Sleephubs Tweak Mattress Review UK – 2022

Sleephubs Tweak Mattress Review








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Unique design allow for full firmness customisation
  • Handy recommendations make mattress set up easy
  • Is delivered by a two-man delivery team to a room of your choice


  • Tweakslumber charge for mattress collection within the trial
  • Cost can add up if you need different comfort inserts
  • May take some time to get the right setup

Tweakslumber has been around for a few years now and is known for its unique mattresses. While many online mattress companies have tried to find a mattress that fits the majority, Tweakslumber has gone the opposite way. While primarily designed for those suffering from pain. The Tweak mattress is designed to improve the sleep quality of every one.

While on paper the mattress is just another hybrid, they do have a key feature which sets it apart from the rest. The main selling point for this mattress is a customisable layer, made up of five different zones across the mattress which have interchangeable inserts. 

These can be changed to create the perfect sleeping setup for you. It is especially useful if you share your bed with a partner. This is because the mattress is separated into 10 different sections, each of which can be customised. Letting both of you have different setups which suit you. There is even a handy guide that Tweakslumber has provided to allow a quick and easy setup, changing the mattress to fit your needs. 

Tweakslumber claims that 94% of its customers have had improved sleep in just one night. While designed for those suffering from chronic pain, the potential benefits for everyone can be clear to see. We have taken a closer look at this customisable mattress to see how it works and what it is like to sleep on.

Sleephubs Tweak Product information


View the latest price at Sleephubs here.


Free delivery to the UK mainland.


Hybrid (Polyurethane foam and Pocket springs)

Mattress depth:



Adaptable comfort inserts ranging from Super soft to firm.


100-night comfort trial.


10-year limited warranty.

Existing mattress removal: 

Available for a small additional fee.

Tweak slumber front fitting
(Credit: Tweak)

Construction and Materials

The colour scheme of the Sleephubs Tweak is very typical of an online mattress. It has a good quality fabric cover which is white on the top. The side zips are highlighted with a blue line around the mattress. Finally, the bottom layer is grey. This gives it a stylish yet neutral finish. If left uncovered it will fit well in most bedrooms. 

The obvious main selling point of this mattress is the customisable layer. The entire mattress features five different layers, including the cover. We have broken down each layer to see what it adds to the mattress.

1. Hypo-Allergenic, Plush Fabric Cover Layer

As previously mentioned this cover is made from high-quality materials that are designed to be extremely breathable. This will help you stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. 

The cover can be easily removed and machine washed. This is ideal for when you want to change the inserts in the customisable layer. Another bonus feature is that it is made from a hypo-allergenic material. Great news for any sufferers of allergies. 

Tweak slumber corner
(Credit: Tweak)

2. Pressure Relieving, Cooling Comfort Layer

This first layer is a 4cm comfort layer. It is designed to contour to your body and add to the comfort of the mattress. It is made with an open-cell design. This wicks away moisture and helps you stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It is an excellent addition to help prevent overheating.

3. 5 Zone Customisable Layer

This layer is arguably the most important in this mattress. This contains a total of 10 different inserts slots, 5 for each side of the mattress. This is ideal if you share your bed with a partner as they can have a different setup that suits them on their side of the mattress. Each insert is put in place to deliver a different level of support for that segment of the body. The inserts come in four different firmness levels. 

The five key zones are separated into the key pressure zones of the body. These are the head, shoulders, hips, upper legs and feet. Each one has a different insert for variable firmness. 

This setup variability is very useful. It can mean that you can put a firm insert into places where additional support is needed. This can result in a setup having firmer inserts around the shoulders and hips and softer inserts around the lower leg. 

You do only get a limited amount of inserts that come with the mattress. Any extras will cost £40 more each.

Getting your first setup is a relatively easy process. The cover zips off and the inserts can be placed into the mattress with ease. Once the inserts are placed into the mattress then it can be zipped up and ready to be tried out. There are several different layers that Tweakslumber recommends starting with. A few of these are pictured below:

NREM Inserts
(Credit: Tweak)

4. 1000 Pocket Springs Layer

Below the customisable layer, the Tweak mattress has a layer of pocket springs. These are almost full-sized and add to the support of the mattress. 

Each spring works independently of each other to adapt to the body’s support needs. This also adds a nice bounce to the mattress. While this would normally also create motion transfer across the mattress, the foam layers do cancel it out. The foam layer encapsulates the sides of the pocket spring layer. This prevents the springs from moving from side to side, preventing damage or structural issues. This helps maintain edge-to-edge support.

5. High Resilience Foam Base Layer

This high resilience foam layer provides structural support for the mattress. This foam is much firmer than the others and provides a great base layer. It also encases the springs to prevent them from being damaged. 

The polyurethane foam also helps minimise motion transfer and helps cancel out the transfer caused by the pocket springs.

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

Rating this mattress on comfort and support is quite difficult. Due to the variability of each person’s setup, they may have a vastly different sleeping experience. 

