Best Winter Duvets – UK 2022

Are you in the market for a winter duvet, but aren’t sure what to look for? 

Winter duvets are typically thicker and more substantial than regular duvets, and you may decide you need one as the nights get colder. There is a lot of choice on the market and it can seem overwhelming at first when considering the material, tog, and features you might need.

In the following article, we cover everything you need to know about buying a winter duvet, from some of the reasons you might need one to what to look for when purchasing.

The Best Winter Duvets

Best Overall – Silentnight Hotel Collection Duvet

Best For Value – Imperial Rooms® Premium 15 Tog Duvet

Best Multifunctional – Slumberdown All Seasons Duvet

Best Super Warm – Sleepworks 16.5 Tog Extra Warm Duvet

Best For Luxury – Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down 13.5 Tog Duvet

What to look for in a good winter duvet?


The price you pay for a good winter duvet will depend on the tog, material, and brand you opt for. You can expect to pay anywhere between £25 for a simple duvet and over £600 for something more deluxe. For a good duvet, aim to budget around £50 to get decent coverage and temperature regulation.

Duvet features

There are many features you can choose from when purchasing a winter duvet. Consider whether you want a natural or a synthetic filling, whether you need something hypoallergenic, and whether you want two separate duvets or something that is capable of lasting year-round.

Easy to clean

Duvets are typically neglected when it comes to maintaining hygiene, but it’s important that you choose a winter duvet that is easy to keep on top of. Winter duvets work by retaining heat, meaning they can wick away heat and sweat. Due to this, ensure the duvet you choose is easy to clean. 

Pros and cons of winter duvets


  • Regular, thinner duvets are fine for the rest of the year but they may not provide enough warmth for the colder months. Finding a duvet that can keep you warm in the cold is important for ensuring you stay comfortable and happy.
  • Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good winter duvet. There are options available to anyone who is on a budget or doesn’t want to spend a lot on a second duvet.


  • Finding an environmentally-friendly winter duvet can be difficult, as the eco-friendly options are fewer and less effective. It can be more difficult to find something suitable that aligns with your values.
  • Another issue is storage. If you decide to purchase a separate duvet for the winter months, it means having to store your other duvet while it is not in use. This can be a hassle if you don’t have much storage space available.

Best Selections

Best Overall – Silentnight Hotel Collection Duvet

Silentnight Hotel Collection Double Duvet – 13.5 Tog Luxury Duvet Extra Warm and Cosy Quilt Ideal...
  • 5 STAR COMFORT: Indulge in the 5 star comfort of a hotel every night...
  • 13.5 TOG: This tog duvet will provide extra warmth, making it ideal...


  • Machine washable
  • Made in the UK
  • Super soft embossed cover


  • Limited sizes available

Manufactured in the UK, the Silentnight 13.5 tog hotel collection duvet is a well priced heavy duvet that is great for keeping warm in the cold winter months. It is incredibly popular on Amazon with over 8,000 ratings. Over 90% of these are 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’Great price and very very comfortable and I didn’t write a review straight away because I wanted to see if it kept its shape and didn’t start to sag in places BUT have to say, I am very very impressed because it has stayed in perfect shape and it is NOT sagging anywhere!’’

Silentnight offers a 5 year guarantee with this duvet, giving that extra piece of mind when making the purchase. The duvet is made in the UK and is fully machine washable. Made from microfibre, the cover is super soft, hypoallergenic and gives that hotel quality level of comfort night after night.

Best For Value – Imperial Rooms® Premium 15 Tog Duvet

Imperial Rooms® Premium 15 tog Extra Thick & Warm Duvet Quilt Double Size - Energy Efficient - UK...
  • SIZES: Single 135cm x 200cm, Double 200cm x 200cm, King 230 cm x 220...
  • TOG RATINGS: 2.5, 4.5, 7.5, 10.5, 13.5, 15 for different seasons...
  • MATERIAL: Crafted from durable hollow fiber with a soft-touch cover...


  • Excellent value 
  • Good range of sizes and togs available
  • Made in the UK


  • Does not have as much weight as other duvets

Imperial Rooms offer an excellent range of different duvets of all different sizes and weights at extremely reasonable prices. For a winter duvet, we have picked the 15 tog version. The duvets are very popular on Amazon with over 5,000 ratings. Over 80% of these are 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’once fitted with the duvet cover I have slept well .no waking up cold in the night. I would recommend this product to anyone.’’ and ‘’Better than expected value for money.’’

This duvet is a great value option. Unfortunately it is dry clean only, making it trickier to keep clean over time. It is very effective though and is sure to keep you warm on cold winter nights. The duvet is made in the UK and is highly durable. It is a great choice if you are looking for a traditional duvet at an affordable price that doesnt have some of the features that a more expensive duvet would have.

Best Multifunctional – Slumberdown All Seasons Duvet

Slumberdown All Seasons 15 Tog Double Duvet - 4.5 Tog Cool Summer Plus 10.5 Tog All Year Round 3 in...
  • 4.5 TOG + 10.5 TOG - Designed to offer you a 3 in 1 solution for all...
  • SIZE – DOUBLE BED: Length 200 cm x Width 200 cm. (Standard UK...
  • ALL SEASONS - Our duvets are made with a soft hollowfibre filling...


