Power Of Nature Memory Foam Pillow Review UK – 2022

Power Of Nature Memory Foam Pillow








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Pillowcase is easily removed and washable.
  • Good value for money.
  • Performs exceptionally well for side sleepers.


  • Front and back sleepers may not experience the benefits as much as side sleepers.

Established in 1985, Power Of Nature specialise in a range of sleep care and comfort products. They are well established with many of their specialist pillows being highly rated on Amazon UK. 

Power Of Nature’s product line includes four different types of pillow on Amazon. While all interesting and well-received, the memory foam is by far the most popular and different in its construction.

The Power Of Nature Memory Foam pillow has a unique design. Designed to support the natural curves and contours of the head and neck. Providing pain-relieving support and improving sleep quality. It is Power Of Nature’s best selling pillow receiving over 9,000 mostly positive reviews on Amazon UK with reviewers praising both its comfort and support. 

Due to the popularity of this pillow, we have taken a deeper look at what makes its reviews so positive. We have broken it down layer by layer and also what it feels like to sleep on.

Power Of Nature Memory Foam Pillow Product information

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60 x 35 cm


Front: 9cm

Back: 11cm




Available next day through Amazon.

Construction and Materials

The Power Of Nature Memory Foam pillow has an unusual construction. It has an unusual design with both a flat side and a contoured side. This is designed to support the necks natural curve in all sleeping positions. Slightly different to a regular pillow it has an ergonomic design. The cover used is also great as it adds to the comfort and breathability of the pillow.

There are no toxic materials used in the production of this pillow. It is also hypoallergenic and safe to use by people with allergies. Power Of Nature also claims that the soft-knitted fabrics used in the cover are environmentally friendly. A great bonus that will help you sleep peacefully.

Credit: Power Of Nature


1. Breathable cover layer 

The top layer of the pillow is a breathable mesh cover layer. It features a hidden zipper which allows the memory foam pillow to be removed. Once removed the cover can be machine washed. This makes it very easy to keep the pillow clean and hygienic. The memory foam core can’t be washed and should be kept as dry as possible. 

The cover is also very breathable and helps remove excess heat from the pillow as you sleep, preventing overheating.

2. Premium Inner Cover Layer

Inside the cover is another cover, this one is dust-proof and blocks most things from getting to the memory foam core. Increasing the lifespan of the pillow.

3. Rebound Memory Foam Layer

The core of this pillow is the rebound memory foam layer. This adaptable foam adjusts to the shape of the body, providing a high level of support and pressure relief. Having the body well supported in the correct position eases muscles and prevents the development of aches and pains. All improving sleep quality. It is shaped to be ergonomic, featuring shoulder wedges and a cradle for the head to be comfortably placed. Combined it keeps the spine well aligned and in a healthier position.

Power Of Nature Pillow
Credit: Power Of Nature

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

If you are new to memory foam pillows then they are generally firmer than the average pillow. This may take some getting used to but the benefits far outweigh the short term negatives. When sleeping on this pillow it provides an excellent amount of support. It is still very comfortable as it has the moulding contouring effects of memory foam. 

The pillow is designed to suit all sleeping positions but as they all have different requirements we have broken down the most common ones and how the pillow performs in each.

Typically, back sleepers need an average amount of support and loft from their pillow to sleep comfortably. The pillow shines in this position and the memory foam adapts well to the curves of the neck. It provides a fantastic balance between comfort and pressure relief and helps ease pain in the neck. 

Power Of Nature Pillow
Credit: Power Of Nature

Side Sleepers are also well suited to this pillow as they usually need a firmer than average pillow with a good loft. This helps create the gap between the neck and shoulder needed to keep the spine aligned. This pillow does the job well and the curved design of the pillow supports the neck’s natural shape.

Stomach Sleepers need the least loft and support from their pillow to keep their spine aligned. This is the position that this pillow is least likely to suit due to it being firm. That being said it will come down to personal preference and some stomach sleepers may find they prefer a firmer pillow that provides more pressure relief. 

Memory foam products have developed a bad reputation for sleeping too warm. To combat this Power Of Nature has added the breathable cover to increase airflow in and out of the mattress. This does help but if you have had problems in the past with overheating then you should still take into consideration that it is a memory foam product and may heat up more than you are comfortable with.

One of the big claims by Power Of Nature is that this pillow helps eliminate snoring. They claim the head is elevated into the correct position and prevents obstruction of the airways. This alone could make it an excellent gift if you are frequently disturbed by your partners snoring. Correct head positioning will help reduce snoring but if there is a medical reason for your snoring then it may not help as much as it claims. As with all medical related problems, please consult your GP first.

Trial and Guarantee

Power Of Nature holds itself to very high standards when it comes to product quality and customer service. This pillow comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Allowing you to try the pillow for 30-days. If during this period there are any issues or you do not like the pillow then it can be returned for a full refund. Power Of Nature also has a helpful support team who are ready to help with any questions or queries you may have for them.

Power Of Nature Pillow
Credit: Power Of Nature


From what we have seen, the easiest way to order this pillow is through Amazon. If you order through them then the pillow is available through Amazon Prime. This offers free fast delivery. As with all orders through Amazon, you will also deal with them if anything goes wrong with the product or you do not like it and decide to send it back.

When first delivered it is recommended to give the pillow 24 hours to air. This gives it plenty of time for the pillow to reach its proper shape. There may be an off-gassing smell from the foam when first received. This is completely normal and will dissipate as you air the pillow.

Our Verdict

To sum up this pillow, it is very good at what it claims to do. The curved design provides a great amount of support and pressure relief. Helping to keep the spine in the correct position will help reduce any aches and pains from developing. The reduced strain on the neck may also help with other mild sleeping issues.

Worth talking about is the price of this pillow. It is above average for a pillow but for this type of pillow, it is extremely good value. An ergonomic pillow can be very expensive and with the high-quality materials used in the Power Of Nature Memory Foam pillow, we feel it is a great product for this price. Also coming with a 30-day satisfaction period helps a lot with buyer confidence.

A bonus of using a memory foam product is that it does not use any animal products. Great for vegans or those looking for a more environmentally conscious pillow.

Credit: Power Of Nature

One negative that this product may have is its firmness. While it will prove to be helpful to a wide range of people. It may prove too firm for some people and sleeping positions. If this is the case, it would be recommended to look at a pillow with a different filling such as down or hollowfibre. These are often much softer than memory foam.

If you are considering buying this pillow for any medically related reason then always consult with your GP before purchase. Any suggestions in this review should not be taken as medical advice. 

To conclude, the Power Of Nature is a very interesting pillow that will improve sleep quality for a wide range of people. It will especially suit if you are looking for a pillow that has the following: 

  • High levels of support to ease pressure on the key joints in the neck and back.
  • High-quality materials used throughout.
  • A 30-day trial period to try the pillow in your home.
  • A dustproof layer to keep the pillow extra hygienic.

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