REM-Fit 600 Lux Mattress Review UK – 2022

REM Fit 600 Lux Mattress








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Cover Is Washable
  • Fantastic Edge Support
  • Mattress contains two pocket spring layers
  • Almost all sizes are available


  • No handles on the sides of the base
  • As the mattress is softer it may not suit some sleeping positions or heavier people.

Founded in 2014, REM-Fit has grown rapidly in the US market. Until 2018 it was a subdivision of the mattress protector company Protect-A-Bed. These are well regarded with over 30 years of experience in the industry. With their mattresses being met with a positive reception in the USA they have expanded operations into the UK. 

REM-Fit now offers a total of four different mattresses and a range of different sleep accessories such as a pillow and mattress protector. While each mattress is quite similar in look, they each fill a different need and will suit people looking for certain things. 

Looking at recent reviews of these products, they are also being received well in the UK.

It appears REM-Fit also has confidence in their products’ quality. Backing it up with a 15-year guarantee for every mattress.

In this review, we are taking a closer look at the REM-Fit 600 Lux mattress. This is their premium offering and sets a high standard for hybrid mattresses. The REM-Fit 600 Lux is similar to some of their previous options but it is clear to see that it has gone a little further. The mattress has already picked up Approval by Good Housekeeping Institute which would back this up. 

We have taken a deeper dive into this mattress to take a look at each layer and see what it is like to sleep on this mattress.

REM-Fit 600 Lux Product information


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Free next-day delivery


Hybrid (Memory foam and pocket springs)

Mattress depth:





100-night comfort trial


15-year guarantee

Existing mattress removal: 

Available as part of Rem-fit’s premium delivery services totalling £50 extra

rem fit 600 sleeping
(Credit: REM-Fit)

Construction and Materials

In terms of colour scheme and design, the REM-Fit range is very similar. The only distinguishable feature is the colour of the diagonal stripe that goes along the side of the mattress. The colour of this stripe for this mattress is orange/brown. On this mattress, the top of the cover is all white spilling over to the sides of the mattress. Under the coloured stripe, there is a black textured finish that covers the bottom of the mattress. This has anti-slip properties and prevents the mattress from moving on the base. This protects the mattress from any structural damage caused by the mattress sliding.

All foams used in REM-Fit’s mattresses are Certipur certified. This is an independent testing body who test foam to see if it meets a variety of different environmental standards. Some of these include checking that the mattress does not contain any heavy metals or emits any pollution that is potentially damaging to people or the environment.

Another good sign to see from an online mattress company is having a membership to the National Bed Federation. This group sets guidelines and standards for mattress manufacturers within the UK to meet for membership. It generally is a show of good build quality and responsible manufacturing. Always good to see.

The REM-Fit 600 Lux is a premium hybrid mattress constructed with a mixture of foam and pocket springs. In total, this mattress has six layers including the cover. We have broken them down to see what each layer adds to the mattress. 

rem fit 600 touch
(Credit: REM-Fit)

1. Re-Ax Breathable Cover Layer

REM-Fit has even added technology into their cover in this mattress. The REM-Fit 600 Lux mattress features Re-Ax fabric stitched into it. This is REM-Fits own technology which is thermoregulating. This increases the airflow of the mattress and helps you keep at a comfortable temperature while sleeping. 

Another added benefit of this mattress is that it is hypoallergenic, good if you suffer from allergies. The mattress cover is also easy to keep clean. It can be unzipped and machine washed.

2. Cool Open-Cell Memory Foam Layer

The next layer is a zoned memory foam layer. This is designed to provide comfort to the most needed while relieving the key pressure points. It adds to the comfort of the mattress and retains the contouring effects usually found in memory foam mattresses. 

The memory foam used in the REM-Fit 600 Lux features a cool open-cell design. This makes the memory foam up to thirty times more breathable than traditional memory foam. Using this structure combats the common overheating problem that comes with foam mattresses.

3. 2500 Encapsulated Premium Pocket Spring Layer

The third layer is the first of two premium pocket spring layers. This one features micro springs. These add support and bounce to the mattress with finer detail than full sizes pocket springs. The springs are individually encapsulated so they work independently of each other to give support to the places that need it the most.

Combining this with a full-sized pocket spring layer beneath adds to the support of the mattress and maximises the benefits of both.

4. 1000 Full Sized Premium Pocket Spring Layer

The next layer down is the 1000 full-sized pocket spring layer. This provides the majority of the support for the mattress. These are slightly higher gauge than average, this results in the mattress having a great bounce and soft feel. These pocket springs work with your body as you move across the mattress and add to the support the mattress gives.

The two spring layers greatly increase the area in which air can travel through the mattress. This helps keep the sleeper stay cool throughout the night as excess heat can easily dissipate. 

rem fit 600 layers
(Credit: REM-Fit)

5. Edge-To-Edge Support Walls Layer

At the sides of the springs of this mattress is a firm foam wall. This protects the springs from moving out of place, potentially damaging them. 

The foam also adds to the edge support of this mattress which allows for full use of the sleeping surface as there will not be excess sagging or a roll-off effect when close to the edge.

6. High-Density Foam Base Layer 

The bottom layer of the mattress is made from high-density foam. This provides a solid foundation for the other layers to sit on. A firm layer is needed to protect the springs from damage while also getting the most out of the upper layers. The high-quality foam used in this layer is sure to increase mattresses durability. 

