Best High Density Memory Foam Mattress Toppers – UK 2022

High-density mattress toppers are a great way to enjoy an even more comfortable sleep. Depending on what you need, it can be a complete game-changer. When we get a good night’s sleep, we’re happier, more productive and generally healthier.

This small guide will introduce you to high-density mattress toppers. We’ll talk about things like thickness, materials and other things to look for in one. Plus, we’ll take you through all the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision on whether this will be right for you or not.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with a mattress topper. It can not only spruce up an old, tired mattress but it can also provide extra support and help reduce night sweats.

The Best High-Density Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

1. Aviiator Memory Foam Mattress Topper

2. LUTE Memory Foam Mattress Topper

3. Recci Memory Foam Mattress Topper

4. Bedsure Memory Foam Mattress Topper

5. Viewstar Memory Foam Mattress Topper

What to look for in a good high-density memory foam mattress topper?

When looking for a good high-density memory foam mattress topper, you want to make a list of all the things you hope to manage. This will include things like back pain, night sweats, the condition of your mattress and how much you’re looking to spend. Then, take each point below into the equation.


If you have a damaged spine or if your mattress leaves you in pain each morning, you must get a mattress topper that’s nice and firm. Memory foam is perfect for this. It shouldn’t be too soft while also giving your body the support it needs.

Material Quality

No matter what kind of mattress topper you choose, it should comprise quality materials. But the filling will be the topper’s crowning and most crucial feature. Some are straight memory foam while others incorporate things like feathers, wool, microfibre, hollowfibre or some other synthetic material.

Then there’s the matter of how the filling is encased within the topper. Some brands use silk, satin, cotton, hemp, bamboo or polyester. Understanding how these absorb moisture, allow airflow and retain their shape after years of use will be invaluable to making a sound decision.

For instance, if you’re experiencing night sweats, bamboo or cotton may be best for your mattress topper designed for temperature control. If you’re a delicate sleeper, then don’t go with something like silk or satin, you’ll slide right off.


When you talk about materials, the issue of price isn’t far behind. Of course, you should expect to pay more for things like a feather, down or wool versus synthetic fibre. But, if you’re having a difficult time sleeping well throughout the night, then it will be worth the investment to pay a little more.

So, when you begin to think about the budget, understand that the least amount you’ll pay for a decent mattress topper is about £30. However, they can be as expensive as £650 or more. Also understand that just because you pay more, doesn’t mean it will be better. Truly, it will come down to you and your preferences.

Topper features

Many mattress toppers offer a wide array of features. There are some specifically engineered to allow for cooling and temperature regulation. Wool is an ideal material for this. The design of other toppers can help with restless sleepers, skeletal support or those who just love living in the lap of luxury.

Some toppers even have textures such as massaging pads and quilting. Memory foam can keep restless sleepers in place throughout the night. Whatever features you’re looking for, ensure the brand promotes it in their advertising and packaging.

Our Best Selections

1. Aviiator Memory Foam Mattress Topper


  • Made in the UK
  • 30 day trial period
  • Great value


  • Some people have found that the straps do not keep the topper completely in place

The AviiatoR memory foam mattress topper is a reasonably priced 5cm topper that consists of a 100% memory foam core and breathable CoolTouch/CoolMax cover. It is very popular on Amazon with over 1,500 ratings. Over 85% of these are 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’This mattress topper was cheaper and thought that it was worth a shot at it. I am delighted I gave it the chance.’’ ‘’Would recommend this product to anyone who’s looking to make their mattress like new again. Worth every penny!’’

The topper has recently had elastic straps added onto each corner which helps keep it in place as you sleep. The cover is also removable and machine washable. When first received this UK produced topper is rolled up and vacuum packed in a small package. After a few hours, it will be ready to use and increase the support you get and also increase pressure relief as you sleep. 

2. LUTE Memory Foam Mattress Topper

LUTE Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double Bed, 45D High-density Firm Mattress Topper Double with...
  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper


  • Bamboo infused cover
  • Anti-slip back plus straps to keep it in place


  • It may be too firm for some people

The LUTE memory foam mattress topper is a high-density memory foam topper designed to give a boost to your mattress. It is one of the lesser-known toppers on this list with the least amount of reviews. This is likely because it is one of the newest available toppers. It is highly regarded though with over 85% of its ratings on Amazon being 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’I’m really pleased with my purchase & would definitely recommend it.’’ and ‘’This really helps with my pain relief, quality of sleep and comfort.’’

This 2-inch thick topper adds a great amount of support, pressure relief and comfort to your existing mattress. It has a super soft bamboo infused cover which has great breathability. A downside is that it is only available in a limited number of sizes.

3. Recci Memory Foam Mattress Topper

RECCI Memory Foam Mattress Topper Double Bed - Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Back Pain with...
  • 💖【Superior Support & Comfort】Crafted from 100% pure memory...
  • 💖【Upgraded Coolness】This firm mattress topper is engineered...
  • 💖【Breathable & Washable Cover】This mattress topper double...


