Best V-Shaped Pillows – UK 2022

V-shaped pillows are designed to help support people’s necks when they are sitting up. They are often used when a person is sitting up in bed or when they are lounging on a chair. A v-shaped pillow is just like the name implies, a pillow in the shape of a V. These aren’t the same as travel pillows, which are designed to sit around the neck. What makes them different is their size and versatility. A v-shaped pillow has three sections, that are each individually filled. Each section can provide support anytime you need it. These pillows can be used to support your neck while watching TV, or can also be used on your lap when needed.

There are many great ways to use a v-shaped pillow. In this guide, we’re going to discuss everything you should know about V-shaped pillows. Keep reading to learn more.

The Best V-Shaped Pillows

1. Silentnight V Pillow With Pillowcase

2. Teddy Fleece V Pillow by EDS

3. A&R Luxury Orthopaedic Duck Feather & Down Pillow

4. Orthopaedic V-Shaped Pillow by CnA Stores

5. BEDWAY Luxury Bamboo V Shape Pillow

Special Mention – Kolbray®️ U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Will a V-shaped pillow suit me?

Many people can benefit from using a v-shaped pillow. A regular pillow is designed to support the head. Many people need more support than that though. This is why the v-shaped pillow is so beneficial, it offers support for people’s necks, shoulders, and lower back. 

If you need more support when you are sitting down, then a v shape pillow could suit you. These pillows can be placed on your neck or behind your lower back to keep you supported. They are very useful for people that enjoy relaxing with a good book or spend a lot of time sitting. 

Our Best Selections

1. Silentnight V Pillow

Silentnight V Pillow with Pillowcase - Pregnancy Nursing Support V Shaped Triangle Pillow Cushion...
2,175 Reviews
Silentnight V Pillow with Pillowcase - Pregnancy Nursing Support V Shaped Triangle Pillow Cushion...
  • EXTRA SUPPORT: Contoured V-shape provides extra support for your head,...
  • MULTI-USE: Can be used lots of different ways; Suitable for back...
  • INCLUDES HANDY STAY CLEAN COVER: Includes a removable soft-touch cover...


  • Comfortable and lightweight yet firm
  • Easy to transport and keep clean
  • Good value


  • The filling can get lumpy over time
  • The pillowcase is not a perfect fit for the pillow

This V-shaped pillow by Silentnight comes with a pillowcase comprising absorbent and machine-washable microfibre. The contours provide extra support for the back, neck and head. Customers seem to love it too, with an overall score of 4.6 out of 892 ratings.

It’s white, weighs 0.6 kg and has measurements of 46 centimetres long by 32 centimetres wide and 74 centimetres around. The pillow is ideal for surgery recovery or for people who have difficulty sleeping. It’s also a great option for pregnancy and nursing as well as travel.

2. Teddy Fleece V Pillow by EDS

Teddy Fleece V Pillow with Pillowcase V Shape Pillow Orthopaedic Fleece Casing Soft Warm Pillow Case...
  • [ WARM SOFT V SHAPED MATERNITY PILLOWS ] This pillow aids mothers...
  • [ VERSATILE PRODUCT & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ] These pillows are effective...
  • [ FOR EVERY NIGHT'S DEEP SLEEP ] Body maternity pregnancy pillow is...


  • Great quality and super soft
  • Offers excellent support
  • Available in a range of different colours


  • Smaller than it looks on the images
  • Some users report not receiving the pillowcase

This V-shaped pillow from EDS is super soft with a pillowcase that provides warmth. Everything comprises machine-washable teddy fleece with 100% hollow fibre filling. The pillow measures 76 centimetres long by 47 centimetres wide and 27 centimetres around. It has 4.5 stars out of 136 ratings.

It’s ideal for orthopaedic usage, including pregnancy and nursing, since it provides the ultimate comfort and support. It’s ideal for feeding the baby. Not only that, it is said to be useful for conditions such as fibromyalgia, congestion, arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other issues.

3. A&R Luxury Orthopaedic Duck Feather & Down Pillow

ar Luxury Orthopaedic Duck Feather & Down Pillow For V Shape/Nursing/Maternity/Pregnancy
  • Naturally shaped to support both neck and head this V-shaped...
  • Material:Filling of 85% White Duck Feather ( Small Feathers) and 15%...
  • Size : 73 x 34 cm


  • Can help to alleviate neck pain
  • Large, soft and uber comfortable


  • Down and duck feathers tend to have a slight odour when first received

For luxury, this V pillow by A&R offers opulence in duck feathers and down wrapped in pure cotton. Its shape and engineering lend themselves to the utmost comfort for your neck, back and shoulders. It comprises 85% duck feathers and 15% down.

The dimensions are about 37½ centimetres long by almost 30 centimetres wide and nearly 21 centimetres around. The company prides itself on employing the best European manufacturing standards to ensure top quality. This has 4.2 stars out of 293 total ratings.

4. Orthopaedic V-Shaped Pillow by CnA Stores

CnA Stores Orthopaedic V-Shaped Pillow Extra Cushioning Support For Head, Neck & Back (Grey,...
  • Orthopaedic V-Shaped Pillow Nursing Pregnancy Back Support Pillow With...
  • Our V pillow with pillowcase Helps Offer Support To Pregnant Women
  • Size: 84cm x 34cm (34" x 14") approx. Generously Filled.


