Best Wool Mattress Toppers – UK 2022

Wool mattress toppers, on top of being hypoallergenic and all-natural, without the additive of chemicals, are also incredibly comfortable, which is helpful to maintain a good night’s sleep. 

This article will guide you through what to look for in a mattress topper, and how to care for a wool mattress topper.

The Best Wool Mattress Toppers

1. Wool Room Organic British Wool Mattress Topper

2. Devon Duvets Handcrafted Wool Mattress Topper

3. Merino Wool Natural Mattress Topper

4. Wool Room Natural Wool Mattress Cover

Best Wool Alternative – rejuvopedic Sherpa Fleece Mattress Topper

What To Look For In A Good Wool Mattress Topper?

There are a few features you will want to keep in mind while looking for a good wool mattress topper:

  • Size – You will want to look for a wool mattress topper that is the same size as your mattress. For example, a double mattress will need a double topper.
  • Depth – You will want to look for different depths depending on your sleep preference. Two inches is ideal for those who enjoy firmer beds, while three inches is a good mid-level, and four inches is ideal for those who want ultimate comfort or are side sleepers.
  • Quality – You will want to look for a wool mattress topper that is properly filled with enough wool to give support, that the seams are strongly stitched, and that there are measures such as stitching throughout the topper to keep the wool evenly dispersed within the topper.
  • Price – Typically, a good quality wool mattress topper will land between £100 and £300.

What are the Pros and Cons Of Wool Mattress Toppers?

Here are some of the top pros of having a wool mattress topper:

  • Softness – Being softer than traditional cotton, wool is more effective in reducing pains, aches, and increasing the quality of sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic – Being naturally fire-resistant, mildew, and bug resistant, they are the ideal solution for those who want a cleaner mattress topper.
  • Temperature Regulating – For those who become hot or cold easily at night, this topper is ideal to keep the temperature more consistent.
  • Durable – Wool as a material, when it fills a mattress topper, is naturally more durable than most mattress topper fillers.
  • Easy to Clean – A wool mattress topper is easy to maintain as wool is a natural moisture wick, making small spills easy to clean.
  • Sustainable – Due to the nature of the material, wool is completely biodegradable and is sustainable for the planet.

Here are some of the top cons of having a wool mattress topper:

  • Sourcing – Depending on the company, their wool may be sourced unethically.
  • Price – Depending on the type of wool, the price points of wool mattress toppers can be a bit on the higher side.

Our Best Selections

1. Wool Room Organic British Wool Mattress Topper

Woolroom Deluxe Wool Mattress Topper Double Bed - Exclusive Allergy-UK Approved British Wool Bed...
  • OH SO COSY: Add an extra layer of comfort to your firm or old mattress...
  • SOUND SLEEPING: This lovingly handcrafted mattress topper is filled...
  • GET SET WITH SUPERB SLEEP: This mattress topper is 4-5cm deep with an...


  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Super soft traceable British wool
  • Adjustable elastic bed straps


  • Higher price point

The Wool Room mattress topper is a luxury, organic wool mattress topper that is sure to give your mattress a natural comfort boost. Wool mattress toppers are less popular on Amazon than other toppers so it has over just over 75 ratings at the moment. It is well regarded though, with over 80% of these ratings being 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’What a difference it made! So soft and welcoming. I honestly wish I’d bought one a long, long time ago.’’ and ‘’The topper is nice and thick, it stays in place and combined with a light wool duvet.’’

This topper is a well crafted and responsibly sourced mattress topper. If you are looking for a wool mattress topper then it ticks virtually every box. The only drawback is probably the high price. The cover of the topper is made from 200 thread count cotton. The filling is 100% traceable British wool that weighs 1000gsm. Unfortunately, it is not machine washable and can only be dry cleaned so using a mattress protector would be recommended. 

2. Devon Duvets Handcrafted Wool Mattress Topper

Devon Duvets UK - British Handcrafted Natural Woollen (Wool) Mattress Topper - Double (135 x 190cm)
  • Handcrafted in England using natural materials.
  • British Platinum Grade wool - cleaned and needled in England and soft...
  • Resists dust mites - helps to relieve allergy symptoms.