  • Great value for all around duvet
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Made in the UK


  • The duvet fastenings can be quite fiddly/not enough of them

The Slumberdown all seasons duvet is two duvets, a 4.5 tog and a 10.5 tog, that can be attached together to make a 15 tog winter duvet. It can be a great affordable option and give you 3 different tog ratings for use at different times of the year. This duvet is highly rated on Amazon with over 7,000 ratings. Over 90% of these are 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’This is great and does what it says to be lovely and warm in winter . Cooler in summer.’’ and ‘’The duvet is great as it’s 3 in 1 so you can easily separate them for the warmth you need.’’

This duvet has a super soft touch cover and is fully machine washable. Handcrafted in the UK, the duvet is a great affordable option and works out much cheaper than buying 3 separate duvets. 

Best Super Warm – Sleepworks 16.5 Tog Extra Warm Duvet

Sleepworks 16.5 Tog Extra Warm Cosy Respond Bounce Back Double Bed Size Microfibre Heavy Winter...
  • 16.5 Tog Extra Warm Cosy Luxury Respond Bounce Back Microfibre Heavy...
  • Peached supersoft; embossed mircofibre fabric has been used on these...
  • This duvet is made of up special respond bounce back, non-allergenic...


  • Made in the UK
  • Machine washable
  • Good quality


  • It may be too much for some people
  • The available sizes are limited

The Sleepworks 16.5 tog duvet is a heavy duvet designed to keep you warm throughout the night. It is incredibly popular on Amazon with over 2,300 ratings. Over 90% of these are 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’Sizing is perfect. Really extra warm, no more cold feet in bed. May even be too warm sometimes when heating is on, but a much needed tog weight in a damp cold country. Very cosy and easy to wrap around.’’ and ‘’Just had our first night with this duvet and it was worth every penny. Like sleeping under a cloud giving you a hug . Highly recommend it.’’

This duvet is of excellent value and is made with a hollowfibre fill material and a super soft microfibre cover. It is fully machine washable and also made in the UK. One downside is that at the current time of writing the duvet is only available in a double or king size. 

Best For Luxury – Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down 13.5 Tog Duvet

Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Double Duvet - 13.5 Tog Warm Winter Premium Quilt Ideal for Cold &...
  • 13.5 TOG - Designed to give you extra warmth in winter months for that...
  • SIZE – DOUBLE BED: Length 200cm x Width 200cm. (Standard UK Sizing)
  • HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN - Our duvets are specially constructed using a...


  • Available in a range of different styles and sizes
  • Super soft 300 thread count cotton cover
  • Machine washable


  • Will be too expensive for a lot of people

Filled with a mix of 80% hungarian goose down and 20% small hungarian goose feathers. The Snuggledown Hungarian goose down duvet is a super soft, luxurious duvet. It has over 2,500 ratings on Amazon. Over 90% of these are 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’Sleep is so important and this will absolutely help you with it. Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it.’’ and ‘’I have bought the single, double and king size ones and they are all fantastic. No smell whatsoever, arrived promptly and was well packaged.’’

The cover of this duvet is made from 300 thread count cotton, making it super soft to touch. It is fully machine washable and dryer friendly. The tog of the duvet is 13.5 tog. This is ideal for a winter duvet and an ideal tog for keeping warm on cold winter nights. The duvet is also made in the UK

Why choose a winter duvet?

Many people change their duvets as the weather gets colder to provide more warmth and comfort during cold nights. An appropriate duvet can improve sleep, keep you comfortable, and protect you from changes in the weather. It can be overwhelming when looking at the options available, but further on we’ll discuss some of the things to look for.

So, what are some of the reasons someone might change their duvet in the winter? The exact reason will depend on the needs of the individual, but let’s look at some of the reasons why you might decide to purchase a different duvet in the winter:

  • As the weather gets colder, you might find that you are no longer able to get the warmth you need from the thinner duvet you might use the rest of the year.
  • Your regular duvet might have become impractical due to regular wear and tear, meaning it is no longer able to do its job properly and might struggle to keep you warm enough.

What is the best tog for a winter duvet?

For winter months, you should aim to find a duvet with a tog rating of around 13. This is a lot higher than the thinner tog duvets you might use the rest of the year, which are usually around 7-8. A tog of 13 is ideal for providing enough warmth to get you through the colder nights.

So, what does ‘tog’ really mean? It’s a word we hear often when shopping for a duvet, but you might not actually know what it means. The tog refers to how well the duvet retains heat; the higher the tog is, the more warmth the duvet will provide. The highest tog is 15 but you might find that 13.5 is the highest you can find for sale.

The tog that is the best fit for you will depend on how much you feel the cold and how much protection you want from your duvet. If you are unsure or don’t feel the cold as much as others, consider a mid-range tog rating of 10. A great tip is to find a tog rating that keeps you comfortable and can be adjusted with a blanket when you need it.

What is the best duvet material?

There is a lot of choice of duvet materials, but you should aim for down and feather duvets in the winter. Not only are these materials soft and light, but they are also great for retaining warmth and keeping your temperature regulated. Down duvets in particular are fantastic insulators, providing roughly three times the warmth of other materials.

Wool duvets are another great option for retaining warmth in the cold, as the thickness of wool means it is capable of retaining warm air and regulating temperature really well. However, wool duvets are not typically more comfortable and are much heavier than down duvets. If you are looking for an airy feel, stick to down.

The downside to using duvets with the best materials is the higher cost. Polyester or cotton can be an excellent alternative at a more reasonable price. 

The Verdict: Winter Duvets

Winter duvets are great for anyone who struggles with the cold and finds that a regular, thin duvet is not able to provide enough warmth. There are many options, from different materials to varying price points, for anyone who is looking to stay warm during colder months.

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