Leesa Original Mattress Review UK – 2021

Leesa Original Mattress Review








Material Quality


Value for money



  • 100-night trial
  • 10-Year warranty
  • Good quality cover


  • Unable to machine wash cover
  • Mattress has no handles


Through at statement of the Leesa website, Leesa have announced that they are stopping operations in Europe. If you are still planning on buying a mattress with them please note that they only have limited stocks left.

Leesa mattress donates a mattress to charity every 10 they sell. This has added up to them donating over 30,000 mattresses so far! For each donation, a custom mattress is donated to charities which help homeless and at-risk people. In addition to this, they plant a tree and donate employee time to charitable causes for every sale they make. The mattress itself is a mix of 3 different types of memory foam, this gives the mattress a firm feel but provides a lot of support, contouring pressure relief and a cooling layer. The mattress is designed to suit all types of sleeper whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side and all sizes. Leesa claims that it is engineered to adapt to your body which is why it suits everyone.

Leesa Original Mattress Product Information:


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Free delivery is available and your mattress will be delivered in 4-7 business days.

This mattress is also available for delivery through Amazon Prime.


Memory foam

Mattress depth:

25cm (15cm core foam layer, 5cm recovery foam, 5cm responsive foam)




100-night money-back guarantee trial period.


10 year limited warranty covering any defects.

Existing mattress removal: 

No current option.

Leesa Original front 2
Credit: Leesa

Construction and Materials

The mattress is constructed in a relatively simple but effective way. Being a hybrid mattress the Leesa has a combination of Avena and memory foam. This combination is designed to maximise airflow to help you keep cool as you sleep whilst still providing a great amount of support and comfort.

1. Responsive Polyfoam Comfort Layer

 The Leesa mattress has a 5cm responsive polyfoam comfort layer on the top of the mattress. This moulds around your body and provides your body with the support it needs.

2. Low-Density Recovery Foam Layer

Next, there is a 5cm layer of low-density recovery foam which works in combination to ease pressure points and mould to the body which helps alleviate pain in the major joints and spine.

3. High-Density Polyfoam Base Layer

Finally, there is a 15cm core layer made from high-density polyfoam this is a firmer surface than the two layers above which helps support and stabilise your body shape or provide body support to help maintain good spine alignment. 

The cover used on the Leesa mattress provides a soft, comforting finish. The mattress seems to be very breathable and will help you maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep. It is produced using a combination of polyester and lycra spandex. This allows the cover to be elastic and also breathable and durable. If you do struggle with getting too hot while you sleep then another option may be best for you as it is still a memory foam mattress and they do tend to sleep warm.

Leesa Original side
Credit: Leesa

Comfort, Support and Sleep Quality

The Leesa mattress is a softer model than a typical memory foam mattress. It is rated at 5/10 firmness giving it a rating of medium. 

With the mattress being on the softer side it will suit most sleepers under 100kg. If you are heavier than this, you may not get the level of support needed for a good night’s sleep. Lighter sleepers will not have any issues with this, however. The firmness of the Leesa results in it being a great fit for all types of sleepers with back and side sleepers getting the most out of the mattress. 

The mixture of foams within the mattress cause it to mould around the sleepers, providing excellent pressure relief to your joints. This does mean that moving around/changing positions on the mattress is more difficult than hybrid or spring mattress models.

If you suffer from chronic or frequent back pain then this mattress is a great choice. This is due to the mattress creating a body-hugging effect which helps prevent pressure points from developing over time and provides relief from pain.

The Leesa mattress is useful if you share your bed with someone else as when you move the rest of the mattress does not and you can sleep uninterrupted from your partner. This is as a result of the Leesa mattress’ all foam construction. Alongside minimal motion transfer, another added benefit to the all-foam construction is there is also very minimal noise created when moving on the Leesa, allowing you to create a sleep environment with minimal sleep disruptions. A great choice for sensitive sleepers and those who share the bed.

While the Leesa mattress does provide a decent amount of edge support once again heavier sleepers may find the mattress dips too much and can cause considerable sinkage on the edges. This may also get more severe over time making it more difficult to move around on the mattress. 

A very common problem with all-foam mattresses is overheating as they trap body heat within the materials. Due to the foam used in the construction of the Leesa mattress, it is very breathable and will not cause you to overheat during the night.

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Leesa Original model
Credit: Leesa

Trial and Guarantee

Leesa also provides a 100-night sleep trial so you can test the mattress out. If you decide it is not for you then they will donate, recycle or replace the mattress for you and give you your money back. Like most mattresses that come in a box, the Leesa comes vacuum-packed and rolled up. This is easy to unwrap and will begin to unroll and reach its proper shape and size within a few hours. Make sure the mattress is on your base before you take it out of the packaging. This mattress does not have any handles on the side so it can be a little bit difficult to move. If you ever have any problems with the mattress then contact Leesa and within warranty, they will be happy to replace any faulty products. If ordering through Amazon then Prime delivery is available so you can receive it as fast as possible.

Customer Reviews

While smaller Leesa is still relatively popular. As a result, they have gained over 1500 reviews on Trustpilot. Over 70% of these are rated excellent and they have an overall rating of 4.3/5. You can view this on Trustpilot here.

Leesa Original Available Sizes and Dimensions



UK Single
190 x 90 cm
EU Single
200 x 90 cm
UK Small Double
190 x 120 cm
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
EU Double
200 x 140 cm
UK King
200 x 150 cm
EU King
200 x 160 cm
UK Superking
200 x 180 cm

Leesa Original mattress front
Credit: Leesa

Our Verdict 

While relatively simple in design, the Leesa mattress can provide you with a great night’s sleep. If you are unsure then there is nothing to lose with the 100-night sleep trial. The firmness of the mattress provides a great surface of the support to ease any pressure on your joints. The fact that Leesa donates a mattress to charity for every 10 sold is also great. If you are looking for a firm mattress that will give great support to your spine then this is an excellent choice. The Leesa is very comfortable, especially if you are sleeping on your side or back.

The body support of the Leesa mattress gives you what you need to get a good night’s sleep and while the memory foam does mould to your body the mattress provides an impressive amount of pressure relief on the joints and supporting the spine. Many other reviewers are also impressed with many stating that they have got the best night’s sleep in years and they would recommend the mattress to friends and family.  

At the price point, this mattress sells for it is difficult to produce a good enough reason not to give this mattress at least a try.

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