  • Handcrafted In England
  • Dust mite resistant 
  • Certified British wool


  • Limited sizes available

The Devon Duvets mattress topper is a handcrafted wool mattress topper that is made in the UK. Despite only having just over 30 ratings on Amazon this is due to the seller separating each topper by size. Of these reviews over 80% of them rate the topper 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from the reviews include ‘’My bed is now beautifully cool when I slip in and stays at the perfect temperature, all night. The only drawback is that I have to get out in the morning. It’s worth every penny.’’

This 4cm deep topper is great for adding a comfort layer to a mattress that may be slightly too hard. The cover is made from 100% soft-touch cotton and the inner filling is 1000gsm (approx) of British wool. The great thing about this is that it makes the topper naturally resist dust mites and can help to relieve the symptoms of allergies or asthma alongside being a breathable material.

3. Merino Wool Natural Mattress Topper

Merino Wool Bedding, natural bedding wool mattress topper fleece sheet natural product...
  • Reversible wool underblanket **Perfect for all Seasons** - Padded 100%...
  • Underblanket with elastic corner straps - to prevent the sheets from...
  • Merino Wool Underblankets are "Woolmark" certified.


  • Super soft merino wool 
  • Elastic straps to keep the topper in place
  • Woolmark certified


  • Some people may want something thicker

The Merino Wool Topper is a natural mattress topper designed to be super soft and comfortable. With just over 70 ratings it is well regarded. Over 85% of customers who left a rating gave it 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from the reviews include ‘’My Emma mattress was far too hot and sticky. This topper solved the problem and looks very well made so I am very happy. No odour.’’ ‘’This mattress topper is great! The woolly side is very warm and soft, while the cotton side is also soft but cooler. Love it!’’

This topper is closer to an under-blanket than a true topper. It is double-sided with a fleece side and cotton-padded side. This makes it great for both the winter and summer. Unfortunately, the topper is not machine washable and is only suitable for dry cleaning so it would be advised to use a mattress protector with this wool topper. 

4. Wool Room Natural Wool Mattress Cover

Woolroom Deluxe Machine Washable Mattress Protector, Double - Hypoallergenic Temperature Regulating...
  • NATURE'S SMART FIBRE: Elevate your sleep with a double size mattress...
  • HYPOALLERGENIC COMFORT: Sleep soundly on Woolroom’s breathable...
  • LUXURIOUS BRITISH WOOL: Our bed protector features 250gsm of premium,...


  • All-natural product
  • Protects the mattress
  • The elasticated skirt fits well


  • Not as substantial as a topper

This mattress cover is another option from The Wool Room. This one is slightly different as it acts more like a mattress protector while still providing some of the benefits of wool. This mattress cover has over 100 ratings on Amazon and is incredibly well-received. Over 85% of the ratings are 4 or 5 stars. Some highlights from the reviews include ‘’Excellent workmanship and quality. I just can’t fault this item.’’ and ‘’It is a great product and every bed should have one. The fact that it is washable is fantastic too. Thank you, Woolroom.’’

A great part about this mattress protector is that it is one of the few naturally hypoallergenic mattress protectors that are not treated with chemicals. The cover is made from 100% unbleached 200 thread count organic cotton. The filling is made up of 100% traceable & washable British wool with a gsm of 250. Using washable wool is a good component as it makes the cover fully machine washable. While not the cheapest of toppers, it makes an excellent option if you are looking for a natural mattress cover. 