  • Excellent Value
  • Soft Touch Bamboo Cover
  • High-quality memory foam core


  • There may be a chemical memory foam smell when first received

The Recci gel-infused memory foam mattress topper is a mattress topper designed to increase the comfort and support you get as you sleep and prevent overheating. It is popular on Amazon with over 650 ratings, over 80% of these are 4 or 5 stars. It is also manufactured by Recci who are incredibly popular on Amazon with their products. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’I am delighted with this product and the improvement it has made to my life.’’ and ‘’Super fast delivery, great comfort’’.

This topper measures 5cm thick and is available in a wide range of different sizes. It has a bamboo viscose cover which is great for breathability and gives the topper a soft touch. The memory foam core is gel-infused which helps with temperature regulation and helps prevent overheating as you sleep. 

4. Bedsure Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Bedsure Mattress Topper Memory Foam - 7cm Double Size Matressesdouble Topper Thick Bed Topper Double...
  • INNOVATIVE 7-ZONE DESIGN: Feature unique construction of varying hills...
  • SUPERIOR 7CM OF SUPPORT: The highly breathable topper moulds to your...
  • PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM: With a high-density memory foam filling, the...


  • High build quality
  • Great comfort boost for your mattress
  • Good value for money


  • Limited sizes available
  • Memory foam may not be for everyone

The BedSure memory foam mattress topper is a high-quality memory foam topper that provides excellent value for money. It has a thickness of 7cm and has an egg crate foam design. It is incredibly popular on Amazon with over 5,500 ratings. Over 85% of these are 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’The cover that comes with it and is nice quality it has a non-slip underside that works well with my mattress I’m really happy with my purchase and can recommend this topper’’ and ‘’I suffer from constant back pain from lumbar disc degeneration – this mattress topper is so comfortable … had the best night’s sleep for years since fitting it.’’

The BedSure topper is only available in a king or a double. It comes with a soft-touch cover that is removable and machine washable. The memory foam core is not machine washable, however. The memory foam core is constructed from 7 distinct zones which maximise the amount of support the body gets as you sleep.

5. Viewstar Memory Foam Mattress Topper


  • Washable, zip-off cover
  • Anti-Slip material on the bottom of the topper
  • Good pressure relief


  • The topper does not have straps so may not stay completely in place as you sleep.

The viewstar memory foam mattress topper is a 5cm thick topper that uses slow rebound foam to add to the comfort and pressure relief of your mattress. It has over 900 ratings on Amazon with over 85% of these being 4 or 5 stars. Highlights from customer reviews include ‘’Been having the best nights sleep since I brought this topper, don’t know why I didn’t purchase sooner!’’ and ‘’This mattress topper has evened out problems which have crept in over 10 years. Wonderful: firm but soft.’’

A slight downside of this topper compared to a few of the others on this list is that it does not have straps to help keep it in place as you sleep. It does have anti-slip material on the bottom of the cover, however. The viewstar topper is a practical and affordable mattress topper that is very effective at its job.

Is density or thickness more important for a mattress topper?

To understand the difference in mattress toppers, there are generally two major factors but they can both feature in the same topper. These are density and thickness. Density refers to how compact and firm the materials are and thickness is the depth measurement. The most important one will largely depend on what you need.

For instance, if you have a flat and old mattress, you will want something that’s on the thicker side. However, it may mean you have to sacrifice density so you have the appropriate amount of material over the top of the mattress.

Alternatively, if you have a very soft mattress that ends up hurting your back each morning, then you will want a topper with some density to it. This will give your back the necessary support and reduce shoulder, back, neck and arm pain.

What is the best thickness for a high-density mattress topper?

As mentioned above, your personal needs and circumstances will determine what the best thickness is for a high-density mattress topper. However, the average for most brands is in the range of five to seven centimetres. This is accommodating for most mattresses to provide a blissful night’s sleep.

Pros and Cons of High Density Mattress Toppers

As with everything, there are benefits and pitfalls to using a high-density mattress topper. The following side-by-side comparison details the most common ones found, regardless of the brand and style.


  • They provide a blissful sleeping experience
  • Toppers help prolong the need to buy a new mattress
  • Some brands offer straps with their toppers to provide security around the mattress
  • Most mattress toppers are machine washable
  • Some can double as a camping mat
  • Some offer layers of filling for the utmost opulence


  • The higher quality toppers tend to be expensive
  • Softer mattress toppers break down quickly
  • Oftentimes the stitching doesn’t hold up well and it tears easily
  • Some that offer cooling features don’t stay cool throughout the night
  • If the material and stitching are cheap, pets and children can wreck it

The Verdict: High Density Mattress Toppers

High-density mattress toppers are a great way to modify your sleep. They can provide comfort, support and temperature control while also offering a dreamy rest on cloud nine. These come in an array of fabrics and stuffing materials to accommodate any type of sleeping issue you may have. You can’t go wrong trying one out.

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