MARNUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review UK – 2022

MARNUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Ergonomic design supports the neck's natural curves.
  • Handy arm rests included in the pillows design.
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic.


  • May be too firm for some sleeping positions.
  • May sleep too warm if you are prone to overheating.


It currently appears that the production of the MARNUR Contour pillow has stopped and is currently unable for purchase. If you were looking for a pillow like this then we would recommend the Elviros Contour pillow as it is extremely similar. This can be viewed here.

MARNUR is a relatively new company that is mainly found through Amazon. They offer an interesting range of products that improve quality of life. From pain relief to improving sleep, a wide range of MARNUR products is well-reviewed and received. 

MARNUR offers an interesting range of products, alongside their specialist pillow they have heated pads and massagers. All seem to be well received on Amazon and so it adds confidence when buying the pillow.

As for the MARNUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow. It is a contoured pillow with a unique shape. This shape is designed to support the head and keep it in a natural position. It has different areas within the pillow that suit different sleeping positions. 

Using memory foam as the fill material gives it a firm feel but it still moulds around the head, similar to regular memory foam pillows.

If you are new to contoured pillows then they are a great option if you tend to stay in the same position as you sleep. They support the spines’ natural curves. This allows you to get a comfortable sleep, avoiding waking up with aches and pains in the back and neck.

The MARNUR contour is one of the most popular pillows currently available on Amazon so we have taken a closer look at how it performs and what makes it so well received. 

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Construction and Materials

When first looking at the MARNUR Contour pillow it looks very different from regular pillows. Its unique shape and patterned cover make it stand out from the rest and certainly draws attention away from normal pillows. The middle section of the pillow is a flat platform with an incline running down the middle. This offers great support for the neck and onto the back.

The edge of the pillow is designed with slight gaps to rest your arms when sleeping on your side. This is a great feature that proves to be very comfortable.

The memory foam is RoHS compliant, this is to prove that nothing toxic is used in the manufacturing process and is safe to use.

Credit: MARNUR


1. Polyester/Rayon Cover Layer

The cover of the MARNUR Contour Memory Foam pillow is made from a blend of 49% Polyester and 51% Polyethylene. This combination increases the breathability of the pillow while having a soft feel. A bonus is that it is removable and machine washable, making it very easy to clean. This is essential for maximising the lifespan of your pillow.

2. Enhanced Support Memory Foam Core

MARNUR have used a breathable, high-density memory foam in their pillow core. This helps provide a great level of support while minimising the amount of heat retained in the pillow.

Being memory foam it is still warmer than some materials and should be taken into consideration if you sleep warm.

The elevations and drops within the foam core are designed to optimally support the neck and spine when resting on the pillow. Across the pillow, there are different areas which are designed to suit each sleeping position the best. 

Credit: MARNUR

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

If you are new to ergonomic pillows then there are several key benefits to be had from them, these include:

Last Longer: Most ergonomic pillows have a slightly higher than average price point. With this though, you get better quality materials used. Materials such as good quality memory foam will keep its shape for much longer.

Ease Pain: If you suffer from back, neck or muscle pain then sleeping in the correct, ergonomic position can help ease these problems. 

Improved Posture: Ergonomic pillows almost force the body into a posture. They do this by supporting the body in the key areas needed. This is only a good thing as it prevents the development of aches and pains and worse longer-term problems. If your current pillow leaves you waking up in pain then a much worse problem could be developing.

Credit: MARNUR

When sleeping on a pillow with this grooved shape, the increased level of support decreases the pressure on the key joints. This reduces the likelihood of aches and pains developing or easing existing ones.

The MARNUR Contour pillow is designed to suit all sleepers. This is a difficult feat to achieve as each sleeping position has very different needs. The firm feel of the memory foam in this pillow will suit back and side sleepers best. This is because they require much more support to keep the spine properly aligned. 

As each sleeping position has different requirements we will discuss them separately:

Side sleepers need a firm pillow with a higher loft to properly support the gap between their shoulder and head. This pillow does this excellently and even has armrests inbuilt into the sides. 

Credit: MARNUR

Back sleepers need an average amount of support and loft to be comfortable as they sleep. The cervical contour and wedge in the pillow’s design suit them best. The contouring benefits shine in this position and the firmness also suits. 

Front sleepers are suited to the opposite, lower end of this pillow. This is because they require a lower lofted pillow. One concern is those front sleepers may find this pillow too firm. This will largely come down to personal preference, however.

The cover of the MARNUR Contour Memory Foam pillow does add to the breathability of the pillow by quite a good amount. With memory foam, core heat retention is still something to be aware of though. As memory foam is heat sensitive it tends to retain heat more than other filling materials. If you have had problems in the past with overheating then this should be considered and a pillow with a different fill material may suit you better.

Memory foam pillows have the added benefit of being great at isolating motion. This means you will disturb your partner less if you move around on the pillow. With this pillow being moulded to suit the neck, you will likely find yourself moving less and staying within the area of support.

Credit: MARNUR

Trial and Guarantee

The MARNUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow comes with a 3-year warranty, covering you if anything goes wrong with the pillow as a result of a manufacturing error. This gives more reassurance that on the rare occasion that something does go wrong that you are covered.

It does not come with a trial period however and the standard returns policy will apply if ordered from Amazon. This is completely normal as pillows do not normally come with a trial period, mainly mattresses do.


Free delivery and returns are available when ordering through Amazon. When first received the pillow should be aired and left to rise for a couple of hours then will be ready to use. Unlike most memory foam pillows this one should not have a strong smell when first opened. 

Our Verdict

To conclude, MARNUR is more expensive than the average pillow. That would be expected as this pillow is far from average. It is a specialist pillow aimed at improving sleep quality and does a very good job at it.

Credit: MARNUR

Constructed from high-quality materials, it offers great, firm support with the comfortable moulding properties of memory foam. It also matches its claims very well and will be a great fit for a large range of people.

Memory foam pillows come with the added benefit of being highly durable. Keeping the cover clean by washing it regularly should keep this pillow in top shape much longer than the average pillow. Keeping in its intended, corrective shape for longer

If you use a pillow for things other than sleeping then you should look elsewhere, the supportive shape does mean that it is great for lying on but not much else.

Getting a 3-year warranty with this pillow is always a bonus, reviewing the delivery process would not be truly representative of MARNUR as Amazon deals with most of it and so it does not affect the opinion of the pillow.

Because of the unique design of this pillow, it may take a few nights to get used to sleeping on it. During this time you may have some slight aches or discomfort. To experience the full benefits of the pillow it is recommended to try and stick with the pillow during this period. If it is causing more than mild discomfort and into pain then you should not use the pillow and always consult a doctor if buying this pillow has a medically related reason.

To conclude this review, the MARNUR Contour Memory Foam pillow is sure to be an excellent choice if you are looking for the following:

  • A specialist pillow that supports the neck’s natural curve.
  • A pillow with different areas to suit different sleeping positions.
  • A pillow with a machine washable cover.

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