Best Cheap Memory Foam Pillows – UK 2022

Memory foam pillows are a type of pillow that moulds to the shape of your head when pressure is applied, allowing you a more comfortable sleep. In this article, we will be covering why you need a memory foam pillow, why they are better than traditional pillows and even the downsides of a memory foam pillow.

The Best Cheap Memory Foam Pillows

1. Cosi Home® Luxury Memory Foam Pillow

2. BeddingHome Shredded Memory Foam Pillow 

3. SWTMERRY Memory Foam Pillow

4. Silentnight Supportive Memory Foam Core Pillow

5. Rohi Memory Foam Pillow

Why Do I Need A Memory Foam Pillow?

There are many different reasons why people should use memory foam pillows. However, one of the most popular reasons why people choose a memory foam pillow over a traditional feather or polyester pillow is to help their spine be supported better.

Whereas a traditional pillow will allow you to sink most of the way to the bottom of the pillow, a memory foam pillow offers support by resisting the pressure that you apply to it, within reason.

This means that your head, neck and hence spine are much better supported as you sleep. This can be adapted to any sleeping position. For example, if you sleep on your side then the memory foam pillow should be placed higher beneath your neck.

Another reason why you need a memory foam pillow is simply comfort. Because they offer slight resistance, they are much more supportive and hence comfortable. Unlike traditional pillows which often clump over time, the memory foam pillow is long-lasting, giving you a better night’s sleep for many years to come.

What To Look For In A Memory Foam Pillow?

When choosing a memory foam pillow it is important that you choose a good-quality pillow that offers a good amount of support. This means that you should only consider memory foam pillows that are medium or firm.

Additionally, the memory foam pillow should either be contoured to allow room for your head, or completely flat. This will ensure that foam can do its job properly and support your head.

When it comes to solid or shredded memory foam pillows this is determined by your sleeping position. If you tend to sleep on your side then you should opt for a pillow that is constructed out of a single piece of memory foam as this will offer you the best support.

However, if you prefer to sleep on your front then you should look for a shredded memory foam pillow as this will allow you less resistance and hence give you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Our Best Selections

1. Cosi Home® Luxury Memory Foam Pillow

Cosi Home® Luxury Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Pillow Cover, Cooling Gel Filling & Adjustable...
  • WAKE UP FEELING REFRESHED: These premium quality neck pillows are...
  • ULTRA-COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE: Cosi Home's innovative foam filling...
  • SOFT-TOUCH COVERS & HIGH-TECH COOLING GEL: The 2 sided bamboo luxury...


  • High-quality bamboo infused cover
  • Adjustable fill level
  • Fits in standard pillowcases


  • The chemical smell when first received
  • It may take a few nights to get used to sleeping on it

The Cosi Home® Luxury Memory Foam Pillow is one of the best memory foam pillows on the market. The pillow itself is made from a cooling gel filling, ensuring you don’t get too hot. At the same time, the memory foam pillow is covered with a bamboo pillow cover that is all-natural and machine washable.

What allows this pillow to stand out is that it offers ergonomic support to the head and neck while also being adjustable. This innovative filling allows you to adjust the height to your exact preferences. Just remove foam until you get the height you want.

Plus, this pillow is affordable too. Between its affordability, great materials, and customization, the Cosi Home® Luxury Memory Foam Pillow is one of the best memory foam pillows you can buy.

Key Features

Brand: Cosi Home

Dimensions: 71×45 cm

Firmness: Firm

Cover: Bamboo, machine washable

Special Features: Adjustable

2. BeddingHome Shredded Memory Foam Pillow 

  • Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow
  • Assists with reducing snoring, stress and insomnia
  • Comes with Bag, removable, washable zip pillow cover


  • Good value 
  • Bamboo infused cover 
  • Very supportive


  • It may be too firm for some people
  • It may smell when first received

Another great memory foam pillow to select is the BeddingHome Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. This pillow is specifically great for individuals with allergies because the pillow is made from hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials.

More specifically, this memory foam pillow is made from shredded bamboo memory foam. This will help you sleep tight, without worrying about waking up with allergy-related headaches or breathing problems. For further allergy help, the pillow also comes with a removable washable zip pillow cover.

Key Features

Brand: BeddingHome

Dimensions: 50×70 cm

Firmness: Firm

Cover: Yes, machine washable

Special Features: Hypoallergenic, antibacterial

3. SWTMERRY Memory Foam Pillow

SWTMERRY Memory Foam Pillow, Standard Size Pillows for Sleeping Adjustable Loft Firmness Shredded...
  • √ ADJUSTING COMFORT —— Our pillow features shredded memory foam...
  • √ REFRESHING& BREATHABLE ——This pillow cover is made of 60%...
  • √ VISCO-ELASTIC &FIRM ——Shredded style combines visco-elastic...


  • Adjustable fill level
  • Fully machine washable
  • 100-day trial and 1-year guarantee


  • It may be too soft for some sleepers

The SWTMERRY Memory Foam Pillow is a great option, whether you need a new every night pillow or one to go with you on travels. The pillow itself offers adjustable firmness because it uses shredded memory foam material. This material is also hypoallergenic and machine washable to protect from illnesses or allergy-related symptoms.

