springs then it is time to contact the retailer or manufacturer depending on where you have ordered it from. If you have used a mattress protector and there is a fault with the mattress then there should be no problem getting it replaced. Most manufacturers do not cover gradual wear and tear however which will happen over time and lead to reduced support. Make sure to check what is covered within your warranty as most cover faulty materials and poor workmanship but occasionally they also come with a lifetime warranty covering most things. An example of this is the Nectar mattress, this one of the many ‘mattress in a box’ companies that we have reviewed. You can find our review of this and many others here. 

Top mattress cleaning tips

Keep your mattress fresh and stain-free with these mattress cleaning tips. Always make sure to check washing instructions as they may vary slightly depending on the materials your mattress is made from.

Bed with unmade sheets
  • To remove stains from a mattress, use a cloth with a mild detergent with water. Take care not to put too much water into the mattress as it can soak into the fillings. 
  • If the stain contains blood make sure to use cold water as warm water will cause the bloodstain to set and you will not be able to get it off.
  • Using diluted washing up liquid in a spray bottle will usually be sufficient for most stains. Make sure not to soak the area and then dab any remaining liquid off with a cloth or paper towels.
  • The best way we have found to clean a mattress after your child has wet the bed is to first blot the area to remove as much liquid as possible from the stain. After this apply a small amount of laundry powder onto the stain and actively brush the stained area. To get rid of any smells that may remain then cover the area with baking soda. Vac the soda off after 30minutes and this should take any remaining smell away. You can use the baking soda regularly to take away any smells that may arise on your mattress.

Everyday mattress care

  • When you get up in the morning, make sure the first thing you do is leave the covers off your mattress for around 20 minutes to allow the mattress to air.
  • Make sure to vacuum your mattress every couple of weeks to make sure there is not a build-up of dirt and dust mites as these can cause allergies to worsen. If your vacuum has a brush option then make sure to use it as powerful suction heads may cause the fillings to move around within the mattress.

Make sure to:

  • Vacuum mattress and bed base regularly.
  • Only use cold water on bloodstains.
  • Use a mattress protector.
  • Air your mattress daily.


  • Adding too much water to the mattress when trying to remove stains.
  • Sitting on the edge of the mattress or in the corners.
  • Allowing children to bounce or jump along with the mattress.

How to know when to get rid of your mattress?

Damaged room with old mattress

The lifespan of a mattress differs depending on the material it is made of, generally speaking, your mattress should be replaced every 8 years. The older your mattress gets then the increased build-up of dust, dead skin and dust mites, all of which can trigger allergies. The mattress can also start to become very unhygienic, along with this it may begin to lose its shape and with that, the level of support it provides during sleep. Another sign is time to get a new mattress is waking up feeling unrested and having aches and pains while getting out of bed. Make sure to replace your mattress relatively quickly once you start to notice these things as it can be a leading cause of back pain. Replacing the mattress roughly every 8 years will allow you to get the amount of sleep you need, to keep your mattress in the best shape possible during these 8 years make sure to follow our tips to keep you sleeping well. If you decide that getting a mattress is the best option then our mattress buyers guide may help you choose. This can be found here.

Pillow care

Single matt with view

Most pillows are made from different compositions of materials and so always follow the washing instructions that are provided when you buy the pillow. Some key tips are that memory foam is not suitable for soaking or machine washing and so has to be spot cleaned. If the pillow has a cover this may be able to be removed and washed separately.

Pillows do need replacing much more often than mattresses do and so if your pillows are not providing the support you require to sleep comfortably then it is time for a new pillow. On average your pillow should be replaced every 18 months with memory foam pillows lasting almost twice as long at 3 years.

Bedding care

Make sure to change your bedding every week to keep it fresh and hygienic, it may be easier to keep a set or 2 spares so you can swap between them easily without having to wait for a set to dry. A quick brush down or vacuum when making the bed will help reduce the amount of dirt on the mattress. Washing the bedding on a weekly basis alongside daily cleaning will help your sheets stay fresh and hygienic for longer and extend the life of your bedding.

Base care

If you have a divan base that includes storage drawers, make sure not to overload them. Due to the rails, they are not designed to store heavy items, and excessively heavy objects may stress or distort the frames. The maximum weight for a standard drawer is 15kg; for a mini drawer, it is 7kg.

If you have a metal or wooden frame then make sure to double-check it is set up correctly before placing any weight on it. This will cause the frame to distort and overstress the materials. This will result in the frame not providing the mattress with the support it needs, reducing the lifespan of your mattress.

Make sure not to place metal bases directly onto wooden flooring as they often slip on this surface and the metal base supports will distort and bend.