REM-Fit 500 Mattress Review UK – 2022

REM Fit 500 mattress








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • All orders have free delivery and returns
  • Contains 2000 premium pocket springs
  • Free delivery and returns
  • Does not leave you feeling stuck with too much sinkage


  • Mattress may be difficult to move due to not having side handles
  • May be too soft for some sleeping positions
  • The mattress does have some motion transfer

REM-Fit is a US company that was first founded in 2014. They were at first a department of the Protect-A-Bed company, who have been well known in this industry for over 30 years. In 2018 they became a separate company and have developed a reputation for producing high quality, reasonably priced mattresses.

Recently expanding to the UK market they offer a total of four different mattresses and a range of sleep accessories and technology. They have developed a popularity for offering features such as free next day delivery and a 15-year warranty

The REM-Fit 500 mattress is a soft-medium hybrid mattress which features a combination of memory foam and pocket springs. The mattress is one of their two 500 models. These are the middle of the range of products. The other 500 model is an orthopaedic version which is certainly much firmer. 

It certainly looks like an impressive mattress but we have broken what it is made from and what it is like to sleep on to bring you a verdict on the mattress.

REM-Fit 500 Product information


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Free next-day delivery


Hybrid (Memory foam and pocket springs)

Mattress depth:





100-night comfort trial


15-year warranty

Existing mattress removal: 

Available as part of Rem-fit’s premium delivery services totalling £50 extra

rem fit 500 top
(Credit: REM-Fit)

Construction and Materials 

In terms of colour scheme, the REM-Fit 500 has the same colour scheme as the 500 Ortho. This is white on top and most of the sides. Running down the side of the mattress is a teal diagonal stripe. Below this is a black cover material that runs across the bottom of the mattress. This material has anti-slip properties which keep the mattress in place. This helps prevent damage to the structure of the base and mattress from sliding around. Overall the style of the cover gives the mattress a very modern and stylish look. 

One thing to look out for UK mattress companies is if they are a member of the National Bed Federation. It is an industry recognised mark that the company reaches a standard of ethics and guidelines. It is pleasing to see that REM-Fit are a member of this group.

The foam used within all REM-Fit mattresses is certified by Certipur. This is an independent testing board which approves that foam meets environmental guidelines. It shows that the materials do not contain any heavy metals and do not emit any pollution that is harmful to people or the environment.

The REM-Fit 500 mattress is a hybrid of foam and springs. It has a total of six layers including the cover. We have broken down each layer to investigate what they add to the mattress.

1. Re-Ax Breathable Cover Layer

The Re-Ax breathable cover layer has a great design. It can be removed and machine washed making it much easier to keep hygienic. 

This cover features a Re-Ax technology within it. This is a thermo-regulating cover which is also hypoallergenic. This technology promotes airflow and helps keep the mattress sleeping cool. The hypoallergenic properties make it a great choice for those who suffer from allergies.

rem fit 500 layers
(Credit: REM-Fit)

2. Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer

Following on with the cooling properties in this mattress, this is a memory foam layer with a cool-gel infusion. Traditional memory foam is well known to have problems with sleeping warm and causing overheating. The infusion of gel within these layers helps combat this issue and helps you keep at a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The memory foam benefits are all still felt in the mattress and it gives the mattress a great contouring effect and adds its comfort.

3. Mediflex Memory Foam Layer

The next layer of the mattress is a Mediflex memory foam layer. This is slightly firmer than the memory foam above and is designed to provide pressure relief to the key joints in the body. These areas are the neck, shoulders and hips. The support layer adds to the moulding effect this mattress has and helps prevent any aches and pains from developing over time. 

This layer of memory foam also acts as a transitional layer between the memory foam and pocket spring layer. This maximises the benefits of each of the layers.

4. 2000 Premium Pocket Spring Layer

The thickest layer of this mattress is the 2000 premium pocket springs. These are individually encapsulated and so move independently of each other. This helps prevent motion transfer across the mattress, which would disturb your partner if you share your mattress. This also provides better support and allows the mattress to quickly adapt as you change positions as you sleep.

These high-quality springs are a lower gauge than what is usually found in firmer mattresses and so provide a good bounce adding to the comfort of the mattress.

rem fit 500 front
(Credit: REM-Fit)

5. Edge-To-Edge Support Layer

Encasing the pocket spring layers in this mattress is the edge-to-edge support layer. This layer is the same height as the pocket spring layer and goes right around the edge of the mattress. This protects the pocket springs making sure they do not move from their place, preventing damage. 

These firm support sides also add greatly to the edge support found in the mattress. Allowing you to sleep right to the edge of the mattress without it sagging or giving you the feeling that you are going to roll off.

6. High-Density Foam Base Layer

A solid base is important for the mattresses structure. This high-density foam base layer is a great firm surface. It adds to the support the mattress has and gives the other layers a solid foundation layer to sit upon. This helps the mattress keep its shape for longer and adds to the mattresses durability.

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

Compared to most mattresses in a box, this mattress is not as firm. REM-Fit has rated the mattress as a soft-medium. On a 1-10 scale, it lies between 4 and 5. Being a hybrid mattress the top memory foam layers add to the comfort of the mattress. They provide some sinkage while contouring around the body, really adding to the sleeping experience. The pocket springs below offer a great amount of support. With this being a soft-medium mattress the springs offer slightly less support than firmer hybrid mattresses.

rem fit 500 breathable
(Credit: REM-Fit)

The mattress is softer means it does have a great bounce and is very responsive. When changing sleeping positions the mattress responds very quickly, allowing for a comfortable sleeping position much quicker. 

