MADE Memory One Mattress Review UK – 2022

Made Memory One Mattress Review








Material Quality


Value for Money



  • Comes with a 101-night trial
  • Good company reputation
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty


  • No Free delivery options available
  • No EU sizes available
  • Lacks good edge support

The MADE Memory One mattress is a memory foam mattress from the well-known home design company MADE. Designed and manufactured within the UK we have taken a closer look at this mattress and if it lives up to the reputation set by previous MADE products.

While not known in particular for their mattresses, MADE are a very popular company within the UK, they have a reputation for providing a great balance of well made, high-end products but delivering them at reasonable and more affordable prices. This mattress also falls into this category. A mixture of high-quality materials with an innovative design. Generally, reviews of this product are very positive but what makes this mattress stand out from the rest?

MADE Memory One Product information


Home delivery: £39


Memory foam

Mattress depth:





101-night trial


10-year guarantee

Existing mattress removal: 

Old mattress removal available in some postcodes only

made memory one scene
(Credit: MADE)

Construction and Materials

The Memory One by MADE is produced with top quality materials. It even has a stylish but neutral colour scheme. Similar to many mattress companies they have opted for a white top with grey sides. This gives the mattress the ability to fit into most settings. Although the cover of the mattress is not visible for the majority of the time it does give the mattress an attractive look. What is felt all the time though is the top cover, this mattress has a crinkled effect on it which adds to the texture of the mattress massively.

Including the cover, this mattress has a total of four layers, we have taken a closer look at each layer to see what they add to the mattress:

1. Quilted Cover Layer

The Quilted cover of this mattress has a premium, high-quality feel to it. Made from a quilted polyester it has a very soft feel to it. Using polyester increases airflow into the mattress and makes sure it is breathable, while it does also make it stretchy, this cover is not removable. The only recommended way to clean the cover according to MADE is to get it professionally cleaned. This is slightly disappointing as it does make maintenance of the mattress more difficult and expensive.

2. Cooling Memory Foam Layer (2.5cm)

The second layer of this mattress features a cooling memory foam layer which is 2.5cm in thickness. Developed by MADE it is designed to reduce overheating during the night, a common problem for all-foam mattresses. This foam is less dense to give more space for airflow. MADE has attempted to find a balance between this and the contouring, moulding effects of memory foam which greatly add to the comfort of a mattress.

made memory one layers
(Credit: MADE)

3. MADEFlex Transitional Foam Layer (2.5cm)

The third layer of this mattress is the MADEFlex foam layer. At only 2.5cm thick it acts as a transitional layer between the memory foam above and the firm base layer below. As it is a middle ground between the two it adds to the comfort of the mattress but also has some spring to it. This adds to the support of the mattress and aids in providing key pressure point support.

While the top layer adapts to the body’s weight this takes slightly longer.

4. Supportive Foam Base Layer (20cm)

The bottom layer of the mattress is the thickest by quite a wide margin. At 20cm the foam base layer provides a solid base on which the other layers sit upon. This allows the benefits of the other layers to be maximised. Constructed from orthopaedic foam the base layer is designed to ease aches and pains in the muscles and joints. Designed to provide a massive amount of support and ease big pressure points such as the shoulders and hips. This also allows your spine to stay aligned and in a healthy sleeping position.

made memory one touch
(Credit: MADE)

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

Officially this mattress is rated as a firm by MADE. We feel it is closer to a medium-firm however. On a 1-10 rating scale, it would land between a 6.5-7. As a result, it will suit the majority of sleepers. The 101-day trial gives you plenty of time to test if you like it.

Claimed that the robust base layer helps with muscle and joint pain. This firm layer does give it qualities similar to an orthopaedic mattress and will help give relief to key pressure points and give them the support they need to sleep in a healthy, comfortable way.

We have broken down each sleeping position so you can get an idea of how it will feel to sleep on this mattress. This is only a general guide though and each person’s experience may vary based on many factors such as height and weight.

When sleeping on your back the mattress is generally comfortable and the hips and shoulders are well supported. This mattress does not give a massive sink compared to other memory foam mattresses and avoids you feeling trapped or as though you have sunk too far in.

Sleeping in the side position you generally will be wanting a decent sinkage to be able to have good posture and spinal alignment. With this mattress being so firm it is lacking somewhat in this department. If you are heavier or move positions frequently then you may not find this to be a problem. If unsure then the trial period gives you a good chance to try it out.