The foam top layer provides a soft moulding feel to the mattress which adds to the comfort. This is then backed up by the customisable layer underneath which will add to the mattresses support and comfort. Obviously by different amounts depending on your setup. 

It is worth spending the extra time to get the correct setup as you will feel a great balance of support and comfort. The high-quality materials used in the mattress will improve your sleeping experience. Tweakslumber even states that 94% of their customers have improved sleep on their first night’s sleep on this mattress.

Tweak slumber tag
(Credit: Tweak)

If you are a combination sleeper then you may struggle to find a setup or it will take a lot longer to find a good one for you. This is because each sleeping position requires different amounts of support for you to sleep comfortably with good posture. An example of this is sleeping on your front requires good amounts of support to the shoulders and hips. Side sleepers, on the other hand, need more sinkage and do not need as much support to get the spine into a neutral position. So if you are frequently switching between the two in the night it may be tough to find a good set up.

Despite having a layer of springs the Tweak mattress has great motion isolation. This is great for couples as it means that you will not be disturbed by their movement. 

Tweak slumber layers
(Credit: Tweak)

This mattress is specially designed for those suffering from chronic pain in the neck or back. While it is especially useful for these people, the wider population can also benefit. The customisable factor allows you to find the setup that you are most comfortable with. Even without the customisable layer, you are getting a well-manufactured mattress made from top quality materials. This results in great support levels and a very comfortable mattress once you have found your perfect setup.

Trial and Guarantee

The Sleephubs Tweak comes with a 100-night trial as standard. This is usually a bonus with online mattresses but with this mattress, it is almost needed. It can take a substantial amount of time to get the correct setup for you and the 100-night trial covers you during this time. 

Tweak slumber touch
(Credit: Tweak)

If you do decide to return the mattress then it is a relatively simple process and Tweakslumber will pick it up off you in good time. 

The only downside of the refunds process is that Tweakslumber charge for it. Hidden away in the returns details it states that they charge £60 all mattresses returned. This is taken away from the final refund amount once it is all finalised.

If you received a gift with the order as part of any promotional offer then these also need to be returned, if they are not then you will be charged the current selling price. This will also be taken off the returned amount.

The Sleephubs Tweak mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee, while quite common in the online mattress industry. It is appreciated though and could come in handy. It also shows confidence in the build quality of the mattress.


Delivery for the Sleephubs Tweak mattress is free. It is delivered by a two-man delivery team who will place the mattress in a room of your choice. After placing your order the mattress should be delivered within 5-10 working days. While slightly longer than some companies it is delivered with a professional service.

 If you need an old mattress to be removed then this is available as an extra for an additional £30. A bonus of this is that the old mattress will be recycled.

Customer Reviews

Probably one of the smallest companies we have taken a look at. Yet still well regarded despite only having just over 300 reviews, they have over 75% of their ratings regarded as excellent. This page can be found here.

Available Sizes



UK Single
190 x 90cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Tweak slumber front
(Credit: Tweak)

Our Verdict

The customisable layer is the main feature of the mattress, the other components of the mattress are very well made. The medium-firm hybrid of foam and springs are a great balance of comfort and support. Assuming you have the correct setup for you then the mattress will suit very well. These are all expected from a mattress of this price, however. The mattress is also very breathable and despite having a memory foam layer the other cooling qualities come out ahead, keeping you at a comfortable temperature.

The customisable layer is very useful in helping specific conditions, the only downside is that you only get a certain amount of inserts (1 super soft, 2 soft, 1 medium and 1 firm foam insert). Extra inserts cost £40 each so if you need a few more then it can significantly increase the total cost of the mattress.

Tweak slumber front feature
(Credit: Tweak)

Tweakslumber as a company has a great customer service team. Alongside the information guides on their website, they have a support team to help out with any problems or concerns you have about the mattress. While a 100-night trial is often a great benefit of mattresses, with the one it is almost needed. The different setups that can be arranged can take some getting used to too and even Tweakslumber recommend that you do not send it back before 30 days to give you a chance to try different options. It is also a disappointing fact that Tweakslumber charges an extra £60 for returns.

What this mattress shines in is the customisability and you are paying a premium for it. If you do suffer from chronic pain then this mattress could be perfect. Bear in mind that if you tend to change sleeping positions during the night then it may be even more difficult to find a setup that suits you well in each position.

As a conclusion, the Tweak mattress from Tweakslumber does offer something different. The changeable inserts can help fine-tune the mattress to suit your needs. This does increase the cost of the mattress compared to the average. But the unique design of this mattress sets it apart from other bed in a box mattresses. This may be the mattress you have been looking for! This mattress will be an ideal fit if you are looking for the following:

  • A mattress specifically designed for those suffering from pain.
  • A company with a reputation for top quality support.
  • A hybrid mattress that can be customised to suit your specific needs.