OTTY Flex Memory Mattress Review UK – 2021

OTTY Flex Memory Mattress Review








Material Quality


Value for money



  • 100-night trial
  • Washable cover
  • Competitive pricing


  • Sleeps warm
  • Lacks support for stomach sleepers

The Otty Flex Memory mattress is the latest offering from the Yorkshire based Otty. With a total of 3 mattresses for sale, they are a popular option across the UK. They have a company ethos of delivering a good quality product at an affordable price. All of their mattresses are delivered rolled up and vacuum packed in a box and come with a trial and guarantee as standard. The Flex memory takes a step away from the Hybrid mattresses they are known for and is a memory foam only mattress. Using high-quality materials and new technology to allow the mattress increased breathability, this mattress has already picked up awards. The price of this mattress is very attractive in comparison to its closest competitors and so we have taken a look to see if this mattress is everything it appears to be.

OTTY Flex Memory Mattress Product Information


The latest prices can be found on the Otty website here.



Mattress depth:





100-night trial


10-year guarantee

Existing mattress removal: 

Available for a small additional fee.

Otty flex memory close up
Credit: OTTY

Construction and Materials

The Otty Flex memory mattress is an all-foam mattress which is constructed from 3 different layers of foam. Adding to a total of 25cm this is a standard size of a good quality mattress. We have broken down this mattress layer by layer to see what impact each one has. 

The cover of the Otty Flex memory is a very similar design to their other mattresses, down the same colour scheme and feel. It is made from a blend of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. This keeps the mattress stretchy to allow it to fit over the mattress easily and make it easy to put back on after washing. In addition to this, the materials are very breathable, preventing overheating and sweating when sleeping on the mattress. The cover has a very soft finish giving it a luxury feel which finishes off the mattress nicely. It has a zip on the side so it can easily be removed and bottom and top can also be separated allowing for easy washing. This can be done via a washing machine at 40 degrees celsius. Otty recommends this is done every month to get the best out of your mattress. One of the slight changes in this mattress is the handles, these are now at the bottom of the mattress and allow you to rotate or move the mattress with ease.

Both of the top two layers of foam are Airtech®. OTTY claims that this is 30 times more breathable than traditional foam. It also helps encourage airflow due to its open-cell design. This is key as it is well documented that traditional memory foam has trouble with retaining heat, resulting in overheating.

Otty flex memory model
Credit: OTTY

1. Airtech® Comfort Memory Foam Layer

The top layer of this mattress is a 3cm memory foam comfort layer. It is designed to increase the comfort of the mattress by conforming to the body with ease. This layer is softer than the others and quickly adapts to your body and moulds around you, whatever the sleeping position. 

2. Airtech® Transitional Foam Layer

Below this is the support layer. This is also 3cm deep and provides a middle ground and transition space between the softer top layer and firmer supportive bottom layer. This layer increases the amount of support to key pressure points so you do not wake up aches and pains. The Airtech® material also helps increase breathability.

3. Zoned High Density Foam Layer

The biggest layer is the bottom layer. It is a 19cm profiled base which is designed to increase support and comfort. It features three zoning areas which allow for increased support in the areas you need it most such as the hips and shoulders. The high-density foam used within this layer helps increase the pressure relief to major joints as well.


Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

This mattress is slightly softer than the average roll up memory foam mattress. Putting it at a 6/10 it is still a medium-firm but only just. The initial response from the mattress when laying on it is a sinking feeling, especially in the hips. The foam moulds around your body and it is clear that there is a relatively good amount of support to your key pressure points. 

When sleeping in different positions the feel of the mattress can sometimes change dramatically. When sleeping on your back the mattress does a good job of supporting the key joints and pressure points allowing for comfortable sleeping although there is more of a sink than the average mattress of this type. This is heavily weight dependent so if you are a lighter person then you will not feel the effects of this as much. If heavier you may feel it more. If you frequently change sleeping positions then a firmer mattress may suit you better. The mattress does feel very comfortable when on your back though.

