Tempur Sensation Mattress Review UK – 2022

Tempur Sensation Mattress








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Well established company with a good reputation
  • Comes with a 100-night trial
  • All orders have free delivery and returns


  • Slower delivery than many similar companies
  • Pricy for an all foam mattress

Tempur is a well-respected company that is one of the oldest memory foam mattress producers. They are the only mattress company to be certified by the International Space Foundation. This is because they were a result of NASA discovering memory foam and its commercial uses. 

Since then they have developed an extensive range of different mattresses and sleep-related products aimed at giving people better sleep or improving health. They continuously test and improve their products so they are the highest quality available and at the forefront of any new technology. Because of this, they have a good reputation among customers for delivering top quality products.

They are available in selected retailers so you can try some of the products in person before ordering but some retailers do not offer the same benefits that can be found purchasing directly from Tempur. 

In terms of this particular mattress, the Tempur Sensation is a medium-firm foam mattress. This is designed to suit average-sized back sleepers the best. Maximising the benefits of memory foam to get the pressure-relieving effects that will minimise any aches and pains. 

The Tempur Sensation is available in a wide range of sizes and three different depth options. The depth options are the Supreme, Elite and Lux. These have the same materials inside but have different depths and slightly different layer depths. This gives customers a few different options depending on their budget.

The Tempur Sensation mattress is the firmest on offer by Tempur. We have broken it down to see what the mattress offers in each layer and what makes this mattress appealing.

Tempur Sensation Product information


View the latest price at Tempur here.


Free Delivery to the UK mainland



Mattress depth:

Available at 21cm, 25cm and 30cm.




100-night trial


10-year guarantee

Existing mattress removal: 

Available for an additional fee of £30.

(Credit: TEMPUR)

Construction and Materials

The full Tempur range offers four different models of mattresses, each is designed to suit a certain type of person and so there is usually something for everyone.

Originating from the material designed by NASA over 30 years ago, the team at Tempur have continually improved their foam products to be of the highest quality and featuring the latest technologies. Tempur continuously tests their products to ensure they are of the highest build quality and durability. This helps them produce a top-quality product consistently.

All of the Tempur mattresses are presented with a modern, stylish look. The top of the cover has a textured white finish. Each mattress has a coloured trim around the edge. On the Sensation mattress, this is yellow. Below this is a grey finish. The design gives the mattress quite a neutral look. It should fit well into most bedrooms when left uncovered.

There are three different options of Tempur Sensation mattress. These are the Supreme, Elite and Lux, each uses the same materials but differs slightly in design and thickness. Below are the different layers found in each of these and their thickness.

The first available option is the Sensation Supreme, its construction is as follows:

Comfort Material: 2cm

Support Material: 4cm

Dynamic Support Technology: 4cm

Durabase Technology: 11cm

Total: 21cm

(Credit: TEMPUR)

The middle option, the Sensation Elite has these sized layers in the mattress:

Comfort Material: 3cm

Support Material: 4cm

Dynamic Support Technology: 4cm

Durabase Technology: 14cm

Total: 25cm

(Credit: TEMPUR)

The premium and thickest, the Sensation Luxe has these sized layers:

Comfort Material: 7cm

Dynamic Support Technology: 8cm

Durabase Technology: 7.25cm

Durabase Technology 2: 7.25cm

Total: 30cm

(Credit: TEMPUR)

As can be seen above, all of the mattress options have mostly the materials in them. There are slight differences in the configuration of layers and depth of each. The Luxe version is 9cm thicker than the Supreme and this will make a difference when it comes to supporting. The Luxe version also does not have a support layer, instead, the Dynamic Support Technology layer is double the thickness. This is a more advanced material, which helps justify the increased price of the Luxe version of the Tempur Sensation.

We have broken down each layer below to examine what they add to the mattress.

1. Quick Refresh Cover Layer 

The cover of this mattress has a luxury feel while remaining practical and fit for purpose. It is made from a blend of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. The elastane helps it keep a tight fit and be easy to remove. Once removed it is machine washable at up to 60 degrees. This makes it much easier to keep the cover of the mattress clean and hygienic. 

2. Comfort Material Layer

The first material layer of this mattress is the comfort layer. This provides the slight contouring effect that memory foam is known for. It adds to the softness of the mattress and helps the sleeper get a comfortable night’s sleep. 

3. Support Material Layer

The second material layer is the Support Layer. This also provides a moulding, contouring effect on your body. By doing this it can provide responsive pressure relief and support to the areas that need it the most. 

(Credit: TEMPUR)

4. Dynamic Support Technology Layer

The Dynamic Support Technology layer provides a responsive support level for the mattress. This means that the sleeper can move easily around the mattress and not sink in too much. As the foam adapts it will provide support and pressure point relief, allowing for a nights sleep that is free from aches and pains.

5. Durabase Technology Layer

Durabase technology provides a solid foundation layer for all the other layers to rest upon. This increases the durability of this mattress and keeps a consistent level of support and comfort throughout the mattresses lifespan.

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

The Tempur Sensation mattress is rated as a medium-firm mattress. Despite this, it is the firmest mattress on offer from Tempur. It lands between a 7-8 on a 1-10 scale. As a result, there is not as much of a sinking or moulding feeling that comes with this mattress. It has support as a priority and so will not feel as much like traditional memory foam. 