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

In terms of firmness, the REM-Fit 600 Lux is rated as a soft-medium, we would estimate that it is on the softer side of this. On a 1-10 rating, it lies between a 4-5. It is one of the softest mattresses available, especially of this quality. It has a generous sink and bounces given by the double spring layer.

Sleeping experience is largely dependent on several different factors, these include weight and sleeping position. We have broken down each sleeping position and what the average person will experience when sleeping on this mattress. If you are unsure if you do not sleep like the average person then the 100-night trial period is an excellent time to test the mattress out.

rem fit 600 front
(Credit: REM-Fit)

Back Sleepers require decent levels of support and can do well with a wider range of mattress firmnesses. With this sleeping position, the benefits of the springs will be felt. The mattress will offer a lot of comforts when sleeping on your back. If you are larger than average then you may find the level of support lacking and suit a firmer mattress.

Side Sleepers typically suit a softer mattress. This is because they require the hips to sink in a little bit further to have a good spinal posture. This mattress allows for this. The double spring layer adapts quickly and allows the sleepers to sleep comfortably in this sleeping position.

Front/Stomach Sleepers usually need a firmer mattress to be able to sleep in a comfortable sleeping position. The spring layers in this mattress do provide an adequate amount of pressure relief and support with all the comfort benefits of a softer mattress. If you are average or heavier than average in weight then you may not have the level of support needed with this mattress. If this is the case then you may be better suited to a firmer mattress such as the REM-Fit 500 Ortho.

This mattress does a good job at dissipating excess heat generated while you sleep. The added cooling features combat the heat retained by traditional memory foam. This makes sleeping at a comfortable temperature very easy.

Motion isolation is quite good for the mattress type. With a softer mattress, you would expect that there would be a lot of motion transferred across the bed. This is due to the increased bounce that the mattress has. With the REM-Fit 600 Lux, the foam layers do a good job of minimising the transfer caused by the springs. As a result, you should not be disturbed by your partner’s movement during the night. Making this mattress an excellent softer option for couples.

rem fit 600 breathable
(Credit: REM-Fit)

Edge Support is one of the areas that this mattress shines. Typically a softer mattress would have significant sagging around the edge of the mattress and give a feeling as though you are going to roll off the mattress. The addition of the edge-to-edge support foam allows you to sleep right up to the edge of the mattress. These support walls allow you to sleep comfortably without the roll-off feeling. They are a great addition and the mattress benefits from them.

Trial and Guarantee

The REM-Fit 600 mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial. This is a great feature offered with this mattress and it gives a great opportunity to try out the mattress. If you decide to return the mattress then REM-Fit will organise to pick up the mattress. This is all free of charge and upon collection, you will get a full refund. When these mattresses are returned to REM-Fit they donate them to the British Heart Foundation.

This mattress comes with a 15-year warranty. This covers general manufacturing problems and excess sagging/wear. It is a lot longer than the average given and adds to the full package provided when buying this mattress. We believe it is a great show of confidence by REM-Fit as to their mattresses build quality.


All orders of the REM-Fit 600 Lux come with free next day delivery to most UK postcodes. This is much faster than the average and is great to see. If you are not available the day after ordering then you also have the option of booking a delivery slot. These are all morning slots but do include Saturday.

rem fit 600 box
(Credit: REM-Fit)

For an additional fee, some extra options are available with delivery. A premium 2-man delivery team can be made available to deliver your mattress. These will take the mattress box to a room of your choice. This can make it much easier if you would otherwise struggle to move this heavy mattress. 

Upon delivery of the mattress, it will need to be taken out of its packaging. After breaking the vacuum seal on the packaging the mattress will begin to rapidly expand. After a few hours, the mattress should have reached its full size and be ready to sleep on.

Once the mattress is out of its box there may a gassy smell. This is very common with mattresses like this and the smell will disappear in a few days at the most.

Customer Reviews

While a smaller company, REM-FIT are extremely well regarded on Trustpilot. They have 80% of their 1000 reviews rated as excellent, giving them an overall rating of 4.6/5. This can be viewed here.

Available Sizes



UK Small Single
190 x 75cm
Long Small Single
200 x 75cm
UK Single
190 x 90cm
EU Single
200 x 90cm
UK Small Double
190 x 120cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
EU Double
200 x 140cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
EU King
200 x 160cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Our Verdict

As a luxury mattress option, the REM-Fit 600 Lux certainly ticks a lot of boxes. The six layers combine to offer an extremely comfortable sleeping experience. The hybrid combination of memory foam and pocket springs provides a great balance between comfort and support. For those looking for a softer feel and a good bounce then this is certainly a mattress to take notice of. 

Despite being a softer mattress it does offer a decent amount of pressure point relief. This combines with a good level of edge support makes it stand out from other mattresses that have this level of firmness.

rem fit 600 feature
(Credit: REM-Fit)

A bonus of ordering with REM-Fit is the high quality of customer support you receive. Next day delivery is a highlight alongside the 15-year warranty that comes with the mattress.

Similar to other mattresses it also comes with a 100-night trial, this is always appreciated and gives you plenty of time to try the mattress out. Free delivery and returns also add to the attractiveness of ordering this mattress.

To conclude this review, the REM-Fit 600 Lux is a premium mattress built with quality and comfort in mind. It will suit a wide range of people. If you are unsure then the 100-night trial is a great opportunity to test the mattress. We believe this mattress will be a great fit for people who are looking for:

  • A soft-medium mattress which gives a great balance between comfort, bounce and pressure point relief.
  • A top of the range mattress that comes with top of the range service.
  • A high-quality mattress that is built to last.