Sleeping on your side is where this mattress is probably best. While the sinking is still there, the mattress adapts very well to the shape of your body allowing for well-supported hips. The mattress also enables you to very easily maintain a good spine position. If you mainly sleep on your side then you will get the most out of this mattress and it will suit you very well. It will give you a comfortable, well-supported sleep leaving you feeling well-rested and refreshed.

Otty flex memory side sleeping
Credit: OTTY

When sleeping in the front position the mattress lacks the support needed. Due to it being on the softer side your hips may sink into the mattress creating a spinal alignment that is not great for sleeping well. The mattress is still comfortable and you sink into the mattress nicely so it is very dependent on the weight of the sleeper.

One of the negatives of this mattress is that it does sleep relatively warm. While not uncomfortably, due to the mattress being all foam it does not have the same level of breathability as the hybrid models in the Otty range. It does still score well compared to traditional memory foam mattresses which are known to sleep very warmly. If you have problems with overheating while you sleep then other options may be better. If in doubt over this then you can investigate it further with the Otty 100-night trial period.

Due to the all-foam construction of this mattress minimising motion transfer is a place where it shines. There is little to none and so if you sleep with a partner then you will not be disturbed by their movement during the night. While motion transfer is a highlight of this mattress, the edge support is not so much. The edge support is average at best with this mattress and so if you sleep right on the edge of the mattress then you may struggle with this mattress.

View this mattress on the Otty website here.

Trial and Guarantee

As is mostly the standard for mattress in a box companies, this mattress comes with a 100-night trial. This gives you plenty of time to decide whether or not this mattress is right for you. If it is not, then you can contact the Otty customer service team and they will arrange a free pick-up and give you a full refund.

Otty flex memory handles
Credit: OTTY

The Otty Flex Memory also comes with a 10-year guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong or the mattress then you can get it easily replaced.

If you prefer to finance the purchase of your new mattress then Otty have you covered with 0% finance available directly through them.


Delivery through Otty has several different options. Standard delivery aims to deliver the mattress within 1-3 business days and is free, this service is available Monday-Friday.

Premium delivery is also offered where a 2-man delivery team will bring the mattress into a room of your choice and unpack the mattress for you, taking away the packaging. This service is available for an additional fee of £10. With this service, they also offer old mattress disposal for a total of £40. A Saturday delivery is also available for an additional £20. Saturday delivery is also available in combination with the premium delivery option. 

The Otty Flex Memory is delivered in a box and is easy to move and remove from vacuum packaging. The mattress will rapidly expand and be ready to use within a few hours after removing the packaging. It is recommended that you rotate the mattress from head to toe once a month to get the most out of the mattress and allow it to wear evenly.

Customer Reviews

OTTY are seemingly very well regarded across the internet. They have gained over 6000 reviews on Trustpilot. Over 80% of these are rated as excellent and OTTY Sleep currently has a rating of 4.5/5. This can be viewed here.

OTTY Flex Available Sizes and Dimensions



UK Single
190 x 90 cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm 
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Otty flex memory side
Credit: OTTY

Our Verdict

Compared to the Otty Flex Memories’ closest competitors, this mattress is cheaper which is a big plus. Adding that to the 100-night free trial makes it a great option to test out first. We feel that with this mattress being a memory foam only offering slightly lets it down compared to the other Otty mattresses. It does not have the same level of support compared to the other two but still holds up well in its own right. The Otty flex memory is a great option if you sleep on your back or side but a bit more support is needed to sleep comfortably on your front. 

The mattress is medium-firm and is slightly softer than the Otty Hybrid models. The massive amounts of comfort that come with this mattress make it an attractive option if that is what you are looking for. Knowing that the mattress is designed and manufactured within the UK and that Otty has a great support team to contact if there are any issues with the mattress is a big plus. At the price, this mattress is an excellent choice if you are looking for a medium-firm memory foam mattress.

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