Lakhmaali Mattress Topper Review – UK 2022

Lakhmaali Hollowfibre Mattress Topper








Material Quality


Value For Money



  • Good Value
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Tested to be free from harmful chemicals


  • It will not boost the support your mattress gives you much
  • Hollowfibre fill will not keep its shape for as long as memory foam

Lakhmaali is a highly regarded, soft furnishings online-only brand. Similar to lots of companies that we frequently come across on platforms like eBay, Etsy or Amazon. There is not a massive amount of information that can be found about them outside of their Amazon and other online listings on places such as eBay. Despite this, they are well reviewed and regarded for their mattress topper and it is frequently placed on the top sellers lists on Amazon and customers are extremely positive about the product with one of the reviews stating that their ‘sleep has gotten twice as good as before! Highly recommended. 

The Lakhmaali mattress topper is a 4-inch thick hollowfibre topper. Using premium materials, it is stitched into sections of fibre layers to keep the fillings in place. It is designed to give a comfort boost to your existing mattress and give it a soft, comfortable feel. Because of all the great feedback across internet channels, we have taken a closer look at it in this review.

Lakhmaali Hollowfibre Mattress Topper Product information

Lakhmaali Mattress Topper Single Bed, Soft & Fluffy Microfiber Quilted cover, 4 Inches Extra Thick,...
  • Premium Quality Bed Topper: It is made of 100% Microfiber Polyester,...
  • Super Soft and Comfy: This single bed cooling mattress topper is...
  • Elastic Corner Straps: Strong and durable elastic anchors at each...


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Credit: Lakhmaali

Construction and Materials

The Lakhamaali mattress topper has a simple yet effective box stitched design. This gives a stylish look. Featuring elasticated corner straps, it stays in place and is easy to put onto the mattress. Once in place, the straps keep it stable and evenly spread across the mattress throughout the night. The straps are a feature on all sizes of the mattress topper.

This mattress topper is Oeko-Tex Certified, this is an independent certification that tests the product for any harmful substances. It is good to know the Lakhmaali topper is free from any of these. It is also hypoallergenic, great news for any allergy sufferers.

All of the materials used within the Lakhmaali mattress topper are machine washing friendly. This makes keeping it clean and hygienic very easy. It is also claimed that it will not affect the quality of the mattress topper. 

Lakhmaali Mattress Topper Layers:

  1. Polyester Two-Way Stitched Cover

The cover material of this topper is polyester. While on the cheaper end of materials, it does have several benefits. It promotes good airflow through the topper, is easy to clean and has a soft feel. The construction of the cover features a two-way stitched design. This helps keep the hollowfibre fill materials evenly distributed across the topper. A design feature that greatly extends the life of the topper.

Credit: Lakhmaali
  1. Hollowfibre Fill Layer

The hollowfibre fill layer is a material commonly found in toppers and pillows. It provides a comfortable, cushioning feel that is sure to boost the comfort levels of any mattress. 

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

This topper has a great comforting feel with a nice softcover. In terms of firmness, it would be rated around a 3/10 and classed as soft. This is with it offering a great level of moulding and sinkage. Because of this, it is a great choice if your current mattress is too firm and does not give you the comfy sleep you are looking for. If you are looking for a supportive topper, then there are other much better options. Due to the hollowfibre fill layer, it does not give support compared to a memory foam topper and should not be used to replace a tired mattress in need of a replacement.

Due to the Lakhmaali toppers fill layer, there should be no overheating problems experienced with this mattress topper. This is due to good airflow and very little heat retention with hollowfibre. This should help you keep cool on warm nights and warm on cold nights.

One thing to keep in mind when sleeping with this topper is that it will not increase motion isolation or edge support on your mattress by any significant amount. 

Credit: Lakhmaali

Trial and Guarantee

The Lakhmaali mattress topper does not come with a trial period or guarantee, which would be expected from a mattress topper in this price range, however. The mattress topper is supplied through Amazon’s fulfilment programme. This means that all returns are handled by Amazon, so their standard returns period will apply.


Similar to the above, Amazon handles the delivery of this topper. As a result of this, free, next day delivery is available to Amazon Prime subscribers. When first received the topper will be rolled up but will be ready to use straight away.

Available sizes

The Lakhmaali hollowfibre mattress topper is available in a range of different sizes. These are:

  • Cot Size (70x140cm)
  • Small Single size (76x190cm)
  • Double size (137x190cm)
  • Kingsize (150x200cm)
  • Super Kingsize (180x200cm)
Credit: Lakhmaali

Our Verdict

To conclude, this is a great product that fits a specific purpose. That is to provide a comfortable top layer that will make your mattress more comfortable to sleep on. And for that purpose, it is an excellent value choice. The cross-stitched design makes sure the filling is evenly distributed and provides consistent comfort across the topper. While it does not have the fancier filling or cover materials of more expensive, it will do a great job, especially at this price point. 

We feel it is important to state that it will not revive an old mattress and you should look at replacing your old mattress with a new one if this is the case. It will also not provide much support on top of your existing mattress. If you buy this product with this in mind then you should have a good experience with it. 

To conclude this review, the Lakhmaali mattress topper will be a great fit if you are looking for the following:

  • A topper that will give a great comfort boost to your mattress.
  • A comfortable alternative to memory foam.
  • A cool top layer to sleep on. 
  • A well-priced mattress topper.

If you are looking for a topper that will increase both the support and comfort then the Recci Topper is a good choice. You can read our review of it here.

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