ROHI Orthopaedic V Support Pillow Review UK – 2022

ROHI NEW MEDICAL Orthopeadic V Support Pillow








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • The pillow has anti-allergy properties.
  • Unique V shape is very comfortable.
  • The pillow is well filled and plump.
  • The pillow is machine washable.


  • The hollowfibre may not keep its shape as long as other fillings.

ROHI NEW MEDICAL is a newer online retailer which has developed a lot of popularity. Their products are consistently ranked alongside the top-rated products on Amazon UK so we have decided to take a closer look.

ROHI NEW MEDICAL specialises in pillows, the ones available through Amazon are very well regarded and have amassed a large number of good reviews. 

If you are new to V-shaped pillows then they are a great tool to elevate the neck into a comfortable position as you sleep. This can help prevent aches and pains from developing. It is also a great pillow if you read in bed as it will support the spine in a more natural position in comparison to normal pillows.

As for the pillow itself. The ROHI Orthopaedic V-shaped pillow appeals to a wide audience. It has a V-shaped design to give extended levels of support to the back and neck. It also can be used for sitting on. Due to the versatility of the pillow, it is ideal for those who frequently change sleeping positions through the night. 

Due to this pillow being so highly rated we have taken a closer look at what makes a V-shaped pillow so appealing and what makes this one in particular so well received.

ROHI Orthopaedic V Support Pillow Product information

Rohi Orthopaedic V Pillow with Pillowcase (White) – Anti Allergy Triangle pillow for Nursing,...
  • EXTRA SUPPORT — Its V shape and extra cushioning provides...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE — Pillow is perfect for pregnant women who find it...
  • ANTI-ALLERGY MATERIAL — This V Shaped Pillow is filled with 100%...






Polyester Hollowfibre








Available next day through Amazon.

Construction and Materials

The design of this V-shaped pillow looks very different from a regular pillow. It aims to improve sleep by providing extra support to the neck and back. 

The materials used within are very similar to normal pillows, however. Using a combination of polyester makes this pillow effective but also affordable. It even comes with a complimentary pillowcase.

All of the materials used within this pillow are hypoallergenic. Making this a great choice for allergy sufferers. 



1. Microfibre Cover Layer

The ROHI Orthopaedic V-Shaped pillow has a microfibre cover. This is a type of polyester which greatly increases the durability of the pillow. It also is very soft to touch and makes for a comfortable sleeping surface. It would still be recommended to use a pillowcase with this pillow, however. Luckily this pillow comes with a cream pillowcase included. The cover is not removable but it does not need to be as the whole pillow can be machine washed. Making it much easier to keep clean and hygienic.

2. Hollowfibre Fill Layer

A hollowfibre fill is very common in pillows. It provides a soft comfortable feel with a decent level of support. It also makes the pillow nice and plump. The hollowfibre fill is very breathable so there should be no issues with overheating with this pillow. One drawback of this fill material is that it loses its shape faster than other materials and will have to be replaced more often.


Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

If you are new to V pillows then these are some of the main benefits to be had from one:

Has Multiple Uses: This pillow not only comes in handy for sleeping with. It can be used during breastfeeding to help support you better as you feed your baby. Also if you are having trouble getting comfortable as you sleep it is the ideal shape to put between your legs for an extra level of support. Another good use is if you watch tv or read in bed. It can be propped up to give an extra level of support and make them activities more comfortable.

Reduces excess movement: If you tend to move a lot as you sleep you may be frequently disturbing your partner. This pillow can help reduce this movement and prevent you from tossing and turning as much during the night. This can also help reduce the risk of aggravating existing injuries or areas of pain.

Eases aches and pains: Using this pillow to increase the level of support received by your neck and head can help alleviate or prevent the development of aches and pains. It also curves around a chair nicely to provide lower back support while sitting. Pregnant women can often have trouble getting comfortable as they sleep on their side. This pillow can also be placed between the knees to help relieve pressure.

The ROHI NEW MEDICAL Living Orthopaedic V Shaped pillow has a medium-firm feel. On a 1-10 scale, it lies somewhere between a 6-7. As the pillow is orthopaedic it is designed to provide a great level of support. To get the most out of this pillow it would probably be recommended to use a normal pillow below to increase the level of elevation.


How a pillow feels to sleep on is greatly affected by personal preference and things like sleeping position. Typically each requires a different firmness and loft to sleep optimally and free from aches and pains. 

Side Sleepers generally need the most loft and a firmer pillow to sleep comfortably and create a well-supported gap between the head and shoulder. This pillow will suit side sleepers well as a result. Back sleepers also need a good level of support but do not need as much loft to sleep comfortably. It will vary from person to person but this pillow alone may provide all the support that back sleepers need. Stomach sleeping requires the least amount of support and loft to keep the spine well aligned and sleep comfortably. This pillow will suit these types of sleepers the least as they may find that it offers too much support. 

If you have had problems with overheating as you sleep then this pillow could be a great choice for you. The microfibre cover is very breathable and there is very little retained within the hollowfibre fill. Because of this sleeping warm should not be an issue with this pillow.

Due to the V shape of the pillow, the edges are in a much different position compared to normal pillows. This can help prevent excess movement across the pillow and may reduce the chance of aggravating existing areas of pain.

Sleeping with a V pillow may take some time to get used to. Due to the different areas of support, you should gradually adjust to sleeping with this pillow. It does still have the hollowfibre feel you are likely used to though.

Trial and Guarantee

The ROHI V pillow does not come with a trial period. This is to be expected for a pillow at this price and trials are mainly found with mattresses over pillows. If you do end up returning the pillow then the standard returns policy will apply. 



You can buy this pillow from several different retailers and so delivery terms may vary from place to place. If ordered from Amazon then it is available on Amazon Prime for free next day delivery. When first received there may be a slight smell on the pillow. If you leave it to air for a few hours before use then this should quickly dissipate.

Our Verdict

The actual design of this pillow from ROHI is quite normal besides the V shape. It is a plump, hollowfibre pillow that is effective and gives a good balance between support and comfort. 

The build quality is relatively good and it is a good product, especially for the price. 

When sleeping on the pillow it provides a wrapping, supportive feeling which may help ease neck and back pain. The V shape enhances the support when compared to a normal pillow and makes it very easy to keep the body aligned and it is a healthy sleeping position. Its multiple uses make it more than just a bed pillow and can come in useful in a range of different scenarios. Especially helping to increase sleeping comfort during pregnancy.


Coming with a complimentary pillowcase is a bonus and will help to keep it clean much easier. This will help increase the lifespan of the pillow. 

One drawback with this pillow is that it may come with a slight smell when first received. If this is the case then it should be aired before use to help it dissipate. Being a hollowfibre filled pillow, it may not keep its shape for as long as pillows with other fillings. That being said the ROHI V pillow does seem to perform better than other hollowfibre filled pillows.

Please note, if you are purchasing this pillow for medically related reasons then please always consult your GP first. This page should not be taken as medical advice.

The V-shaped Orthopaedic pillow from ROHI is very interesting and can be a great alternative pillow choice for a large number of people. It will be an especially good choice if you are looking for the following:

  • A pillow which is comfortable to sit and sleep for.
  • A pillow which will suit pregnant and nursing women well.
  • A pillow which is a very affordable price.
  • A medium-firm pillow that is very supportive.

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