Silentnight Studio Mattress Review UK – 2022

Silentnight Studio Mattress Review








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Three different comfort layers allow you to find the perfect firmness for you
  • Has excellent edge support
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Competitive price compared to similar mattresses


  • Limited sizes available (No EU sizes)
  • The strong chemical smell when first unboxing
  • Shorter than average trial period

Silentnight is well known within the UK. It is one of the most trusted and biggest in this market. Backed up by over 70 years of producing top quality mattresses. All of their products are designed and manufactured within the UK. They also have a focus on sustainability and being environmentally responsible, promoting and winning several awards for their efforts in these departments.

In terms of the Studio mattress, it is produced with three different variations. A soft, medium and firm option are designed to allow most people to find the version that suits them best. 

The mattress is relatively simple containing only four layers including the cover. While simple it is very well made, using the highest quality materials and as a result, it is very effective. Following a popular trend within the industry, this mattress is delivered rolled and vacuum packaged inside of a small box. This allows for reduced delivery costs, allowing the savings to be transferred to the customer. 

We have taken a closer look at this mattress to see if it lives up to the Silentnight reputation and to see how it compares with other bed in a box manufacturers who usually only focus on one firmness and model of mattress.

Silentnight Studio Product information

Silentnight Studio Premium Rolled Memory Foam Mattress| Which Best Buy | Medium | Double, White
67 Reviews
Silentnight Studio Premium Rolled Memory Foam Mattress| Which Best Buy | Medium | Double, White
  • MEMORY FOAM : The comfort layer gently hugs to you to sleep, whilst...
  • BREATHABLE GEL LAYER : Ideal for twisters and turners. Geltex is an...
  • ANTI-ALLERGY : Purotex fibres actively protect against dust-mites,...


Free UK delivery


Gel and Memory foam

Mattress depth:



Available with Soft, Medium and Firm options.


60-night comfort trial


5-year guarantee

Existing mattress removal: 

Not currently available

silentnight studio corner
(Credit: Silentnight)

Construction and Materials

While relatively simple in design the Silentnight Studio mattress is constructed with four separate layers. Using their own Geltex memory foam technology Silentnight have attempted to combat the traditional problem of memory foam mattresses being prone to overheating. We have broken down each layer of the mattress to examine their contributions to the mattress.

1. Mattress Cover Layer

The cover on this mattress is very nice. Featuring a soft-touch knit finish the traditional white design is very minimal but good. All of the materials used within the construction of this cover are very high quality. Cleaning this mattress cover is easy, it can be removed and machine washed. Another bonus of this cover is that it features Purotex technology. This is an anti-allergenic feature, approved by Allergy UK. Great news for those who suffer from allergies.

silentnight studio corner 2
(Credit: Silentnight)

2. Geltex Foam Layer 

The next layer is a combination of gel and foam. Silentnight’s technology which goes by Geltex. Designed to provide all of the benefits of foam while keeping the mattress cool. This extremely breathable material is designed to minimise heat generation within the mattress by maximising airflow. 

3. Supportive Memory Foam Layer

The third layer down acts as a transitional memory foam layer between the Geltex and HD foam base. Designed to provide support to the key pressure points, allowing you to sleep comfortably and well supported. The memory foam used within this layer is high quality and gives the mattress the moulding effect of memory foam.

4. Studio Flex High-Density Foam Layer

The bottom layer of this mattress is the thickest. Made from a high-density foam this is what decides the mattresses firmness. Varying depending on which firmness level is chosen. The base layer of the mattress provides support and a solid base to maximise the benefits of the above layers. The foam within this layer adds to the feel of the mattress and how much you sink into the mattress is very dependent on it.

silentnight studio tag
(Credit: Silentnight)

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

Edge support of the mattress is pretty good for an all-foam mattress. The firmer options do well and allow you to sleep right up to the edge of the mattress. With the soft option, you may find that it sinks in too much to sleep right to the edge and you may experience a falling out feeling.

As this mattress is made from only foam and gel it has excellent motion isolation. This means that movement is not transferred across the mattress. This makes it a great choice for couples as you will not be disturbed by your partner’s movement through the night.

To properly look at the Studio mattress’s comfort and support it needs to be broken down into three different sections. One for each firmness level. This is because the sleeping experience for each sleeping position changes with each, due to varying levels of support.


So we will start with the firm option. This mattress is definitely on the firmer side, on a scale of 1-10 it would lie between 7 and 8. Providing a solid surface with a tremendous amount of support. There is some moulding but you are still mainly on top of the mattress as there is very little sinkage. When sleeping on your back this mattress is great if you like it firm. The spine is kept in alignment and there is more than enough support for your hips and shoulders. It sleeps very comfortably. 

On your side, the firmness is a little bit of a downside. It still supports the shoulders and hips well. The lack of sinkage makes keeping good spinal alignment a little bit more difficult. When sleeping on your front the mattress does an excellent job of supporting your hips and shoulders, this allows you to sleep very comfortably in this position. Due to this mattress being so firm, it makes for an excellent choice for larger people. If you are smaller the mattress may feel even harder and a medium or soft option may suit you better.

silentnight studio firmer
(Credit: Silentnight)


The medium option of this mattress is slightly softer than the firm. On a 1-10 rating scale, we would place this at around a 6. While softer than the firm, it still provides a great amount of support. It provides a balance between comfort and support and we believe will generally suit most people. There is more sinkage but not enough to develop an uncomfortable stuck feeling. 