A great feature about this pillow specifically is that the cover is 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. As a result, the cover is breathable yet refreshing, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Key Features


Dimensions: 50×76 cm

Firmness: Adjustable

Cover: Polyester and bamboo, machine washable

Special Features: Adjustable firmness, hypoallergenic, breathable cover

4. Silentnight Supportive Memory Foam Core Pillow

Silentnight Essential Memory Foam Core Pillow - Pack of 2 Memory Foam Core Pillows with Soft...
  • MEMORY FOAM- filled with soft and supportive memory foam which gently...
  • MEDIUM SUPPORT- the Silentnight Essentials Memory Foam Pillows...
  • SOFT MICROFIBRE COVER ? the microfibre cover provides extra comfort


  • Good value for a pack of two pillows
  • Well respected brand
  • Machine Washable


  • Features a memory foam core, not a full memory foam pillow
  • It may be too soft for some people

The Silentnight Supportive Memory Foam Core Pillow is a great choice for individuals wanting a basic memory foam pillow. The inner core is made completely from memory foam, and it offers a soft hollow fibre surround to further improve the support of the pillow. You can expect this pillow to cradle your head to help you sleep in a natural position.

Unlike most other memory foam pillows, this memory foam has a medium firmness. This makes the pillow a good choice for individuals who find traditional memory foam pillows too firm. Not to mention, this pillow is affordable and comes with two per pack for further value.

Key Features

Brand: Silentnight

Dimensions: Not listed

Firmness: Medium

Cover: Polyester and cotton, machine washable

Special Features: Medium firmness, 2 per pack

5. Rohi Memory Foam Pillow

Rohi Memory Foam Pillow - Chiropractic Vented Cooling Pillow - Chiropractor Recommended Orthopaedic...


  • Keeps its shape well
  • You will only need one of these pillows
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Height may not suit everyone
  • Contoured pillows can take some time to get used to.

The Rohi Memory Foam Pillow is a great chiropractor-recommended memory foam pillow. It is ideal for side and back sleepers because the pillow itself is shaped to fit your head perfectly. All the while, the memory foam relieves any pressure on your neck and spine.

This memory foam pillow even offers a hypoallergenic material, as well as antimicrobial properties that help to resist mould, bacteria, mildew, and dust. If you aren’t satisfied with this pillow, the company offers a money-back guarantee that lasts 30 days.

Key Features

Brand: Rohi

Dimensions: 40×60 cm

Firmness: Adjustable

Cover: Yes

Special Features: Shaped to match your body, money-back guarantee

Is Memory Foam For Me?

Memory foam can take a lot of getting used to at first. Some people will take a long time to get used to it. Some people may still prefer different fillings over memory foam even after testing a memory foam pillow for a while. We have selected a range of cheap memory foam pillows. We believe these are a great opportunity to test out memory foam, without the expense of a top-end pillow. Though not for everyone, a large number of people will have their sleep altered by using a memory foam pillow.

Is Memory Foam Good For Posture?

Memory foam is one of the best materials that you can get to help with your posture as it protects and supports your spine while you sleep. 

Unlike a traditional material, which will distribute your weight unevenly according to which body parts exert more pressure, memory foam will help to distribute your weight evenly, helping to alleviate joint pain and improve posture.

The reason behind this is that memory foam can adapt to your body, allowing you to sink into the material while still offering support in the form of mild resistance.

The foam will mould to the shape of your body but will bounce back to its original shape when no pressure is applied. This means that no matter which position you assume in the night your body will be properly supported every time.

Pros And Cons Of Memory Foam

Like every material, there are both pros and cons of memory foam, a few of which we will cover here.

The Pros Of Memory Foam

The pros of memory foam are that it helps to alleviate joint pain and can help you to improve your posture by cradling your body as you sleep. By moulding to your body, in particular, memory foam distributes your weight throughout its surface to give you not only a better sleep but also a safer sleep.

You can also buy memory foam that is suited for your sleeping position. If you are unsure about which type of memory foam is best for you, decide which position you most commonly sleep in and then decide whether solid or shredded memory foam is the best option for you and also what type of pillow shape will suit you best.

The Cons Of Memory Foam

Although memory foam is great for many reasons there are also many downsides. One of the most obvious ones is that memory foam can be very expensive. Although it is built to last it can be a big lump sum to pay. We have picked out affordable selections which can help make the purchase more reasonable to start with. 

A big problem for many people is that a lot of memory foam products are not very good at regulating heat. So, if you live in a particularly hot climate then you may want to consider this, there are cooling options available with memory foam that can help prevent overheating, however.

Another reason is that some people simply do not find memory foam comfortable and they prefer a more traditional material. Of course, this is personal preference and everyone is different.


Memory foam is a great material for several reasons and is highly recommended if you suffer from backache, joint pain or simply do not feel supported at night.

Memory foam pillows are a great, and more affordable, way to support your neck and spine whilst you sleep but you should ensure that you choose the correct version for your sleeping habits. They are extremely long-lasting and hold their shape well so can turn out to be extremely good value over time.

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