Sleeping preferences are very personal and factors such as body weight and sleeping position. We have broken down the most common sleeping positions. To evaluate what they will typically sleep like. As previously stated this will be a different person to person.

Back Sleepers typically need a decent level of support in their mattress but will be suited by a wide range of mattresses. The hips and shoulder need a similar amount of support to help maintain a good sleeping posture. This is largely weight dependent and has a large variation across the population. This mattress is a soft-medium option. This would suggest it will be better suited to small or average back sleepers. This allows for some comfortable sinkage but remains well supported. Heavier back sleepers may be better suited to a slightly firmer mattress. The REM-Fit 400 is a great medium-firm alternative if this applies to you.

Side Sleepers will get the most out of this mattress. Side sleepers will generally want more sinkage than most as the hips need to drop slightly to have a good sleeping posture. The softer design allows this to happen and sleep very comfortably. 

If you are typically a front/stomach sleeper then you may struggle with this mattress. Stomach sleepers require a great amount of support, especially for their hips and shoulders to be able to maintain good spinal posture. This helps prevent aches and pains from developing over time. With this mattress being soft-medium it will not have enough support for the majority of sleepers. If this is the case for you then the Ortho version of this mattress may be a much better fit.

rem fit 500 box
(Credit: REM-Fit)

There are three major additions to this mattress that help prevent heat retention in this mattress. The Re-Ax cover layer, cool-gel infused memory foam and addition of a spring layer. These all add to the airflow of the mattress to prevent the mattress from sleeping hot. This mattress should not have any problems with overheating and will perform much better than more traditional options.

Motion isolation in this mattress is about average. Due to the layer of springs in the mattress, there is an added bounce which will always add to the motion across the mattress. This is to be expected on some level from a softer mattress and most people still shouldn’t be disturbed by their partner during the night.

Edge support is a very impressive aspect of this mattress. The added edge-to-edge support layer benefits this mattress. It allows sleeping right up to the edge of the mattress without excess sagging or feeling as though you are going to roll off it. 

Trial and Guarantee

As is pretty much the standard in the bed in a box industry. The REM-Fit 500 comes with a 100-night trial. This allows you to try the mattress out. 

If you do not like it then REM-Fit will pick the mattress up free of charge and give you a full refund. A bonus is that all returned mattresses are donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Included in buying the mattress is a 15-year warranty. This is a great show of confidence by REM-Fit and is usually a sign of good build quality. If it does not and there is a problem such as sagging then REM-Fit will replace the mattress for you.

rem fit 500 setting
(Credit: REM-Fit)


A big bonus with ordering from REM-Fit is that they offer free next day delivery. This is a very quick service and adds to the service you receive. If you are not available on this day then there is an option to choose an alternative delivery slot instead.

Once delivered the mattress is vacuum packaged and in a cardboard box. When you remove the mattress from the box it will rapidly expand. After a few hours, it should reach its full size and be ready to be used.

As with most mattresses within this industry, the REM-Fit 500 mattress does off-gas quite a bit, this will be noticeable when it is first opened and will have quite a strong smell. This will dissipate after a few hours/days and is nothing to worry about.

There are a few extra services available from REM-Fit. These include a two-man delivery team which will deliver the mattress to a room of your choice. This can be especially useful if you would struggle to move the mattress to where it is needed. Also if you have an old mattress then this can be taken away. All of these extra services do come with an additional fee.

Customer Reviews

While a smaller company, REM-FIT are extremely well regarded on Trustpilot. They have 80% of their 1000 reviews rated as excellent, giving them an overall rating of 4.6/5. This can be viewed here.

Available Sizes



UK Small Single
190 x 75cm
Long Small Single
200 x 75cm
UK Single
190 x 90cm
EU Single
200 x 90cm
UK Small Double
190 x 120cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
EU Double
200 x 140cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
EU King
200 x 160cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Our Verdict

This mattress aims to promote recovery and help people get a good night’s sleep. Generally, it meets these goals well. It is a soft-medium mattress but we feel it lies closer to soft than medium. This is because there is a decent amount of sinkage that occurs when lying on the mattress. There is still a good amount of pressure point relief, however.

 The build quality of the mattress feels very good. It helps the mattress to feel comfortable for longer. The addition of the foam edge walls increases the edge support of this mattress and lets you use the full area of the mattress without feeling as though you are going to roll off.

If you are heavier or suffer from back pain then you may be better suited to a firmer mattress. This is because extra support is sometimes needed. We would recommend checking out the Ortho version of this mattress. It is a thick mattress though so you may not have this problem due to the thicker individual layers in the mattress.

rem fit 500 top
(Credit: REM-Fit)

There is not a great deal of motion isolation in the mattress, with the extra bounce that this mattress has this is expected. If you share your mattress with a restless partner then this should be noted. You may feel them moving throughout the night.

With ordering this mattress the benefits stand out. The 15-year warranty and 100-night trial are great. REM-Fit’s customer service also is good any are quick to sort out any issues you may have.

If you are looking for a soft mattress then this will be an ideal fit. The softer gauge springs and memory foam layers will allow you to sink into the mattress and have a very comfortable night’s sleep. Because of this, we believe this mattress is a great fit for those looking for the following:

  • A well constructed soft-medium hybrid mattress.
  • A company that offers good support in a 100-night trial and 15-year warranty.
  • A mattress you can sink into but not be left feeling stuck.