  • Plump and firm with very little re-moulding
  • Super speedy service delivery


  • Some report the cover is polyester, not cotton
  • It may not last as long as other pillows due to the fill material

CnA Stores offer a V-shaped pillow specifically designed for orthopaedic use or support during pregnancy. It has a superb head, neck and back support due to the extra cushioning inside. It’s grey, comes with a cover and both are machine washable.

It has synthetic stuffing, making this not only comfortable but also hypoallergenic. The pillow is easy to mould and re-plump to create your perfect comfort zone. It measures about 84 centimetres long by 34 centimetres wide. Out of 7,544 ratings, it has 4.7 stars.

5. BEDWAY Luxury Bamboo V Shape Pillow

BEDWAY Luxury BAMBOO V Shape Pillow With BREATHABLE BAMBOO Cover - MEMORY FOAM V Pillow For...
  • Luxury Orthopedic V Shaped Pillow, Made From Finest Quality Memory...
  • Aids To Ease Tensions In Back Muscles. Ideal For Bead Readers Or...
  • The self venting material responds to the heat of your body for the...


  • Firm, sturdy, comfortable and supportive
  • Incredibly durable and withstands a beating


  • Heavier than the average pillow
  • Rather bulky for a pillow

This V-shaped pillow by BEDWAY has memory foam stuffing with a cover made from breathable bamboo and polyester. It’s soft, sturdy and strong while also being hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The cover is resistant to dust while providing for the best in comfort.

It weighs about five pounds with dimensions that measure 76 centimetres long by 47 centimetres wide and 27 inches around. It eases back tension along with muscle spasms. The pillow makes a perfect accompaniment to watching TV or reading. Users give it 4.4 stars out of 249 ratings.

Special Mention – Kolbray®️ U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Kolbray®️ U Shape Pregnancy Pillow - Full Body Maternity Pillow | Available in 2 Shapes & Colours...
  • Dimensions: 130 x 75 x 20 cm. Includes Pillow and Pillow Cover....
  • Our U Shape pillow will act as more than just your Maternity Pillow....
  • Includes a zipper-removable cover with invisible zip, which is...


  • Offers an excellent night’s sleep
  • Soft, light and dreamy to use


  • Some say there’s not enough substance to it

This full-body maternity pillow by Kolbray® has a removable jersey cover with an invisible zipper. It comprises 60% cotton and 40% polyester with a weight of just over a ½ pound. It has a semicircular shape like a U.

The pillow measures 130 centimetres long by 75 centimetres wide and 20 centimetres around. It provides support for sleeping that doubles as a nursing pillow. The cover and pillow are machines washable. 1,388 people rated this pillow with 4.7 stars.

How do you sleep with a V pillow?

There are many ways you can sleep with a v pillow to get the support you need. The most common way is to place the pillow along your headboard. Many people do this with a standard pillow for the most comfortable and supported night’s rest. However, depending on what area you need support in, you may want to try another method.

If your back needs support from the v pillow, the best way to sleep with it is between your knees. This way of sleeping will help relieve pain in your back because the v pillow will keep your spine in a neutral position. For the best results, you should also put a pillow or towel behind your lower back.   

What materials are V pillows available in?

There are many different types of v-shaped pillows available to buy. The most common material to find them in is soft polyester fibre. However, some companies will use a polycotton material or a combination of the two. Often v-shaped pillows will be made out of a synthetic material, which makes them easier to put in the washing machine.

If you don’t want a synthetic v-shaped pillow, it is possible to find wool v-shaped pillows. All wool fibres are 100% real to ensure the highest quality feel.

Benefits of using a V-shaped pillow

There are many benefits to using a v-shaped pillow while you are relaxing. V-shaped pillows provide excellent support to the people using them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a v-shaped pillow:

V neck pillows elevate your head for extra support

If you like to lay back in bed while you read or watch TV, your head needs extra support as it’s elevated. A v neck pillow provides that level of support. Many people achieve the same level of support with one v-shaped pillow as they would stacking multiple standard pillows together. 

V pillows prevent tossing and turning

Many people toss and turn while they are sleeping. This affects their quality of sleep and can be annoying for their partner. V-shaped pillows provide people with extra support to their heads so they aren’t rolling around all night. This has helped improve the quality of sleep people are getting at night. 


V pillows improve snoring

People who snore at night need a pillow that can elevate their body better than a regular pillow. A v-shaped pillow will elevate your head and neck so you are in a position that will allow you to sleep soundly. This can benefit both you and your partner, so you can both achieve a peaceful sleep at night.

V pillows are great for breastfeeding

V pillows are also great for using on your lap. This will help your baby stay comfortable while breastfeeding. Many mothers also use their v-shaped pillow as a nursing pillow to make sure their body gets the right level of support for the feeding process.

V pillows are great during pregnancy

The v-shaped pillow provides support that helps to alleviate an expecting mother’s neck and back pain. A lot of pregnant women have benefited from the support this pillow has provided. It can help take a lot of weight off of their shoulders when they are relaxing.

V pillows are great for reading or watching TV

Laying back with a good book or watching a movie is a great way to end the night. However, laying back on your standard pillow doesn’t allow you to see the TV or book properly. The way you lay to watch tv or read is a lot different than how you lay to sleep at night.

A v-shaped pillow will give you the support you need to lay in the right position for the best view. Since you do need to position your neck on an angle to view the TV or book, you need a pillow that is designed for that position.

Final thoughts

V-shaped pillows are a great way to provide more support to your neck and shoulders when you are sitting back and relaxing. If you suffer from any type of body pain, you may find the support from sleeping with a v-shaped pillow very beneficial. Many people have noticed a great change in neck support since switching to a v-shaped pillow. 

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