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Eve is a UK based company, they are well known for the incredibly popular Eve mattress that took the UK by storm a few years ago. Their management team have now developed Eve Sleep into a well-rounded brand offering a wide range of sleep and bedding related products. Their company aims to deliver affordable products to the market that are high quality. So far they are very successful at meeting this target. 

Excluding their range of mattresses, popular products include their pillows, duvets and mattress protectors. Each of them are well-built, at reasonable prices considering the build quality. 

For this review, we have taken a closer look at the Eve Mattress Topper. It is a 5cm memory foam topper that has also proved extremely popular so far. We have taken a closer look at the topper in this review to see what makes it so well regarded.

Eve Memory Foam Topper Product information

eve Sleep Comfort Foam Topper | King Breathable, Hypoallergenic Mattress Pad, Polyester, White
  • A LUXURIOUS MATTRESS BOOST: Our 5cm foam topper is designed to add a...
  • WIGGLE-PROOF DESIGN: This topper is the answer to every Fidgety...
  • GOODBYE, SNEEZY ALLERGIES: This topper is hypoallergenic, and it's...


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30-night risk-free trial


3-year warranty

Credit: Eve Sleep

Construction and Materials

The Eve Sleep memory foam topper is instantly recognisable as one of their products. Featuring the signature yellow trim around the edge of the topper, it stands out from other toppers. Inside the topper, Eve Sleep has used the same foam found in their mattresses which they claim is 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam.  

All of the foam used by Eve Sleep is CertiPur certified. This is an independent certification that ensures that the foam is free from harmful chemicals and is safe to use. Also, the cover is Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified which is a similar certification process that ensures all of the materials used within the cover are also safe to use. The cover is also naturally flame retardant so no chemicals are needed to meet this regulation. 

Looking more at the layers of the Eve Sleep mattress topper, it breaks down into 3 different layers including the cover.

Eve Memory Foam Topper Layers:

1. Polyester/Polypropylene Cover Layer

The top and sides of the topper cover are 100% polyester, this top part of this is removable and machine washable at 40 degrees celsius. This is a great feature to help keep the topper clean and hygienic. 

The base of the cover is made from 100% polypropylene and has straps around the topper to ensure it keeps snug around your mattress throughout the night. Both of these materials are naturally flame retardant, so no chemicals are added to meet the UK’s fire regulations. 

Credit: Eve Sleep

2. Breathable Comfort Foam Layer (2cm)

The first layer of foam in the Eve mattress topper is 2cm of comfort foam. This is Eve Sleep’s signature foam which is extremely breathable while still maintaining the comfortable and supporting features that memory foam is known for. This layer will help prevent you from getting too warm while contouring to the body as you sleep. Giving a new lease of life to your existing mattress.

3. Base Foam Layer (3cm)

The last 3cm of the foam in the Eve mattress topper is reflex foam. This is a high-density foam that provides a great amount of support as you sleep on it. It is a more traditional foam that gives the topper a great foundation. It is also long-lasting and does a great job of keeping its shape over time.

Credit: Eve Sleep

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

The two layers of foam included in this topper provide a good balance of comfort on the top and support from the bottom. Combining them produces a great boost to your existing mattress and is sure to help you sleep better. The topper also dampens movement across the sleeping surface. This is great news if you are frequently disturbed by your partner’s movements through the night.

The top Eve comfort layer included in this topper makes it extremely comfortable. It has a soft touch that contours around the body as your body heat warms the material but it also does not have problems with overheating like traditional memory foam thanks to its open cell technology. This topper also helps wick away excess moisture so you should no longer be waking up feeling clammy or sticky.

The addition of the reflex foam as a second layer gives the topper great supportive qualities and is sure to keep its shape for a very long time. The reflex foam also helps the topper stand alone and so you do not have to rely on support from your mattress as much. The topper as a whole is a great high-quality addition to mattresses. It will also suit the vast majority of sleepers as it is not too much to be overpowering your mattress but is just enough to compliment and boost your existing mattress.

Credit: Eve Sleep

A key thing to keep in mind when buying any mattress topper is that it will give your mattress a great boost and help you get a few more years out of it. One thing it will not do is resurrect a mattress that needs replacing. If your mattress is lumpy or has significant sagging then it will not cover up these problems and you may not get the same benefits. If this is the case then we would recommend looking for a new mattress instead. 

Trial and Guarantee

As a show of faith, Eve Sleep offers a trial for all of its products. This mattress topper comes with a 30-day sleep trial. If you decide within this window that the topper is not for you then it can be sent back for a full refund. Alongside the trial period, this mattress topper comes with a 3-year warranty. While unlikely, if your topper fails within this period then Eve will replace the topper.


Free standard delivery is offered by Eve Sleep with every purchase of the Eve mattress topper. The topper is delivered rolled up and vacuum packed in a small box. Once removed from its packaging the topper will rapidly expand and be ready to use within a few hours. 

Eve Sleep also offers a few extra delivery options for an additional fee. These include 2 man delivery, next day and a morning delivery service and can be a great choice if you are only available during certain times.

Credit: Eve Sleep

Available sizes

The Eve mattress topper is available in all UK sizes, this includes the following:

  • UK Single
  • UK Small Double
  • UK Double
  • UK King
  • UK Super King 

Our Verdict

To conclude, the Eve mattress does a great job of adding an extra layer of comfort to your existing mattress. While it is not a miracle worker for mattresses that need replacing. It does give an extra layer of support and breathability which is sure to get a few more years out of a mattress that needs a new lease of life. 

Credit: Eve Sleep

There are plenty of other mattress toppers available for a cheaper price. Few match the Eve memory foam topper in terms of build quality and performance. Add in the fact that you get a 30-night sleep trial to try this out, the Eve mattress topper is an excellent choice for a massive range of sleepers no matter the sleeping position you typically sleep in.

As the topper is made from memory foam, there may be a chemical off-gassing smell when you first remove the topper from its packaging. While quite strong it is completely normal and still safe to use. If you leave the topper to air then the smell should dissipate quite quickly and after a few days, it should be completely gone.

Another excellent use of this topper is if you stay in hotels or other different accommodation a lot. It can give an ordinary hotel mattress a great boost. Leaving you well-rested and having a more normal night’s sleep.

The Eve Sleep memory foam mattress topper will be a great choice if you are looking for the following: 

  • A fairly priced topper from a company with an excellent reputation. 
  • A well-built topper that uses well-tested products.
  • A memory foam topper that should have no issues with overheating.

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