Tempur Original Mattress Review UK – 2024

Tempur Original Mattress








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Very high-quality materials used within its construction
  • Comes with a 100-night trial
  • All orders come with free delivery and returns


  • Slower than average delivery times
  • Pricy for an all-foam mattress

Tempur is a renowned mattress company with a rich history spanning over 30 years. Its inception can be traced back to the discovery of the commercial potential of memory foam, originally developed by NASA. What sets Tempur apart is its unique distinction as the sole mattress company certified by the International Space Foundation.

Over the years, Tempur has built an exceptional reputation in the bedding industry, consistently delivering high-quality products. This track record instills a sense of trust and confidence in buyers, setting Tempur apart from newer entrants in the mattress market. However, it’s important to note that Tempur’s premium reputation often comes with a higher price point, making it a choice that may not fit everyone’s budget.

Now, focusing on the Tempur Original mattress, it’s an all-foam bedding solution known for its medium firmness. Comprising three distinct layers of foam, the Tempur Original offers versatility through its three variations: Luxe, Elite, and Supreme. While these options share the same materials, each layer’s thickness varies, resulting in mattresses with different depths and, consequently, slightly varied sleep experiences. Reviews generally express satisfaction with the Tempur Original, with the main drawback being its relatively high cost.

The Tempur Original mattress falls within the middle range of firmness options in Tempur’s product lineup. To provide a more comprehensive understanding of what this mattress offers, let’s delve deeper into its features and benefits.

Tempur Original Product information


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Free Delivery to the UK mainland



Mattress depth:

Available at 21cm, 25cm and 30cm.




100-night trial


10-year guarantee

Existing mattress removal: 

Available for an additional fee of £30.


Construction and Materials

For all of their products, Tempur has a team which continually tests for build quality and to ensure their high standards are being maintained. This allows them to stay at the fore of all mattress developments and continue producing top quality products. 

The Tempur Original aims to get the most out of memory foam, providing a contouring effect that quickly adapts to sleeping positions, giving a hugging, well-supported feeling.

A unique offering from Tempur is that each of their mattresses come with three different build options. These mostly use the same materials but have different layer depths in each. The three options for this mattress are broken down below.

The first available option is the Original Supreme, its construction is as follows:

Comfort Material: 2cm

Support Material: 8cm

Durabase Technology: 11cm

Total: 21cm


The middle option, the Original Elite has these sized layers in the mattress:

Comfort Material: 3cm

Support Material: 9cm

Durabase Technology: 6.5cm 

Durabase Technology 2: 6.5cm

Total: 25cm


The premium and thickest, the Original Luxe has these sized layers:

Comfort Material: 5cm

Support Material: 9cm 

Durabase Technology: 8cm 

Durabase Technology 2: 8cm

Total: 30cm


As shown above, the more premium options have slightly thicker layers. This is quite significant with the Luxe option as it comes in at 9cm thicker than the Supreme option. Despite this, each option uses the same materials throughout its construction. We have broken down each layer to examine what they add to the mattress.

1. Quick Refresh Cover Layer

The cover of the Tempur Original is crafted from a blend of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. 

This makes it easy to remove and put back onto the mattress with a tight fit. It also makes cleaning it easy as it is machine washable. The top of the cover has a premium feel and the colour scheme gives this mattress a modern, stylish look.

2. Tempur Comfort Material Layer

The Tempur Comfort layer is the first foam layer in the mattress. It is designed to add to the comfort of the mattress and provide the contouring effect that comes with memory foam mattresses. It provides a slight sink which gives a moulding effect.

Tempur original_corner

3. Tempur Support Material Layer

The Tempur Support layer provides the main pressure relief and support of the mattress. It helps the sleepers body weight to be evenly distributed across the mattress and provide pressure point relief where it is most needed. This helps the body stay in good alignment preventing aches and pains from developing over time.

4. Durabase Technology Layer

Every mattress needs a great foundation layer. This maximises the benefits of the layers above and greatly increases the durability and lifespan of the mattress. Durabase technology increases the comfort and support of the mattress by providing this base. It also helps reduce the build-up of heat by wicking away excess moisture.

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

In terms of firmness, the Tempur Original mattress comes in between 5-6. This gives it a medium rating. It is the middle option in terms of Tempur mattresses and will likely suit the widest range of people. When sleeping on the mattress it gives a sinking, contouring feel. This does not happen straight away due to the extra firmness of the mattress but as the mattress warms up from your body heat the benefits can be felt.

If a mattress is comfortable for you is extremely subjective. Varying factors such as body weight, height and sleeping position can all affect. Tempur offers four varying mattresses in an attempt to offer something for everyone. For the Original we have broken down each sleeping position and what it will typically feel like to sleep on for the average person. 

Back sleepers are suited to the widest range of mattresses. They require some support at the hips and shoulders to keep the spine in alignment but be suited by a softer mattress with more comfort. With this mattress being a balance of both then the majority of back sleepers should be suited by this mattress.


The Tempur Original shines with side sleepers. They need some sink at the hips to help the spine keep in alignment. It will also provide a lot of support to the key pressure points, preventing aches and pains from developing. This mattress will suit the vast majority of sleepers.

