Donnerberg Memory Foam Pillow Review – UK 2022

Donnerberg Memory Foam Pillow








Material Quality


Value For Money



  • Very comfortable
  • High level of support
  • Only one of these pillows is needed
  • Well packaged and presented


  • Smaller than the average pillow
  • Finding a suitable pillowcase can be tricky.
  • Can take some time to get used to sleeping with the pillow

Donnerberg is a German company that specialises in massage devices but also offers a range of other products such as back support and a memory foam pillow.

Selling mainly through Amazon, their products are incredibly popular with many of their products ranking on the Best Sellers lists for their respective categories. 

The main focus of this review is the Donnerberg Bamboo memory foam pillow. With just over 100 ratings on Amazon, it is generally well regarded. Over 85% of these ratings are 4 or 5 stars. Donnerberg approached me a few months ago to try out this pillow and sent one for me to test out. I have personally slept with it for around a month so I have a generally good feel for the product. 

Donnerberg Memory Foam Pillow Product Information

Donnerberg Memory Foam Pillow, German Quality Neck Pillow with Washable Pillow Case Protector- For...
235 Reviews
Donnerberg Memory Foam Pillow, German Quality Neck Pillow with Washable Pillow Case Protector- For...
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Firmness: Firm

Adjustable: No

Material: Memory Foam Core

Size: 50 x 30 (Smaller than a regular pillow)

Height: 12cm

Weight: 650g


Free delivery is available with Amazon Prime, the pillow arrives vacuum packed and in a portable case.

Construction and Materials

The Donnerberg memory foam pillow has a 3 layered design which helps keep the memory foam core clean and hygienic. The first thing that stands out when receiving this pillow is its size. It is smaller than average but still does a great job due to its firmness. Due to its size, finding a suitable pillowcase can be tricky. As it has a double cover, I opted to use it without a pillowcase and have had no issues with it. We have broken down each layer of this pillow to see what it adds. 

Pillow Layers

1. Washable Bamboo Cover – The outer cover of this pillow is made from a blend that features 40% bamboo fibres. Using this makes the cover naturally hypoallergenic and very breathable. I found no issues with overheating since using this pillow. The cover is easily removed with a concealed zip and can be machine washed at 40 degrees.

2. 100% Cotton Inner Cover – The inside cover is made of 100% pure cotton which has a super soft feel and won’t irritate the skin. It also provides an extra barrier to the memory foam core. Protecting the integrity of the memory foam and making it last longer.

3. Memory Foam Core – The core itself can only be spot cleaned but it is protected by a 100% cotton inner cover and I have not found any need to clean it as the other layers keep it well protected. It is a firm feeling pillow that gently moulds around the head. 

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

This firm bamboo memory foam pillow is well manufactured and is small enough to use as a travel pillow but firm enough to be used on its own on your bed. It moulds around the head and neck providing both support and remaining comfortable. 

I mainly sleep on my back and side and find that moving between positions is no problem. The heat-responsive memory foam adapts around the neck and head relatively quickly. Getting used to the pillow did take some time as I was previously using a feather and down pillow which sleeps significantly differently. After a couple of nights, I was used to this pillow and my sleep quality improved to a good level. 

The pillow is small enough that stomach sleepers can comfortably use it but some may be better suited to something that is on the softer side. 

Delivery, Returns And Packaging

Delivered through Amazon Prime, the pillow arrived quickly and easily. When first received comes in a convenient travel bag and overall is a very polished, professional experience. As the pillow is packaged in a small travel bag it will take a while to reach its full size. In my experience, it took a couple of days of airing before reaching its full size. There also may be a slight memory foam smell when first received but this dissipated fully when aired. 

Our Verdict

Overall, this pillow is well built and meets all expectations for a pillow at this price. It is multifunctional and performs well as the main pillow and can be used for other functions. 

Once it reaches its full size, it takes some adjustment due to its size. It does not need to be any bigger though as it performs remarkably well. If it was any thicker then it may even be uncomfortable to use. 

One drawback of this pillow is that it does take some time to get used to sleeping with it. This is the same as all memory foam pillows as it is a much different experience compared to sleeping with a regular microfibre or feather pillow.

To conclude, this pillow is small but mighty! It is excellent to sleep with and I rate it extremely high and continue to use it currently. The price is on the higher end for one pillow but only one is needed and the memory foam core will likely last much longer than regular pillows.

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