Emma Original Mattress Review UK – 2022

Emma Original Mattress Review








Material Quality


Value for money



  • 100-night trial
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Can be prone to sleeping warm
  • No EU sizes are available
  • Next day delivery not available

This is the second version of a mattress (despite the confusing name) made by the German company Emma. The Emma Original is a medium-firm mattress that is made from 3 layers of foam which are different in construction to other popular mattresses in a box companies. Emma claims that this allows the mattress to last for longer. The cover is washable and it can be easily moved with the handles on the side. It is claimed that the mattress will suit the majority of sleeping styles due to its high level of support and unmatched levels of comfort. 

Emma Original Mattress Product Information:

amazon box=”B07DRLN9YV”]


Free delivery within the UK.


Foam and memory foam

Mattress depth:





100-night trial with a full refund on return


10-year limited warranty on the core mattress.

Emma mattress corner
Credit: Emma

Construction and Materials

This mattress is made from memory foam which has a reputation for sleeping warm and causing overheating. To prevent this, the Emma mattress contains a layer of breathable foam which has open pores to increase ventilation, this will keep you cool if you are prone to overheating or sweating while you sleep. The cover also contains climate control fibres which draw heat and sweat away from your body allowing you to sleep comfortably. This can also be easily removed and is machine manufactured from a machine washable material. The Emma mattress cover is also very elastic and is easily put back on the mattress in its correct place.

The Emma mattress is constructed from multiple foam layers each designed to increase support and relieve pressure, improve air circulation and provide a massive amount of comfort. 

1. Airgocell Comfort Foam Layer

The first layer of the Emma mattress is a comfort layer designed to increase the conformation of the mattress around your body and responds quickly to any movement on the bed. It is made from Airgocell foam. This material in the Emma mattress has an open-cell design which allows airflow within the mattress. This allows for better regulation of temperature and will stop you from overheating. This top layer is medium in firmness.

2. Memory Foam Layer

Below the first layer is a memory foam layer aimed at providing a firmer surface that will easily mould around your body allowing for great pressure point relief and a great level of comfort. While traditionally this memory foam layer would cause overheating due to it not being very breathable, the combination of this with the upper layer of Airgocell foam seems to prevent this. Despite this being a much thinner layer it provides great contouring shape and will allow you to sleep on the Emma mattress much more comfortably. 

3. Polyfoam Base Layer

The bottom layer of the mattress is the largest and is made from polyfoam. It provides a great firm base in which the top layers can sit upon and be supported. This base is sectioned to provide zoned support throughout the mattress improving quality of sleep and help reduce pressure points from forming. The zoned support also helps maintain spinal alignment helping you avoid aches and pains from sleeping with poor posture.

Emma mattress fillings split
Credit: Emma

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

The combination of foam layers results in this mattress having a medium-firm firmness which we would rate at 6.5/10. This is due to the mattress having a slight bounce to it while still having a solid feel that provides a lot of support. The mattress is designed to suit all types of sleepers all year round, it may suit side and back sleepers better however due to the pressure-relieving support it provides and the moulding that takes place to the shape of your body. The responsiveness of the mattress may not provide stomach sleepers with the level of support they are looking for. Due to the bounce, it does provide and the speed at which it begins to contour to the body will make it a great choice if you change sleeping positions during the night. It will not leave you feeling stuck in the mattress.

The Emma Originals zoned support provides support to the main joints of your body to help prevent pressure points from developing. It also prevents imbalance of support which can result in your hips or shoulders sinking into the mattress too much compared to the rest of your body. Through testing, we did not find this to be a problem with the Emma Original.

We have found that the Emma Original does not perform as well as some of its closest competitors in the transfer of movement across the bed. If you are a very sensitive or light sleeper then you may be disturbed slightly during the night if you share your bed. That being said it is still a foam mattress and these keep motion and noise transfer across the mattress minimal. We would still rate this mattress higher than the vast majority of hybrid and more traditional spring-based mattresses.

To order the Emma Original through Amazon click here. 

Emma mattress side shot
Credit: Emma

Trial and Guarantee

Testers have used the mattress for the duration of the 100-sleep trial and found that the mattress is very sturdy and appears well manufactured. After the trial, the mattress does not have any dips or sagging after this duration of time. 

Some people do find the mattress to be slightly too firm for their liking but that is exactly what the 100 sleep trial is for. Another bonus of the trial is that you are not required to repackage the mattress before you send it back which can be time-consuming and difficult to do.


Once ordered the Emma original mattress is normally delivered within 2-5 business dates. It is delivered by either UPS or DDP, this being dependent on the size of the mattress, additionally, the mattress is delivered through Amazon with that being delivered by their Prime service which can deliver the mattress as soon as the next day. If you need an old mattress to be taken away then this can be arranged with Emma though it does carry an additional charge of £35. If circumstances change and this is no longer needed then it can be easily cancelled for a full refund. If you work during the week and would struggle to be in to receive the mattress during this time then a Saturday delivery option is also available for an additional £35. 

Inside the box is a useful unboxing tool to help you get through the vacuum packaging with ease. Like most mattresses in a box, you can unroll and set up the mattress very easily with the mattress ready to be used in a few hours after opening. If there is a chemical smell on the mattress make sure to air the mattress regularly and this should disappear after around a week. 

Customer Reviews

Emma has taken the UK by storm being the UK’s most awarded mattress. As a result, they have gained over 15,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Over 75% of these are rated excellent and they have an overall rating of 4.6/5. You can view this on Trustpilot here.

Emma Original Available Sizes and Dimensions



UK Single
190 x 90cm
UK Small Double
190 x 120 cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Emma original core split
Credit: Emma

Our Verdict

The Emma Original mattress is a top offering from Emma that is a great addition to their existing products. At a competitive price point, using top quality materials, the construction of this mattress and its combination of foam layers provides a great night’s sleep and will provide relief to anyone sleeping on it. The balance of comfort and support is great. This alongside the mattress is very breathable and cooling will always make it a great choice. We would recommend this mattress to the majority of sleepers.