The Tempur Sensation does still offer a slight contouring effect around the body but remains easy to move positions on. The great amount of support this mattress provides will help the major joints be well-positioned and prevent aches and pains from developing throughout the night.

(Credit: TEMPUR)

Everyone requires different things from a mattress. Different factors such as weight, sleeping position or if you suffer from back pain all effect. We have examined what it would feel like to sleep on this mattress for the average person. As sleep is very subjective the best way to experience this is to test out the mattress personally during the 100-night sleep trial. This will help you fully test out the mattress and see if it suits you.

Back sleepers need their joint well supported to sleep in a comfortable position with the spine in a healthy position. This mattress is an excellent fit for this as it provides massive amounts of support and if you prefer a firmer mattress then this could be an excellent choice.

Side sleepers generally want the hips to sink in slightly so the spine is aligned. This may happen with this mattress and generally will be a good fit. If you are larger than average then this can be a good fit for you. If you are lighter, then the sinkage may not be enough and you may benefit from a different mattress such as the Tempur Cloud.

Front sleepers need the most amount of support of any sleeping position. You are more than likely to get this with this mattress as it is on the firmer side. This mattress should be suitable for most front sleepers.

tempur sensation layers
(Credit: TEMPUR)

All-foam mattresses generally do not perform well when it comes to edge support. With this mattress being on the firmer side it does do better than average and you should not feel like you are going to roll off the mattress as you sleep near the edges.

Foam does an excellent job at minimising motion transfer and this mattress does exactly that. This mattress will be a great choice for couples as you will not be disturbed by your partner’s movements throughout the night.

In a deep dive of reviews, one of the only complaints of this mattress is that the top layers occasionally sleep too warm. This is because foam generally is not good at dissipating heat compared to spring mattresses which have a lot more space for ventilation.

Trial and Guarantee

All orders of the Tempur Sensation come with a 100-night sleep trial. This is a fantastic opportunity to fully test out the mattress. It is much better to try a mattress this way than just a few minutes in a showroom as you can see how it feels to wake up on the mattress. 

While the majority of online mattress retailers do now offer a sleep trial, most showrooms do not. 100-night is more than enough to test out this mattress and see if it is for you.

If you decide that you do not like the mattress then getting a refund is an easy process. Simply contact the Tempur support team to organise a collection. Upon collection of the mattress, you will receive a full refund. This is great as some mattress manufacturers only offer to swap the mattress with a different level of firmness or model instead. 

With the 100-night trial, this mattress also comes with a 10-year guarantee. It does have some terms and conditions that are worth paying attention to but it is nice to have and longer than the average mattress company offers. It adds some peace of mind that you will be covered to the purchase as well.

(Credit: TEMPUR)


Delivery of the Tempur Sensation mattress is free. At the moment, all Tempur mattresses are delivered within two to four weeks. This is slightly longer than the average and is a slight let down. The quality received is likely worth waiting for, however. 

Upon ordering the mattress a delivery day can be chosen, making it easier to plan around. All Tempur mattresses are delivered by a 2-man delivery team. This also includes set up so they will take the mattress to a room of your choice before setting it up ready to use. The Tempur Sensation is not rolled up so it will be ready to use straight away. The service is especially useful if you would have otherwise struggled to move this mattress.

If you require an old mattress to be taken away then this is available for an additional £30. This needs to be selected while ordering as it cannot be added on afterwards.

There may be a gassy, chemical smell that comes off the mattress when it is first received. This is normal from memory foam. Because of the amount of memory foam in this mattress it may be slightly stronger than normal. Try to keep the mattress well ventilated and it should disappear after a few days.

Customer Reviews

Tempur is only partly well regarded on Trustpilot. They still have over 40% of reviews rated as excellent and a rating of 3.7/5. This can be viewed here.

Available Sizes



Small Single
200 x 75cm
UK Single
190 x 90cm
Long Single
200 x 90cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm
Special Size
190 x 120cm
Special Size
200 x 120cm
Special Size
200 x 135cm
Special Size
200 x 160cm

Our Verdict

The online mattress market is very competitive. Tempur has set themselves up well as a premium option with very high material and build quality.

Another bonus of ordering a Tempur mattress at the moment is that you receive a Tempur Waterproof Mattress Protector as well. This is valued at £125 and should be used at all times. The protector helps keep the warranty intact and prevents excess moisture from being drawn into the foam of the mattress. This can affect the durability of the mattress.

To sleep on the mattress you will get a medium-firm mattress which has some of the effects of memory foam but does not feel too far away from a spring mattress. It should suit a lot of sleepers in most sleeping position.

(Credit: TEMPUR)

With the sleep trial, it gives an excellent opportunity to try out this mattress. Coupled with the delivery and support experience it makes for an attractive mattress option.

While it may not be for everyone and will only fit some peoples budgets, the Tempur Sensation mattress should be a great fit for anyone looking for the following 

  • A mattress from a company that is well regarded and one of the best premium mattress manufacturers in the industry.
  • A mattress that is continually tested to be the best it can be.
  • A mattress with the latest technology features.