Misiki Orthopaedic Pillow Review UK – 2022

Misiki Orthopaedic Pillow








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Head and neck support keeps the neck in a good position.
  • Inbuilt armrests are very comfortable.
  • The removable pillow case is easily cleaned.


  • May be too firm for some sleeping positions/sleepers.
  • May get too warm for people prone to overheating.

Misiki is a lesser-known company offering a range of different beauty, massage and lifestyle products on Amazon. Most of their products appear to be exclusive to Amazon through their Fulfilled by Amazon programme.

Misiki’s other products include handheld massagers and other lifestyle products. As these are not relevant to our site, this review is exclusively looking at their ergonomic orthopaedic pillow. It does not follow their typically offered product but has been extremely well received on Amazon UK.

The Misiki is a butterfly-shaped cervical pillow designed to give a high level of support to the neck and back. The filling of the pillow is exclusively memory foam and gives a firm feel. The primary design goal from Misiki is to promote good spinal alignment and help prevent the development of neck pain. An interesting feature in the design of this pillow is that it features a specific spot for the arms to rest.

The Misiki Orthopaedic pillow ranks as within the top 10 of pillows on Amazon UK. It has amassed a good amount of positive reviews and so we have taken a closer look at what makes this pillow so appealing.

Misiki Ergonomic Orthopaedic Pillow Product information

MISIKI Orthopedic Pillows Contour Memory Foam Pillow Neck Support Pillow for Sleeping Cervical...
  • 【Away From Neck and Shoulder Pain】This cervical pillow is made of...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The memory foam pillow designed with cervical...
  • 【Ideal Pillow for Back/Side Sleeping】Butterfly-shaped contour...






Memory Foam








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Construction and Materials

The shape and design of the Misiki Ergonomic Orthopaedic pillow are similar to a butterfly. This design is used to support the neck’s natural contours and keep it in a natural shape throughout the night. The spine is also supported by the wedge on the pillow. This helps support the thoracic spine and. A nice extra is the side armrests found on each edge of the Misiki pillow.

We have broken down the individual layers of this pillow to take a closer look at the materials and what they add to this memory foam pillow.

Misiki Orthopaedic pillow
Credit: Misiki


1. Polyester and Rayon Cover Layer

The cover of this pillow is made from a blend of 60% polyester and 40% rayon. This makes it durable and long-lasting while also being comfortable, breathable and easy to clean. If the cover needs cleaning then it can be removed and machine washed. Helping keep it fresh and hygienic. 

2. Moulded Memory Foam Core

The memory foam core is shaped like a butterfly to provide contours that support the neck. The memory foam is also temperature sensitive and will adapt to your sleeping position as it warms from your body heat. The mould allows the neck and spine to be supported while also being comfortable.

Misiki Orthopaedic pillow
Credit: Misiki

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

If you are new to Ergonomic and Orthopaedic pillows then they are popular for a variety of reasons, these include the following possible benefits: 

Natural Sleeping Position: The contoured shape of ergonomic pillows support the natural curves of the spine. These pillows can keep you well supported in this position as you sleep. Helping prevent the development of aches and pains as you sleep.

Increase Sleep Quality: Increasing sleep quality can help prevent a large number of health issues, that can be much more than aches and pains, from developing over time. 

Minimises excess movement: The contoured shape of ergonomic pillows can help reduce the amount you toss and turn in the night. This makes them an excellent choice if you are frequently disturbed by you or your partner’s movement during the night.

Misiki Orthopaedic pillow
Credit: Misiki

If you are new to contouring pillows then they may be slightly uncomfortable when first used. It may take up to a week to fully get used to the pillow before you can experience its full benefits.

As for the Misiki Ergonomic Orthopaedic pillow, the high-quality memory foam used gives it a firm rating, on a scale of 1-10 it would lie around the 7-8 mark. It provides a high level of support and can help ease neck and shoulder pain. The memory foam is temperature-sensitive so it moulds and adapts to your needs. 

The butterfly design of the Misiki Orthopaedic pillow lets you use it in two different ways. If you have narrower or average width shoulders it can be used in the normal sleeping position. If your shoulders are wider than average then this may not give you the support needed. The pillow can be rotated 180 degrees if this is the case and it will provide a wider fit, giving you the support needed.

Credit: Misiki

Back sleepers should be well suited to this pillow. It offers a contouring effect around the head and shoulders to ensure that you are well supported as you sleep. The firmness also adds to the high level of support experienced in this sleeping position. 

Side Sleepers typically need the most support out of all sleeping positions. The Misiki Orthopaedic pillow should suit this sleeping position very well. The memory foam fill and firm gives a high level of support and loft needed in this position and supports the natural gap between the shoulder and head. 

Stomach sleepers usually need a lower loft from a pillow and not as much support from their pillow as the other sleeping positions. Because of this, the Misiki Ergonomic Orthopaedic pillow may offer too much support and make lying on your stomach while sleeping uncomfortable. If you are a stomach sleeper primarily then you are likely to be suited by a down or hollowfibre pillow better.

Memory foam generally retains more heat than other filling materials. This is because it is heat sensitive and adapts to the body through this. It is worth keeping this in mind if you have a history of overheating as you sleep. 

Trial and Guarantee

This pillow does not come with a trial period and the normal return policy applies. The pillow does not come with an extended guarantee either. This is very typical for pillows and these things are usually only commonly found with mattresses.

Credit: Misiki


The Misiki Ergonomic Orthopaedic pillow is available primarily through Amazon. As a result of this, Amazon UK handles the delivery of the product. The pillow is available through Amazon Prime for free next day delivery if this option is available to you. 

When first received this pillow may have a chemical smell. This is extremely common in memory foam products and is a result of the manufacturing process. It is harmless but the pillow should be left to air as much as possible. As time goes on the smell should completely disappear.

Our Verdict

The innovative butterfly design of this pillow is probably its most interesting feature. It allows the spine and neck to be well supported yet naturally positioned and in alignment. Suiting back and side sleepers the best, the contoured shape will mould around the body well offering a good night’s sleep.

The build quality and materials used within this product should not be discounted. It does use a good range of high-quality materials, as expected with a pillow of this price.

Credit: Misiki

The anti-mite layer and the hypoallergenic cover can make this a great choice for allergy sufferers. The removable cover also makes it very easy to keep clean and hygienic. 

It is slightly higher in price than the average pillow but memory foam is very durable and lasts longer than other fill materials. You will only need one of these pillows as well.

As delivery and returns are processed through Amazon if ordering with them. It is not fair to include this in our final judgement.

One of the downsides of contouring orthopaedic pillows that each one differs slightly. Due to how much personal preference affects our optimal sleeping conditions. This can be seen with a few of the negative reviews this has on Amazon. Some people may love this pillow while others may be better suited to a similar alternative.

There are a lot of positives about this pillow, it should be an especially good fit if you are looking for the following: 

  • A pillow with a supportive butterfly design
  • A firm pillow that emphasises support over comfort. 
  • A hypoallergenic pillow with an anti-mite sleeve.
  • A pillow with a removable, easy to clean cover.

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