If you are a stomach/front sleeper then this mattress will leave you feeling very well supported. The firm foam gives an excellent amount of support to both your hips and shoulders.

made memory one side sheet
(Credit: MADE)

This mattress lacks the bounce of a mattress containing springs. The firm surface does not leave you feeling stuck in the mattress, however. If you tend to change positions frequently during the night then you should find it easy.

The edge support is somewhat lacking. While each of the layers in this mattress is well made. A memory foam mattress will not have the same edge support as other popular types of mattresses. This is expected with most all-foam mattresses though and so is not a specific downside to this mattress exclusively.

Being an all-foam mattress the MADE Memory One has very good motion isolation, this means that any movement on the mattress is not transferred across it. This is especially useful if you are a light sleeper and share your mattress. As a result, this makes the mattress an excellent choice for couples.

As with all memory foam mattresses, there is a risk of sleeping warm. While MADE has added a cooling layer to help prevent this it is always a risk due to limited airflow within foam mattresses. If you are prone to overheating as you sleep then a hybrid or pocket spring mattress may suit you better. This is due to the increased airflow within them.

made memory one front
(Credit: MADE)

Trial and Guarantee

With a big company like MADE that prides itself on luxury products, you expect good service. A 101-night trial comes with the MADE Memory One mattress, this shows MADE’s intention to go above the competition with the majority of manufacturers offering only 100 days. While mainly symbolic it does show their aims with the mattress. The 101-day trial does give plenty of time to decide if the mattress suits you. If it isn’t then you can arrange for collection with MADE and they will pick the mattress up and refund the cost. 

With the mattress you also get a 10-year guarantee, this will cover most things such as manufacturing faults, in purchasing this mattress though you know that MADE has confidence that their product will last and give you peace of mind for a decade against anything going wrong with the mattress.

made memory one corner
(Credit: MADE)


Delivery of the Memory One mattress is relatively simple, after ordering the mattress will be dispatched within 7 business days. As a result, two weeks should be roughly the expected delivery time. 

Delivery from MADE currently costs £39. It is on the steeper side in all honesty but with the price you do receive a good service. You will receive an email notification the night before delivery then once again 1 hour before. You should keep in mind that you will not get the delivery fee back if you return the mattress for a refund, keeping this in mind does give the price a slight bump.

The MADE Memory One mattress is delivered within a small box which is 147cmx37cmx37cm in size, the mattress inside is rolled and vacuum packed. Once delivered it is recommended to remove the mattress from the box as soon as possible else it may lose some of its bounce.

Old mattress removal is available to some postcodes although this process will be an additional fee. While convenient it may be easier to organise this collection with a dedicated mattress collection company.

Customer Reviews is not just a mattress company but a huge well-regarded company. This gives some confidence in ordering and they have over 80,000 reviews on Trustpilot. They have over 65% of reviews rated as excellent and a rating of 4.4/5. This can be viewed here.

made memory one sizes
(Credit: MADE)

Available Sizes



UK Single
190 x 90cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Our Verdict

The MADE Memory One mattress is a great addition to the ever-competitive bed in a box market. The materials are high quality with the design of the cover making it a comfortable sleeping surface that has a stylish, simple cover. It comes with more than enough time to try it out and a forgiving guarantee. The medium-firm mattress has a great conforming effect giving a good balance between comfort and support. It even has a good level of bounce/pushback which is not normally found in an all-foam mattress.

One of the major disappointments of this mattress is that standard delivery costs an additional £39. This is to be expected from a retailer which offers a wide range of products but it would also suggest to us that the mattress is not a priority for them and so you may find better support elsewhere. With MADE being such an established company a good level of support and assistance can be expected if you run into any trouble with the mattress, however.

The 101-night trial is a great addition to anyone looking to try the mattress but is unsure it will suit them. It is worth considering that you will not get the delivery fee back if you do return the product. 

One of the tricky things about this mattress is that there are so many options within the bed in a box market at this price point. Many customers would prefer to opt for a mattress which is produced by a company better known for designing mattresses exclusively. There are also many different variations of mattress available at the price point. This is not to say that you will prefer other mattresses though. As the support and comfort each of us require from a mattress varies so much, this may be an excellent fit for you.

To finish off the MADE Memory One Mattress will be a great fit if you are looking for the following:

  • A well-constructed memory foam mattress made from top quality materials.
  • A mattress which will give you restful sleep regardless of sleeping position.~
  • An extended trial to give you plenty of time to decide if the mattress suits you.
  • A medium-firm mattress which will mould around your body.