OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress Review UK – 2022

OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress Review








Material Quality


Value for money



  • Excellent cooling technology
  • 100-night free trial
  • Full size pocket springs


  • No handles
  • Some reviews state issues with customer service
  • Quite a strong odour when first opened

The Otty Original Hybrid mattress has entered the mattress in a box market by hoping to solve two problems. Memory foam mattresses being too warm and pocket-spring mattresses not being comfy enough. 

Otty has produced an affordable foam and pocket-spring hybrid mattress that is delivered in a box for easy setup. It contains large pocket-springs that aim to get the support and breathability of a pocket spring mattress while also the comfort and contouring benefits of a memory foam mattress. Through this review, we have taken a look at the materials of this mattress and what it feels like to sleep on. On paper, the mattress looks very promising so we have checked to see if it lives up to its goals.

OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress Product Information

OTTY Original Memory Foam Mattress Single Hybrid - 2000 Pocket Springs Mattresses - Temperature...
68 Reviews
OTTY Original Memory Foam Mattress Single Hybrid - 2000 Pocket Springs Mattresses - Temperature...
  • 2000 Encapsulated 16cm pocket springs, the longest and most supportive...
  • CentiPUR and Europur approved memory foam mattress meaning that both...
  • 100 Night Trial is exactly that because we understand sleeping on...


Foam and pocket springs

Mattress depth:





100-night trial


10-year guarantee

Existing mattress removal: 

Available for a small additional fee.

Otty original hybrid feature
Credit: OTTY

Construction and Materials

The Otty Original Hybrid mattress is made from 4 different layers of foam and a full-sized pocket-spring layer. All of the foam used within the construction of this mattress is CentiPUR and Europur certified. These are independent testing boards who test the foam for potential toxic qualities and quality. In addition to this, all fire regulations are passed to the highest standard.

The Otty Original Hybrid is constructed with a premium knit quilted top cover which gives a soft, luxury feel to the mattress while being effective in its use. The cover uses a porous design which helps prevent temperature build-up and increases airflow in and out of the mattress. This also increases the effectiveness of the first cool blue gel layer. It is manufactured with a blend of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. This allows the cover to easily keep its shape and be free of excessive creasing. It also allows it to be easily taken off and machine washed at a maximum of 40ºC. There is a zip of the side of the mattress which helps take the cover off in a very simple way. In addition to this, the top and bottom cover segments can also be separated when removing the cover. 

1. OTTY Cool Blue Gel Layer

Below the cover, the first layer of this mattress is the Otty Cool Blue Gel Layer. This layer is a memory foam that has been manufactured with gel beads within it. This increases airflow in the mattress and increases the mattresses responsiveness as you move during the night. The introduction of gel beads into the top memory foam layer prevents overheating which is a common problem with traditional mattresses. This layer also provides a soft touch which increases comfort and will contour around the body as you lay down on it.

2. Transitional Memory Foam Layer

Below this is another memory foam layer. This is a similar size to the above layer and acts as a transitional layer. It provides a great amount of comfort by contouring to your body and providing spinal support. It also provides support to your major joints providing pressure point relief to them and prevents you from waking up with aches and pains. 

Otty original hybrid side 2
Credit: OTTY

3. Pocket Spring Layer

The pocket spring layer of this mattress is third. This features 14cm pocket springs, of which there are 2000 in a king-size and smaller sizes are proportionate to this. This is on the higher end of what you would expect in a regular pocket-spring mattress which is very impressive, especially with them being much larger than what is found in regular hybrid mattresses, which often contain micro springs that are around 4cm in height. The added depth as a result of this greatly adds to the bounce that the mattress has and provides a great balance to the mattress with the memory foam layers above. Pocket-springs are especially great at keeping high levels of airflow within the mattress. This helps prevent you from getting uncomfortably warm during the night. 

4. Memory Foam Side Support Layer

Seemingly becoming more common in hybrid mattresses is an additional side layer of memory foam. On this mattress, it protects the pocket springs and also increases the surface which can be comfortably slept on, right to the edge of the mattress. This increases the sleeping surface of the mattress by up to 25%. This is a great addition as the closer to the edge you get in pocket spring mattresses then the more they make you feel as though you are going to roll off them. 