When sleeping on your back there is plenty of support to the hips and shoulders, there is a slight moulding and sinkage but the spine keeps in good alignment. On the side, the additional sinkage makes the mattress very comfortable and spinal alignment much better than the firm. On your front, there is just enough support to the hips and shoulders to feel well supported. If you mainly sleep on your front a firm may be the better option because of the extra support. 

Overall we feel the medium firmness will suit an average-sized person in most sleeping positions. If you are larger, you may sink in too much and so a firm would be a better fit. 

silentnight studio medium
(Credit: Silentnight)


The soft option rates between a 4-5 on a scale of 1-10. While softer than the other two it is more of a soft-medium in our opinion. This mattress option is likely to suit lighter people better as you can get the most out of every layer with the soft. A tradeoff of this is that there is not as much support as the other two layers. When sleeping on your front or back there might not be enough support for the major joints to provide enough pressure point relief and to be able to maintain good spinal alignment. If you are mainly a side sleeper then the additional sinkage can be very comfortable and this allows the mattress to mould around your body more. Sinking a little bit further in this position is better suited and it is easier to maintain good spinal alignment, allowing you to sleep comfortably and free from aches and pains.

Overall the softer option will not suit most people but if you are a side sleeper or lighter than average then it may be a great choice for you.

silentnight studio softer
(Credit: Silentnight)

Trial and Guarantee

The trial for the Silentnight studio mattress is a 60-day comfort trial. This allows you to swap the mattress for one of the different firmness options within this time. Silentnight will only exchange the mattress after 14 days but we would recommend trying it for even longer to feel the full benefits of each. If you decide to exchange it the process is a simple one. Silentnight will pick up your mattress and drop off a new one free of charge. 

The Silentnight Studio mattress comes with the Silentnight warranty, this is a 5-year warranty. While not as long as the more common 10-year warranty, it is still more than enough time to provide peace of mind and cover against potential problems the mattress could have.

silentnight studio sitting
(Credit: Silentnight)


Delivery from Silentnight is a well-oiled machine, this mattress comes with free white glove delivery. This is a two-man delivery team which will take the mattress to a room of your choice and even aid in setup. This delivery option is available for most postcodes within the UK. If you wish to return the mattress then this is also free so you will get all of your money back returning the mattress within 60 days.

While this mattress is mostly a bed in a box, the super king-size will be delivered flat. We can only assume this is due to the size of the machine that compresses the mattress not being large enough. With Silentnight being one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the UK, you can be sure to receive a quick response with all customer service issues.

Customer Reviews

One of the largest mattress within the UK, Silentnight have a great level of brand trust and support. Well regarded on Trustpilot they have over 4000 reviews with the majority being excellent. This page can be found here.

Available Sizes



UK Single
190 x 90cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm

Our Verdict

The Silentnight Studio is one of the lesser-known ‘bed in a box’ mattresses. It definitely should not be discounted, however. Silentnight has a long-standing reputation for producing top quality mattresses. The product has shown its quality against its competition already. It was awarded a Which? Best Buy award in 2020. It is also a mattress approved by Allergy UK for its hypoallergenic qualities.

In terms of construction, the Studio mattress from Silentnight is relatively simple but effective. The combination of a 3cm layer of modern memory foam and the 4cm Geltex cooling layer combats the overheating issues of traditional memory foam. This mattress is also designed and manufactured within the UK which is a bonus. The mattress has a clean finish and the Purotex anti-allergy technology within the cover is a great bonus, especially for allergy sufferers.

The reality is that memory foam will not suit everyone, the contouring effect will feel very different to sleep on if you have not had one of these mattresses before. The Geltex layer does a great job of cooling the mattress so you should not have experience issues with overheating.

silentnight studio front
(Credit: Silentnight)

The firmness of this mattress that you choose will be dependent on your needs. The three firmness options allow you to find a better fit for you. This is a great choice from Silentnight as the reality is that one option will not suit everyone. Sleeping positions will also have a big effect on firmness needs.

The benefits of ordering this from a company like Silentnight include their commitment to good environmental standards. As Silentnight is stocked by a wide range of bed retailers across the UK there is plenty of opportunities to test this mattress in person before placing your order. Ordering with Silentnight also includes their two-man delivery service which will put the mattress in a room of your choice. Helpful if you would otherwise struggle with moving the mattress. 

A nice feature of this mattress is the 60-day comfort trial. We would recommend testing the mattress for at least half of this period to get a good feel of the mattress. If you decide that the mattress firmness is not correct for you then it can be swapped for another one.

The Silentnight Studio mattress is certainly interesting and is one of the better-made bed in a box mattresses coming in at a great price. Collecting a Which? Best Buy award with high scores in comfort and durability shows the quality of this one. This Silentnight mattress will be a great choice if you are looking for the following:

  • A mattress designed and manufactured by one of the UK’s leading mattress manufacturers with a long history of delivering high-quality products.
  • A mattress that comes with an extended guarantee of 5 years and a 60-day comfort trial.
  • A memory foam mattress comes with a range of different firmness options.

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