If you are mainly a front sleeper then you may be better suited to a firmer mattress. This is because stomach sleepers require a lot of support to sleep with good spine alignment. The hips and shoulders need to be well supported to avoid aches and pains. If you are lighter than average however then you will not sink in as much and this mattress could be a great choice for you.

Edge support for this mattress is average. This is common for all-foam mattresses and is not specific to this mattress. The medium rating should still allow you to make use of all the mattress comfortably. 

This mattress does an excellent job of motion isolation, the foam layers minimise any movement from transferring across the mattress. This makes it an excellent choice for couples. Especially if you are a light sleeper or are easily disturbed during the night.

All-foam mattresses typically have problems with heat retention. While this mattress does not sleep completely cool, the added features to increase breathability should be sufficient to prevent most sleepers from overheating.

Trial and Guarantee

Orders of the Tempur Original mattress come with a 100-night sleep trial. This is an excellent opportunity to try the mattress and make sure it suits you well. There can be slight variations in firmness between mattress manufacturers so you can use this time to see if the mattress is right for you. While trials are quite common among online mattress companies, it is an excellent bonus and much better than the few minutes usually spent trying them out in a shop. Generally, sleep trials are only offered with memory foam mattresses and are not usually found with pocket spring mattresses.


If you decide that you do not like the mattress, you can organise a collection with Tempur. After collection, you will receive a refund for the full cost of the mattress minus costs. This is easily arranged and Tempur has a good system set up to process these returns.  

Alongside the sleep trial, the Tempur Original mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee. Despite this being subject to terms and conditions, it adds to buyer confidence when purchasing this mattress as this is much longer than the average and will cover you throughout the mattress’s lifespan against any faults. 

It is recommended to use a mattress protector with any mattress purchase as warranties or guarantees may be voided by any leaks or spillages on the mattress as these can damage the fillings of the mattress.


The estimated delivery time of the Tempur Original mattress is currently 14-28 days. This is quite a bit slower than some other online mattress companies and could be an area that is targeted for improvement. A good mattress is usually worth waiting for in the long run, however. 

Orders with Tempur UK come with free premium delivery. This includes taking the mattress to a room of your choice and setting it up. It is especially useful to have this offered if you would otherwise struggle to move the mattress. The mattress does not come rolled up so it does not need to be left to reach its full size, because of this it can be used straight away.

If you require an old mattress to be disposed of, then this is available from Tempur’s delivery company. It can be added on to your order at the checkout for an additional fee of £30. 

When the packaging is first removed from this mattress there may be a strong gassy, chemical smell. This is completely normal within foam mattresses and is especially strong in this mattress due to the density of the foam layers. 

Try to keep the mattress well ventilated and the smell will dissipate after a few days. This off-gassing is not an unusual process and should not affect your sleep quality in those first few nights unless you are especially sensitive to smell.

Customer Reviews

Tempur is only partly well regarded on Trustpilot. They still have over 40% of reviews rated as excellent and a rating of 3.7/5. This can be viewed here.

Available Sizes



Small Single
200 x 75cm
UK Single
190 x 90cm
Long Single
200 x 90cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm
Special Size
190 x 120cm
Special Size
200 x 120cm
Special Size
200 x 135cm
Special Size
200 x 160cm

Our Verdict

Currently, the mattress industry is extremely competitive. There are lots of different options for a range of needs and budgets. When buying a Tempur mattress you are guaranteed a good quality product with the excellent build quality and company reputation. To get all this, the mattress does come at a premium price. While Tempur is not suitable for all budgets it provides an excellent top of the range benchmark for other mattresses in the market.

A current bonus of ordering this mattress is a free Tempur Mattress Protector. Valued at £125 this helps justify the high price point. Using a mattress protector is always recommended as it can protect the mattress from stains and leaks. These can damage the mattress fillings, reducing the durability of the mattress and in some cases void the warranty/guarantee the mattress comes with. It is great to see Tempur providing customers with one when ordering.


In terms of sleeping on the mattress, being around 5-6 firmness, this mattress will generally suit a wide range of people. Back and side sleepers will generally be suited best as there is a balance of comfort and support but stomach sleepers may find they need more support to sleep in a comfortable position. Overall it will give a great night’s sleep to a wide range of people, if you are still unsure then the sleep trial is an excellent time to test if this mattress suits you personally.

A bonus of all Tempur orders is their customer service, starting with the premium delivery service. Having the mattress put into place and set up ready to use straight away is very nice and prevents any worries you may have about moving the mattress. Knowing that once sleeping on the mattress you have over 3 months to test the mattress and covered for 10-years is massive. It adds to the entire mattress buying process and gives peace of mind knowing that you are likely covered if something unusual happens.

To conclude, the Tempur Original mattress is a premium medium firmness hybrid mattress with the excellent build quality. It will certainly suit a wide range of different people. This mattress is a fantastic choice if you are looking for the following:

  • A well-manufactured mattress that uses the highest quality materials available.
  • A mattress that comes with an extended warranty and sleeps trial.
  • A mattress from a company with a good reputation that tests its products regularly.