5. High Density Foam Base Layer

At the bottom of the mattress is a 5cm layer of high-density foam. This provides support to the above layers and gives the pocket-springs a stable layer to sit on. It also prevents the pocket-springs from being directly exposed, protecting them from damage.

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

The first thing to notice about this mattress is that it is quite a bit firmer than the average hybrid mattress. Because of the firm rating of this mattress, heavier people are likely to get the most out of the mattress and get the full benefits of the pressure point relieving layers. On ratings, it is around a 7.5/10. Despite this, the mattress still has a soft feel to it and you can feel the benefits of each layer when sleeping on it. The bottom layers do give you a lot of support and allow you to easily keep a good spine position when sleeping on it. This mattress will suit most sleepers even if you sleep on your side, back or front. The high levels of support will allow you to sleep comfortably in any position while maintaining a healthy spinal posture, avoiding waking up with aches and pains.

Otty original hybrid side sleeping
Credit: OTTY

Because of the pocket spring layer, the mattress does still have a bounce to it and will allow you to change sleeping positions easily. They also help evenly distribute your weight across the mattress so you do not feel as though one area of your body is sinking more than the other. This is especially beneficial if you share the mattress. Another positive if you share the mattress is that it retains the memory foam benefit of minimal motion transfer. So you will not be disturbed during the night by your partner’s movements. The additional side support prevents rolling off the mattress right up to the very edge of it. 

A real area to focus on with this mattress is heat dispersion. While sleeping on the Otty Original Hybrid mattress you are kept cool by the top cool blue gel layer. The mattress is noticeably cooler than memory foam mattresses and will help you regulate your temperature better, keeping you from overheating and sweat-free.

This mattress will allow you to be well-rested due to not being disturbed as much while sleeping. The mattress is also hypoallergenic due to the materials used. Meaning it is very low risk to those who suffer from allergies. 

Trial and Guarantee

As is very common with mattresses that come in a box. The Otty Original Hybrid comes with a 100-night trial. If you are not happy with the mattress during this time then it can be returned to Otty for a full refund. Plenty of time to give you a true testing experience instead of quickly laying on it like you would in a shop.

Otty original hybrid people
Credit: OTTY

In addition to this, this mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee. This will cover manufacturing issues if they come up during this time and allow you to get the mattress replaced.


Otty aims to deliver all mattresses between 1-3 business days which is one of the quickest delivery times we have seen and the added extras that are available may also be a great choice for you.

When purchasing this mattress you can add in additional services such as Saturday delivery, this is available for an additional £20. Another option for delivery is Premium. This service is available for £30 extra and includes the mattress being delivered to the room of your choice, set it up and take away your old mattress for recycling if needed. While the mattress setup itself is a relatively easy process the benefit of getting your old mattress recycled may be of some value to some.

When first receiving the mattress there may be a strong odour on the mattress. Try to air the mattress as much as possible and it will disappear after a few days.

Customer Reviews

OTTY are seemingly very well regarded across the internet. They have gained over 6000 reviews on Trustpilot. Over 80% of these are rated as excellent and OTTY Sleep currently have a rating of 4.5/5. This can be viewed here.

OTTY Original Available Sizes and Dimensions



UK Single
190 x 90 cm
UK Small Double
190 x 120 cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Otty original hybrid side
Credit: OTTY

Our Verdict

The Otty Original Hybrid mattress joins the top tier of mattresses despite being one of the newer mattresses around. The balance of support and comfort is exactly what you should expect from a Hybrid mattress and with great features to help you sleep cooler this is a great choice for lots of different types of sleepers. Its price is also very appealing with very few mattresses offering this amount for a similar price. 

Despite being a smaller, lesser-known company, the quality of product coming from Otty is very impressive. The Otty Original Hybrid is not a reinvention of the wheel and is very similar to other offerings currently available in the mattress in a box space. What it does do though is provide a good quality, affordable hybrid mattress. The bonus of having a 100-day trial period where you can make your mind up is also well appreciated. Based within the UK Otty are easy to get hold of if you have any issues with the mattress and with its 10-year warranty you are covered if it is a manufacturing issue. Being able to receive the mattress the day after ordering helps make the process quick and easy. Allowing you to improve your sleep as soon as possible. Mattresses will always come down to personal preference but if you are looking for a firm mattress at a reasonable price then we would not put you off the Otty Original Hybrid.   

Click through to the Otty website here.

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