Best Wool Alternative – rejuvopedic Sherpa Fleece Mattress Topper

"Sherpa" DEEP PILE Double Size, Teddy Bear Fleecy Mattress Topper Protector Under Blanket Winter...
  • All seasons reversible cosy and winter warm fleecy underblanket /...
  • Super soft DEEP pile teddy bear fleece side will keep your warm on...
  • Reversible side ideal for keeping cool in summer


  • Excellent value
  • Super soft teddy fleece material
  • Fully machine washable


  • Is made from microfibre, not wool

The rejuvopedic mattress topper is a microfibre fleece mattress topper that provides an affordable alternative to wool. It has amassed over 800 ratings on Amazon. Over 85% of these are 4 or 5-star ratings. Review highlights include ‘’It is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on. Now I’m getting a solid 8 hours of sleep a night and I feel so much better for it during the day.’’ and ‘’It fits my 4ft mattress perfectly without a gap at the side and at this price, it’s one of the best buys I’ve ever made. Thoroughly recommend this product.’’

This Sherpa fleece topper is sure to make a difference to your bed. It is incredibly well priced and is a super soft material that can be used year-round. The topper is reversible and can be used in both the summer and winter. The obvious downside is that it is made from polyester microfibre and so is not a suitable alternative if you are looking for a natural option. 

What To Consider When Purchasing A Wool Mattress Topper?

Why is Temperature Regulation Important to Consider When Purchasing a Wool Mattress Topper?

If you need a topper that can regulate the temperature in your bedroom, the wool mattress topper comes with this function naturally. It can keep you warm in cooler temperatures and cool in warmer temperatures due to its natural airiness and breathability.

If you only want to have one mattress topper throughout the year, instead of switching to a warmer topper halfway through the year when winter comes.

Why is Variety Important to Consider When Purchasing a Wool Mattress Topper?

Depending on the type of wool you need for your topper, and your budget, variety is important to consider before purchasing. The types of wool that are typically available are:

  • A blend of British and Alpaca wool.
  • Lambswool (known for its fine and soft texture.)
  • Merino.
  • Mohair.
  • Cashmere.
  • Angora.

Why Are Allergies Important to Consider When Purchasing a Wool Mattress Topper?

If you have a sensitivity to mould, mildew, or other common allergies, all wool mattress toppers are naturally hypoallergenic. They resist mould, mildew, and inhibit dust mites. On top of that, organic wool toppers typically do not have chemicals used on them, such as pesticides or flame retardants.

Without the addition of harmful chemicals, wool mattress toppers are ideal for those with skin sensitivity or respiratory issues.

Why is Support Important to Consider When Purchasing a Wool Mattress Topper?

Depending on your current mattress, you may require a wool mattress topper that can compensate for any lumpiness in an old mattress.

Wool mattress toppers are ideal for providing support for your bed, especially if they are on the thicker side. They can provide support for the body and give a good balance of softness and firmness, depending on your needs.

Why is Bed Sharing Important to Consider When Purchasing a Wool Mattress Topper?

Bed-sharing is another factor to consider when purchasing a wool mattress topper, especially if you share your bed with an active partner. Sleepers that move around a lot during bed can disturb your sleep quality, and one of the best ways to counter this is with a wool mattress that is on the thicker side.

That way, if one or both sleepers are shifting throughout the night, the movement will be muffled, and will ideally not disturb the other sleeper. If either sleeper needs a different sleeping surface or firmness, the topper can simply be shifted to the side to allow for both to sleep on either surface.

Why are ‘No Chemicals’ Important to Consider When Purchasing a Wool Mattress Topper?

It is important to consider if a chemical-free topper is important for you before you purchase because although it may be more expensive, they provide health safety. These are usually called ‘organic’ wool mattresses and do not contain anything such as pesticides or flame retardants. 

On top of this, wool mattresses do not need chemicals due to their natural resistance to mould, dust mites, and bacteria.

How To Look After A Wool Mattress Topper

It is possible to keep a wool mattress clean using the following two methods:

  • At least once a month, fold the topper down to allow for any built-up moisture to dry out from in between the topper and mattress to dry out. This helps give your mattress an extra layer of protection against mould or mildew.
  • Sunlight, as a natural bleach, is ideal to clean the mattress topper and should be used on your topper at least once every three to six months by leaving the topper outside in the sun for a few hours. This allows the topper to become fresh and deodorised.

How Often Should I Replace My Wool Mattress Topper?

Although it’s normal for wool toppers to lose their fluffiness over time, it is recommended to replace them after every three years.

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